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Alice in Chains - Nutshell - Lyrics Meaning

Alice in Chains was a favorite band among many alternative and rock fans, and shortly before his death, lead singer Layne Staley and his band released a song called Nutshell. The meaning of this song is not automatically understood by its title alone, but the lyrics in the song make it relatively clear.

Because of the fact that Layne Staley has passed away, the only thing left is to speculate about this song, but many people have said that Nutshell is about a life of loneliness due to a drug addiction. Staley was reportedly a heroin addict, and his addiction caused him to lose his friends and family. Part of the lyrics suggest that at one point, he was so low and lonely trying to fight his addiction that he felt he would be better off dead than attempt to fake being a person with his life on track.

Nutshell is a song that many people feel they can relate to, as it does not deal specifically with a drug addiction, though most assume that a drug addiction was the premise of the song. There are many people who feel that they are facing their world and their problems alone. The line, "No one to cry to, no place to call home," reaches out to anyone who feels that they are alone, and hence this song is attributable to many peoples' lives and situations.

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