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Alice in Chains - Rooster - Lyrics Meaning

Alice in Chains is a great band that's from the American North-West. The band consists of Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Inez and William DuVall. Legendary singer Layne Staley (former member) died in early 2002 due to a drug overdose.

Let's review a few lyrics and then we'll understand the 'Rooster' a little bit better. "Army green was no safe bet. The bullets scream to me from somewhere." Jerry Cantrell stated that the lyrics had to do with him and his dad. His dad was in Vietnam. And as you know, being in any war can really mess you up mentally if things were bad for you. And what Jerry Cantrell explained, it must have been bad.

And now that you know, the 'rooster' is a soldier or someone sent out to be killed. The song has deep meaning to it, and the lyrics pretty much say that the 'rooster' is not going to die no matter what happens. The music video shows the facets of war and if one man can survive it all. The song is also attributed to every military man and service woman that has to endure Hell in battles and the hopes they'll make it out alive.

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