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Alice in Chains - Would? - Lyrics Meaning

Alice in Chains is a popular rock band that formed in the state of Washington. The band consists of Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Inez and now William DuVall. Former singer Layne Staley (the band's former lead) died in April of 2002.

'Would?' is a 1992 single produced by the band and it was actively popular during the early and mid '90s. Jerry Cantrell (band writer) wrote the song and at the time was thinking about Andrew Wood (Jerry Cantrell is a fan of his). Jerry Cantrell said: "I was thinking a lot about Andrew Wood at the time. We always had a great time when we did hang out. There was never really a serious moment or conversation, it was all fun. I always hate people who judge the decisions others make. So it was also directed towards people who pass judgments."

The lyrics don't have much to say about what Jerry Cantrell's forethoughts were, so you could make your own interpretation about the song. Whether you want to ride the actual lyrics or if you think that the meaning is something you can relate to; the lyrics will be about Jerry Cantrell 's feelings when he was around Andrew Wood.

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