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Taylor Swift - Fifteen - Lyrics Meaning

`Fifteen' is a song which many young girls can relate to, however it was actually written to reference her best friend from high school Abigail. This was Swifts 13th hit on the Top 40 hit list and allowed her to break a record for the most Top 40 hits from a single album. In an interview that Swift did with the Los Angelo's Times she admits that in high school her and her best friend thought of themselves as "the ugly ducklings" and that they vowed that they will "not take themselves too seriously" because they "were never going to be popular." The lyrics reflect her feelings at this time when she was struggling to fit in.

In high school Abigail, Swifts' best friend went through a tough break up and "got her heart broken" says Swift. The song's lyrics tell the story about how her friend gave her all to the relationship and then the boy changed his mind and broke her heart. Swift admits that when recording this song she cried because the lyrics hit so close to home and remind her of the pain that her fried went through during this difficult break-up. The song lyrics of `fifteen' send a positive message to young girls that what they are going through is normal and that it is not easy being a teenager.