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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me - Lyrics Meaning

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift tells the story of a teenage girl that is in love with her friend that cannot see past his superficial girlfriend and realize all that she has to offer. She sees that he is not able to be himself around his girlfriend because she does not understand the meanings behind his jokes and she dislikes his preferences in music. This girl understands him perfectly because they are such close friends, and they have been there for each other when one another needed it.

She wants him to be able to understand that his girlfriend is holding him back, but that if they were together, life would be perfect for both of them. In some ways she feels that she is not as good as his girlfriend. The girlfriend is pretty and popular, while she is not so much of a social butterfly. However, she does not doubt that the two of them belong together. It is so easy for the two of them to spend time together. They share the same interests and have so much history together that their relationship would be amazing because they are best friends in love.

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