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Taylor Swift - Love Story - Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift wrote this song based on a personal experience in her life, just as most of her songs are. The story which this song's lyrics are based on goes back to Swifts' teenage years when her parents did not like her boyfriend at the time and thought that he was a creep; however, Swift thought she was in love. She is Juliet and the unnamed boyfriend is Romeo in the line "my daddy said to stay away from Juliet." Originally neither her record company nor her parents approved of the song yet she fought to record it, and obviously Swift won that fight.

Although Swift has never named the boyfriend whom she refers to in the lyrics of this song, it is widely thought that Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers who she dated in 2008 is the subject which she is referring to in `Our Song'. There are other references in the lyrics as well such as "take me somewhere we can be alone" which may refer to them hiding from the paparazzi. The lyrics tell the story of a young couple that was in love and did not have the approval of their parents. They have to sneak around to continue to see one another such as many young lovers do.