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Taylor Swift - Mean - Lyrics Meaning

Although the video for `Mean' by Taylor Swift depicts a different message Swift admits that the song was written with her critics in mind. She said she understands that she is going to get criticized by putting herself out there; however there is a fine line between constructive criticism, professional criticism and simply being mean. This song's lyrics are about a performance that she made at the Grammy's which got her much negative attention. Some of her critics said some very mean things about her which inspired her to write the lyrics to this song.

One of the critics that inspired the lyrics behind this song made a statement "Did Taylor Swift kills her career overnight?" The lyrics to this song are a response to those mean comments especially the part that says "I can see you years from now in the bar talking over a football game, with that same old loud opinion but nobody is listening." She then goes on to elaborate on how they will be "Drunk and talking all about how I can't sing." Writing this song is how Swift chooses to deal with `mean' people such as the critics that made those harsh statements about her.