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Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble - Lyrics Meaning

This song is one of Swifts favorite songs on the album because it has a sound that is "just as chaotic as the feeling as when I wrote it." She goes on to explain that the lyrics of the song are about the feelings of frustration that you feel when you are broken hearted over the ending of a relationship that you knew wasn't going to work out in the first place. Basically, Swift admits it is an; I should have known better, "shame on me" kind of song. It reflects the feelings that you feel when you should have known better, yet did it anyway despite your reservations.

Swift wrote the melody for the song and then enlisted the help of Max martin and asked him to help her with the music at the end of the chorus. She wanted it to sound really chaotic and crazy like you would be feeling if you were in this type of a situation. Basically she wanted the song to have a chaotic sound to reflect the way your emotions would be if it happened to you. Swift admits that the lyrics from the song were drawn from her own personal experience of going into a relationship even though she knew better and knew that it was risky to begin with.