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Old 11-17-2009, 02:53 PM   #231 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default feeling is revealing

Jump down here
don't dissappear
i am going to get us out of here
don't be afraid
it's ok
i'm not going without you
no way.
Everything is run by time
so i say farewell to mine
all is not lost if we have one another
a real blessing no bother
I will shield you from hurt and pain
fight for you until i'm slain
wait and see my love for you unfold
as i have seen it as it is foretold.

Your eyes remind me of sun kissed waters
your smile no words can discribe
the warmth of your loving nature
blessed as i stand at your side.
I will care and defend you
whether you are right or wrong
i will fight for one of your smiles
until all your tears are gone.
Never will you tire of living
from what has been before
i will never tire of giving
for you my love you will have it all.

I see the passion you have behind those eyes
i see great wonders for whats in store for the wise
I must keep my head if i am to retire
in your arms next to a roasting fire.
You are what dreams are made of
you are the real thing
everyone that sees you can't help but sing.
Freedom is within one's soul
as is standing side by side to you as you already know.
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Old 11-18-2009, 08:03 AM   #232 (permalink)
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default all truth hidden

A shadow is falling on us
and it wont be denied
a bout of complete madness
no where to run and hide.
My thoughts now are of sorrow
theres not going to be a tomorrow
everything will be swallowed
death will abruptly follow.

All the things i said i would do
when i knew the timing was right
now all time has been and gone
soon to be out of sight.
Theirs no going back to set right all my wrongs
that time has been and gone.

Suffering less than 24 hours is not a great deal
knowing death is at my door i cant help but squeal.
But knowing that the human race will not die out completely
the black army will save themselves and their technology
in their created black hole at the turn of the last century
where the germans won the war and everyone else died mysteriously.

Time after time commiting the same crime
to never withdraw from the events gone before
always knowing the outcome must be tireing
always at the exact time pulling out the pin.
A world of peace and tranquility
oh thats the place i do want to be
keeping there great ideas pulling the plug on the past
this time it's our doing but no votes will be cast
no say in the matter though always at our expence
nickels and dimes pounds and pence.

What are we waiting for it's an all out raging war
they who cripple us and make us fall
we who get are butts kicked then ask for more
i have had enough now show me the door.
We have given to much power to imbeseals
there driving us but there not behind the wheel
there living it up something i can only dream of doing
left to die ha just another screwing.
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Old 11-24-2009, 04:27 PM   #233 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
Posts: 388
Default sitting on my head

My cause is to reveal only how i see something
not everyone sees as i do but it is my line
so i will define what is fake or true
and the answer will be fired back to you.
Whether you shake your head and disagree
you can't help but turn the page and make history
so finally eccept what is written on the page
lets get on with this age.

Searching for something that may or may not exist
is a search that must go on
If everything was revealed well that would be no fun
Driving, flying taking the train all has been worked out and used
not everything invented has been abused.
So i rest my case that the search must go on
leading me into an unknown world hoping i will be the one.

Borders must be tresspassed lines must be crossed
in order to stay one step ahead of the rest
Take something with you that pours out hope
never to be cursed with negativity and doubt.
Shout shout shout I am but a single voice
shout shout shout may thousands of voices be heard
truth is out there believe you me
turn the page and make history.

Sitting on my head watching the world face down
juggling with lifes affairs another circus clown
Hear the sound of thunder that awakes the dead
out of the wilderness out of the red.
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Old 11-26-2009, 11:12 AM   #234 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default heartstone

What time has shown me
i must walk on,
not only by myself
without anyone.

It's like a cold shoulder
when i approach,
don't they teach manners anymore
just a quiet note.

All numbers are withheld
my phone going off all the time,
why ring me
it's a bloody crime.

We are taught to respect one another
but can you listen over the laughter
does it bother you that no one cares
what your teaching is right and fare.

All that matters is one's belief
that no one else gets the better of me
as i walk down life's paths
I get the last laugh.

So it ends like it began
whether or not we understand
rules are here to be broken
for the mutes and the outspoken.

In a world that nothing seems possible
or probable
a life thats never ending
never surrending.

Bitterness has bitten me
heart and soul
a quiet but deadly suffering
when will i reach my goal.

Time moving slowly
in life with all it's pain
i'm in a place woefully
driving me insane.

Though i believe in chances
and for that reason i won't fall
their will be another life line
one i can't ignore.

Knowing what truely matters
keeping oneself alive,
though your life maybe in tatters
be blessed give me five.
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Old 11-29-2009, 04:44 PM   #235 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
Posts: 388
Default whats to say

Loved ones trying to influence me
in being someone i don't want to be
Thinking it's totally crazy
that i don't see what they see.
Am i alone in this world
am i the only one standing on the ground
feel like getting on my bike
and leaving them to quarrel amongst themselves.
Iv'e made this life as easy as i could
my own creation i think it's good
so why do they pressure me so
and never eccept my answer no.

If they have problems they must look within
because with me they will never win
there arguments can go on for years
causing grief and shedding so many tears.
I for one have to admit iv'e tried and tried again
to stop them interfearing though it causes more pain
so now iv'e decided that enough is enough
you have to take the smooth with the rough
So back with the argument at hand
still in the firing line still don't understand.

I'm not getting any younger, my longtime lifestyle
and for change it's been a while
why should i jump ship when it has wind in it's sails
just to get my feet wet because all communication fails.
It's all about money at the end of the day
can i carry my family in a comfortable way
so they will never want for anything again
i'm thinking thats impossible in this day and age.

I am the bread winner though it wasn't my choice
my wife was made redundant , now she has lost her voice
right when i need her this one time the most
she's just not helping i know i am toast.
My wife has said she will not work again
to make things worse it has started to rain
Does she not know what she is doing to me
please get off your fat arse and get a life please.

Yes i am working fulltime and the money isn't that good
but i feel i'm in the right place touch wood
And one day we will see the benefits
or other wise i am in for it.
I am fully qualified now in what i do
so it has to be just a matter of time,
all i need is your full support now
soon it will be champahgn not sparkling wine.

All the family have learned just to take take take
none of them have learned to give
which i blame myself for, their brains are like sivs.
They are used to spending mine or their mothers money
and now we haven't got any it's not funny
and the days are dark for them no longer sunny
and there's no more hugs and kisses from my hunny.
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Old 12-02-2009, 04:58 PM   #236 (permalink)
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Location: Where people kill 30 million pigs per year
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Hello there again, chard,

I read your piece above ^ which amused me because it seems like a reflective rap song mixed with the blues.

As I've read your poems over the last 6 months, I've wondered if you help yourself find balance and a sense of control over life through controlling the world you create in your poetry. I also wonder, reading your poems, if you describe what is going on in your own life or tend to view others around you and imagine how it would feel to be them.

Here's a question for you that I'm hoping you will answer, if you would like to, chard: what function does poetry serve for you in your life? I used to write poems for many years...poems just for myself that I never shared. Then I felt motivated to reach out to others (leading to my joining MB). What has motivated you to share your poems? I always think it is interesting to learn about other people's motivations and so I am hoping you will share yours, if you wish to do so.

In your poem above, the lines that resonate the most with me are these:
All the family have learned just to take take take
none of them have learned to give
I think this is very true about people in general. It is very natural to take and not think about how the actions of taking affect others. When I was a child, for example, I never thought twice about my parents washing my dirty dishes. Now, when I visit them, I would feel shame to leave my dishes in their sink...and so I wash mine and (some) of theirs, too (though the selfish side of me wants to just leave them all in the sink, because I know my parents would wash them for me).

I have heard a few posts sent your direction in which you were told that posting in other sections of MB is required...and I saw you tried a few times...but I am of a different mind than those who feel posting mostly in your thread is not being part of a community. I feel writing poems and sharing them, as you do, is giving, is contributing. Sometimes people may not be so interactive but still value being part of an online community, and that is okay. Yet still, I do you prefer to get that something you hope for...or are you okay with not having much feedback in your thread? I don't want to skip giving feedback if it is something you would like, chard.

I imagine you living in a quaint cottage with a small garden surrounded by a picket fence. The dark green leaves of chard and some nice English herbs, warm and fragrant in the sun, are growing in that garden. You are inside the cottage, looking out through the window as you glance up from your computer. I am a distant neighbor who has seen you at your window on many occasions. Now, to your surprise, I am walking up your flagstone path and have brought you some cake as a belated housewarming gift...something for you to munch on as you reflect on life and people.

Of course, I don't really have any cake to give you...just words. And here they are.
Originally Posted by Neapolitan:
If a chicken was smart enough to be able to speak English and run in a geometric pattern, then I think it should be smart enough to dial 911 (999) before getting the axe, and scream to the operator, "Something must be done! Something must be done!"
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Old 12-09-2009, 06:07 PM   #237 (permalink)
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Default lame

Let me know what you want from me
in life not a lot is free
so help me understand you
before we both grow tired,
and we part company and say our final goodbye's.
Look at it from my point of veiw
it's not easy for either of us it's true
But life keeps on running and i'm not running from you.

You fill a part of me a part i wish to keep
why wont you stay a while with me
am i saying way to much are you afraid of love
obviously you are not mean't to be, with me.

Go then go now i'm to upset within myself
to chase after you knowing that you can't help
me in my weaknesses open and bare
trying to win your love and you don't care.
I suppose i must concider that i fall for the wrong kind
beautiful and funny but ever so blind.

Desperate times call for drastic measures
all in the name of intimate pleasures
in time for st. valentine's day can't see any other way.
Love love slides away into depth's so deep
will i believe again and land on my feet, where the air is so sweet
and there's no air of defeat.

I started taking life to seriously because of my age
i'm not getting younger my looks are starting to fade
having had many relationships that have been a disaster
and the words i don't want to hear that i'm the master.
Recognising the problem doesn't always give you a solution
there is no easy way to say this there will be no conclusion.
Hearing the drums beating harder and faster
what was i thinking,
a boom babe walks up to me only to start winking.

I have got it i will never lose, age doesn't matter
while i can still cruise, so don't bother me and i wont you.
Feeling better already in fact at the top of my game
a bed hopping fanatic that will never be tamed.
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Old 12-12-2009, 01:08 PM   #238 (permalink)
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Default open the floodgates

Fires burning from my soul
from way beneath way down low
living beneath the city streets
hearing everybody's heart beat.
Never did think i would fall
to my knees where i crawl
beneath your world of electicity
beneath the sewers thats where you will find me.

Iv'e tasted riches iv'e tasted love
iv'e lived with you up above
experiencing all thats on offer
try to reach me don't bother.
My descision has been made
there is nothing more to say
when it is time i will rise
beneath familiar skies.

I'm not in trouble with anyone
i have not yet broken the law
i just had my fill of everyone
couldn't take anymore.
So i left and entered no mans land
teach myself how to stand
for what is right in a world of lies
everyone's happy hiding in disguise.

Everyone has a secret
that no one's willing to share
some call it strengh others a weakness
but do any of us really care.
Live to gather riches to be respected and obeyed
to conquer and to piledge for only to be paid.
A world that has been built by the currupt
but you have to look passed that you have to look up
There's no point in discussing it any further
i don't want to be another unsolved murder.

You don't have to hide just take a ride on the wild side
depend on yourself yes no one else, all you can do is try.
Step away from the crowd shout out very loud
that you were born an individual
and watch them scoff at you from the steps of the court of law.
But say your peace and maybe
others will hear your plight
and maybe we will stand together one day to fight.
But until then you are not my friends
your on the side that is soon to end.
Your on a side that could never win
where nothing is hidden secrets and sins
close your eyes turn run and hide
all i will say to you now is goodbye.

We will never live in peace and harmony
to many religions we will never be free
try to get along but nothing is for ever
it's just another short road another endeaver.
Mix the races all you want, there will never be a peace
to many of us want to much power
to stop before climax, end to cease.
Last man standing is a triumph
if the last man standing is looking up
with a soul this man is greatly respected
nothing which he has done will be regretted.

I for one am looking forward to this time
whether i'm here or not spiritually i stand in line.
Waiting for the end times with my arms open wide
with a strong desire still, of all of you standing by my side.
In all of us we find strengh of character and purpose
so every trial must be a surplus.
So get your umbrella and your coat
and don't forget the smokes.
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Old 12-15-2009, 09:16 AM   #239 (permalink)
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Default Dr fix

Try it a little stronger then it may just help
what have you to lose you got to help yourself.
Everything costs money you wont get there for free
so don't kid yourself because you wont kid me.

Its a source like no other so reap them benefits
it will do you good though it is a quick fix.
Remember what i tell you do not get hooked
for we are not nice people we are robbing crooks.

Now you have tasted all the merchandise
i can see by your smile that it's rather nice
A pleasant trip i see let me know the outcome
cash up front and don't be fooled i carry a gun.

Best if you concider this when next time you buy
i don't take messing around so don't even try.
Sometimes i will give you good deals, sometimes i may not
but don't you give me hassle for more of something i haven't got.

Hear my warning i'm in a good mood today
have a pleasant evening now be on your way.
I am like a doctor helping those in need
giving out prescriptions daily i feed.

To be honest i have the greatest job in the world
helping the unfortunate and all the boys and girls.
Giving out pleasure highs and lows
i'm the one driving the mercedes watch them all follow.

I don't make the product i just pass it on
whats the harm in that i can't see no wrong.
The only people i see hurting is the ones who don't buy from me
i'm in the phone book it's as easy as picking fruit off a tree.

No matter where you are in life rich or poor
we all have needs it's hard to ignore.
You may deny yourself but in the end you will fall
im your friendly doctor i will pick you off my floor.
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Old 12-20-2009, 09:21 AM   #240 (permalink)
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Default sparkling thigh's

Tinsel town is upon us
music of hope and cheer
bright lights and pretty sights
all at this time of year.
When everyone is hopeful
of an up coming xmas day
playful and entertaining
when family comes to stay.

A roasted xmas bird
that could feed five thousand
and it's just the four of us
it's as mad as it sounds.
Obviously we have the xmas bug
believe the hype and live the highs
dreaming of a bright future
nomore suff..ering more lies.

Everything is lighter
a sprinkle of magic dust
my pockets for sure
what banks do you trust.
If everyone has money
then no one is talking
behind closed doors they're laughing
and i'm barking.

Tinsel town is upon us
and people are approachable
for everyone believes in christmas
and what they want is more.
Happy smiling faces
at your front door
with a bottle in their hands
who could ask for more.

Get together's and party's
where drink is never ending
always with a parting gift
whether or not it's worth sending.
Praying for the new year
not to be the same as the last
with wars raging
let it be the things of the past.

If only wishes came true
in present times
then everyday would be xmas
and the sun would always shine.
Well here's to the new year
raise your glasses on high
and invite everyone
around and have a jolly good time.
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