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Old 04-01-2010, 06:53 AM   #271 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default head wound

Sign up with me i am the answer to your prayers
theirs nothing to be confused about i'm trustworthy and fair.
Have no doubts i have an answer for everyone
no need for a note pad and a smoking gun.
Knowing is believing in one's self
deny me your reputation you will descend into hell.
Looking for a way out but not prepared to pay
just more to cope with, it will lead you astray.

Sign on the dotted line, don't worry your life wont be mine
though it may become one of my associates,
theyr'e get you back on track, without much fuss.
This way you can feel controlled, you wont feel that your going it alone.
Halfing the burden that is to heavy whole to bear
it's the right thing to hand it over to be shared.

Your money will come out of your account on the same day every month
it's not a great deal, i have to be blunt.
Freedom is in your head not whats in your account
excuse me iv'e started to rant.
Welldone you have made a great descision
you will get your money's worth
your start to notice by the end of the week
all will subside, noteably your hurt.

It's a contract that you can't afford to lose
a chain reaction that will blow your fuse
which will spark and set you aflame
youv'e signed now to late for you to complain.

More deep water more than i ever thought possible
just so devastating oh so incredible.
You think maybe if your willing to pay
then good people will come to your rescue in the right way
mistreat you and decieve you just for a pocket of change
no one can be trusted if money is there aim.

When your in need get a friends help
don't be to easy with money and get scalped.
Smiling goodlooking faces all around,
once you try to break away you will never be found.

Once there was a great idea
but now ideas are not so great
think before you act upon
you might find more on your plate.

Never trust a salesman on your door
find out about everything before his next call
Don't give into his commands
they will turn so easy into demands.

If your going for broke then i'm your bloke
sign on the dotted line,
there is no need to read the small print
if you fail a payment, then all you own will be mine.
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Old 04-06-2010, 08:09 AM   #272 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default worming e...ver so pure
l.....ove helps a man mature
nothing needs to be said
it's within your heart and within your head.

Growing living so wild
like the young a blossoming child.
Never growing old
free on your chosen road.

The might of a mans measure
is treated as such a treasure
to give out only pleasure
at his own leisure.

A cloud of lust
will only see you bust
a lifetime of disgust
and some live that way they say they must.

What troubles you
to throw in the towel
is it something you can't talk about
it just makes you howl.
You have become a dog
under no influence of god
this is how you live your life
blame yourself the way in which you die.

Love so pure
it's a dying mans cure
found in the most outreach of places
can be found in a multitude of faces.

Come check this out
it's living within reach
whether your out and about
it's a message that will be teached.

It's fun to be a rebel
it's wild to be noticed in a crowd
popularity is a real commodity
nomatter whether your hated or friendly.
If you could listen there is only one way to be free
it doesn't mean you have to be a good person and fall to your knees.
The way things are going life will be short
and i can't say it's anyone's fault.
Live to be happy don't confine yourself within
live out of the box then we can begin.
A journey of discovery
age matters none
break chains set your sights and be free
and never look back no not once.

As i walk to the end of our island
and i look back on where i have come
im tired and i don't want to go back nomore
i want to stay on the run.
May not have any money
clothes are filthy and torn
no one calling me hunny
when i run naked through the corn.

The world is made up of pockets
who's pocket are you in
you have to have a pocket
that helps develop your grin.
You can't run from your existance
like i can't run from mine
the world is a dangerous place
almost out of time.

It's all entertaining
nothing is real
nothing to worry about
keep turning of the big wheel.

Gravity will pull you down
whether body or spirit
keep holding up these signs
hopefully now you will hear it
and when you see it...believe it.

love so pure
softer than silk and satin
everyone of you will recieve it
if you keep watchin.

Love prevents a child from falling
love without fault
embrace it never lose it
when once it's been caught.
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Old 04-06-2010, 05:32 PM   #273 (permalink)
Instrumental Octopus
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Jesus man, you have incredibly long songs. I like most of them, but is there any way you could divide them or shorten them up and still get your point across?
What's this you say? Well, it's an exercise in futility, I do it twice a week to stay in shape.
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Old 04-08-2010, 01:35 PM   #274 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default gong

Shy shy away far from prying eye's
my world in decay from spinners of lies
From the outer and from within
shy shy away my heads in a spin
Don't know where to begin, i feel a sort of nothing.

Try to tread carefully in life
not to upset anyone with to much strife
But the whole lot is grinding me to a halt
and it's not my fault.

Where it went wrong i can't tell
somewhere along the road it forked into hell
And i have no longer the will to fight my way out
my world in darkness in and out and about.

No sense coming to mind, all seems lost
to me it's demeaning and at such a high cost
No one to support me in this time of need
everyone though will look upon me bleed.

Everyone's a friend until told different
confronted with a spinner of lies
someone who lives for the frill
of watching innocent's die.

Knowing that they cripple and make everyone mad
parading around innocently i feel sad
that they would believe such a vile creature
and not a holy man a bible teacher.

Worlds apart couldn't be more different
my arms reach out whether or not you repent.
Shy shy away into my dark corner
alone and scorned and no way to reach her.
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Old 04-11-2010, 02:27 PM   #275 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
Posts: 388
Default humanity

Running water without a canoe
no need for paddles to turn a tide
open water deep enough to drown
hopelessly failing going down.

Open doors that never close
lines that are seen but never crossed
fever runs wild with more pain due
weary the thought at ending up like you.

Thrown from my standing
without direction to move
out of the oven two hot cakes
knowing but not admitting these mistakes.

Fresh water a pool of calming lines
a dip in which all is fried
deep pan bubble of hunger
sweet and sour a bag of sugar.

Friends of the earth
green flag flying
a positive position at an all time low
progress it's coming to slow.

Rivers a bound tied on land
searching but not to far
walls cut off surrounding finds
hung by the era of time.

Blow the trumpets beat the drums
we are all puppets under the thumb.
Treading carefully not to be heard
nothing will change another lie, not your concern.

Gliding into a future
no engine to fly
out in the world, why why why why why.

Head into the closet
feet stands and are marked
freedom the antedote
will leave you with this note.
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Old 04-13-2010, 11:56 AM   #276 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default prosper

Everything your likely to see
means a great deal to you and me
Beauty by the beholder
looking over my shoulders.

Every country in the world
has something to offer everyone
God is and was a visionary
one look it takes believe me.

From the earth to the seas and the skies above
the wonders of this world is more than enough.
Never ending it's beautiful
not burned out who could ask for more.

A work of art as pure as day
praise god it's here to stay.
A one sure way for victory
another foot up for you and me.

Hold on to me, when i walk free
no need to take a breath just breathe.
You will walk in the light
darkness will leave your very sight.

There's nothing to be afraid of
fear will stop you from entering in
something the devil is good at
clipping angel's wings.

Doub't will fill you full of maddness
taking a firm grip on your life
when really you should be filled with gladdness
not going out concealing a knife.

Open your eye's to the possibilities in life
don't be closing the door
nothing prospers out of trouble and strife
can you really put up with anymore.

Take a grip your not done yet
if not now someday you will regret
having the time but never the commitment
time not well spent.

Everyone is off on a tangent
everyone knows best
worring about tomorrow and how to pay your rent
if not tomorrow but the next day waking up in a tent.

Free falling who will land first
on your feet or on your head
pray for the cursed
and may you rise from the dead.

It's a picture every time i awake
what beauty from my window
it's pure as night and day
getting up from my pillow.

Open your heart and your mind
eventually you will learn to shine
the heart of stone will turn kind
and you will see even those who are blind.

Money and power is not something you should look for
love and only love
great is he who knows the truth
it's carved in the skies above....
it's carved in the skies above.
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Old 04-14-2010, 05:49 AM   #277 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default new world order

Heading for a future with shackles on
bowing down to a blood thirsty god
all has been written by christians
invited to live in this land of ours.

A new world order, one religion
all infidels are dead meat
death to all free thinkers
to persicute all other beliefs
in the name of world peace.

Christians sing and yes get under your skin
but they dont force you how to think
they dont rob you or kill you when you blink.

All those who do not bow to the new order
will not live free any further
will be thrown out of society
brought to your knees and beheaded in a breeze.

Not in my life time well you are wrong
it's starting right now read the lyrics of my song.
Great britain will follow suit
giving up on a history of standing strong
taking america's route
and signing everyone's death warrant to boot.

We will stand alone murder will be rife
if you stand for anything other than muslim
you will pay with your life.
They have full control behind the scenes
they have all the wealth to put in new policies.

Survival of the fittest, lie and sign your name on the dotted line
now you won't be publically killed, but neither will you be fine.
Everyday visits to your mosque, always looking over your shoulder
no one to look up to, no more older brother.

Our polititions hold the key
is this the best they can do for you and me.
We stood alone before when all odds were against us
lets not purposely fall and let our armour rust.
I would rather fight than bow down to alla
as he will be our only king
and prince harry and prince william will be beheaded before him.

This is our future it's on our door step
it has been foreseen though it has not happened yet.
A more higher power is at work
stand for what you believe in and spiritually you won't be hurt.
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Old 04-15-2010, 05:55 AM   #278 (permalink)
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Default giveway

When i was young i looked upon everyone getting on
never believed it would happen to me, no not me.
A heavy weight put on my shoulders
should have stepped up a gear and got a little bolder
to sort my life out before i got older.

Saw friends who had nothing build empires
i am bright but i live at night by candle light, and open fires.
I am frustrated with my lot in life
can't see my future or my beautiful wife
all is getting to me haven't money to free myself
left behind like a book on a shelf.

Seeing my parents watching me
wondering when i will set myself free
Get the amazing job and see the world
only makes me sad i want to hurl.

School was easy but now it's up to me
i just cant get to grip what i am supposed to be
i'm not like a fish swimming in water
i'm a lamb led out to the slaughter.

Worried yes i am don't know how to express myself
don't know what to say feel like crying out for help
Could sign up to college and uni do a degree
while i ponder on who i want to be.

I am running scared running out of time
everything is rushing around my head confusing my mind.
Got to jump ship got to do it quick
what ever i choose i have to stick to it.

Time is running fast now when once it ran slow
i was happy in a crowd but now i'm on my own
i have lost something i wish to find it again
i want to stay in the dry not out in the rain.

My older brother left home at sixteen
off on his motorbike that was the last time he was seen
I wonder sometimes where he got to
did he make it on his own, he did what he had to do.

I can't do the same it gave the family great trauma
how do i get myself out of this corner.
I am not the same as my brother before me
i want the same though i want and need to be free.
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Old 04-18-2010, 09:09 AM   #279 (permalink)
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there all really good! keep goingg
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Old 04-19-2010, 08:47 AM   #280 (permalink)
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Default dubious

In complete desperation i am contacting you
i'm totally frustrated theres nothing else i can do
So please be honest what are my chances
tell me the truth am i making progress with my advances.
Or am i losing the battle from the outer and within
shall i just give up giving in.

Iv'e got to tell you your not being very helpful
even though you told me if i needed to i could call you
I can take it what ever you are hiding from me
are you the reason behind all the secrecy.

So now you are clamming up nothing to reveal
iv'e got something that will make you squeal.
I am not a violent man or someone you should be afraid of
i am getting upset with you for you are getting in the way of love.

Trouble is i asked you for a favour and let you over see
and because of that you now hold the cards over me.
But don't think i wont take them back
i wont let you get away with it thats a fact.

If your asked to do something do it off your own back
don't give it to someone else to do you might fall flat
that is my problem i thought he could help
now i feel the pain from the slap of his belt.

Friend or no friend when it comes to a skirt
can't help themselves they got to flirt
Theres nothing i can say, only that i will find a way
i'm coming over to yours now, hope you have room for one more to stay.
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