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Old 04-19-2010, 12:04 PM   #281 (permalink)
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nice, I really like your lyrics, thank you
Acoustic Guitar

Paco De Lucia
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Old 04-20-2010, 04:23 AM   #282 (permalink)
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Default the wall

Todays world is in a mess
but tommorrow it could be blessed
so i will wait til tommorrow to decide my fate
to prepare a banquet upon my plate.

So today i will reside away from it all
waiting anticipating a time to stall
I am not in a rush my future will rise
where ever it goes down below or reaches the skies.

I am in a thoughtful mode dreaming i guess
for being in a world tommorrow that is blessed
no more heartache no more sorrow
dreaming of a better tommorrow.

Where religion does not have a say
there is no erea's that are grey
where people say goodmorning in the street
where there is no hate when strangers meet.

These times are troubled who's following who
everyone is quiet have they no point of view
thinking is a bad thing not something we should do
but someone has to say something someone has to.

I am just a writer my story must be told
i'm waiting for a righteous man to empty his load.
If not today then tommorrow,
and yesterday buried with all it's sorrow.

No one thinks differently everyone see's the same way
look out side the box or we will fade away.
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Old 05-01-2010, 11:11 AM   #283 (permalink)
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Default chasing time

I started this race at the front but now am lagging behind
racing to a finish that never arrived.
I am tired facing a defeat
my brain wired with heavy feet, face down in the street.

Hopelessness has control i have already lost
can't hold on without belief and not knowing at what cost.
No looking in any one's eye from a confident man
not thinking that anyone would understand.

I have been driven by a will not of my own
I have achieved glory and i'm afraid now i will be stoned.
So what to do what is their to say
i'm a little older now i'l have to find another way.

My body might be old but my brain is still young
i'm not finished yet, theirs more races to be won.
Pick my self up with no time to waste
do not count me out i am still in the race.

You may look at me and see a tired old man
but if i'm looking at you face to face it means i still stand.
And knowing that i stand means i will carry on
fighting your ignorance until i'm dead and gone.

I take loss very seriously i never lose
it's time to change now try something new.
If anything it should not be that tough
because i was made with the right stuff.

So long all you people's who do nothing but tongue lash
you can't help that all you do turns to hash.
And so for you when your time is up
it will be the end of your world you will be fuc......d.
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Old 05-02-2010, 10:55 AM   #284 (permalink)
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Default evaluate

This ere thing got me started
it all came up from within
this ere thing made me breathless
swimming in a pool of sin.

Have you an idea what i'm talking about
the realisation of it is true
the intensity of this organ
is directed right at you.

Come gather round for an orgy
bring only oils and candle wax
your not moving in so don't bring alot
don't forget to pay your council tax.

Driven by a desire
that will only leave me naked
theirs nothing more i want to acheive
of this feeling wick'ed.

Count me in to anything
no need to describe
i'm swimming in a pool of sin
come join in the free sex vibe.

Transported from normality
out from beneath the scales
far from the reaches of reality
go completely off the rails.
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Old 05-05-2010, 09:42 AM   #285 (permalink)
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Default wives

I told you to shut it cus i knew you were daft
didn't want anyone to hear you, they would only laugh.
I was becoming selfish never listening to your views
i even made you think i never loved you.

I was nasty and indictive which hurt you all the time
it was necessary to get my point across, but always walking a thin line.
You cooked and cleaned and did all that i asked
everything i set out for you to do every given task.

You were young and pretty when i first took you
you died of a broken will at the age of forty two.
Driven close to insanity, but i did keep you- from going over the edge
you knew your place and i was out making a wedge.

I never got to know you, i closed every door
and now i am sorry cus now i miss you more.
now that i have someone else i realise what i had with you
could have been so different if i could have stayed true.

So now i ponder knowing you are gone
i never told you, you could leave me
How i treated you was so wrong
it took me to long to see.
And now i know iv'e lost something
only now that i'm stopping to think
thinking is bad enough, it's getting me down it's getting rough.

Selfish through and through
theirs no way back for you
I still don't get it, i'm so arrogant
i am just a regular bloke just call me a c.....t.

If you were allowed to speak and enjoy friends company
i would have been jealous that you were not with me
that kind of feeling i couldn't let you see
chaining you up that ended your life in misery.

Sweet innocent woman i made it with you
you were my desire, the best i had a few
and i know i'm with another but you made me whole
i just want to thank you from my heart and soul.

I will never change i really don't want to
some might say thats strange but you know it's true
i find it easy to talk to you now, now you have passed on
incredible, since we new eachother since year twenty one.

So i say to my next you better lose some weight
cus the locks will be changed and your stuff will lie at the gate.
Go out and get some new clothes or i will pick for you
oh we do have a laugh my first for you know that be true.
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Old 05-05-2010, 03:53 PM   #286 (permalink)
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all very nice you should record or have someone else record this


[Link removed by mod, no advertising] ... Damn those mods are always gettin ya :)
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Old 05-06-2010, 04:18 AM   #287 (permalink)
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Default who say's

If you like something make it your own
whether it takes you far from your home
What ever it might be, if it's not nailed down
there's no time to lose, don't hang around.

Go for it don't think of nothing else
if you think you can carry it, make it yourself
You wont be stepping on my toes
do what you want with it and just go.

Writing is tapestry whether in a book or on ceilings or floors
a picture presents itself you must decide if you want more
Take it don't look behind you, there's no one there
no one will take a strand of hair from your head, no one cares.

Sorry to disappoint you their is no hidden alarm
if you can make the lyrics work, then let it be your lucky charm.
I will carry on writing until i'm forced to stop
or until no one likes it like you and i become a flop.

There's no sense in trying to get inside my mind
people have tried but all run out of time
My work is for everyone nomatter who you are
i will gladly help you to reach the stars.

There are great bands out there who can play blind
but alot of there lyrics they just dont shine
then if i can help you then just take mine
then we will both be happy and i wont be wasting my time.
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Old 05-07-2010, 01:19 PM   #288 (permalink)
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Default pollution

When a cloud bursts in a storm
when i'm with you thats the norm
you are so fierce, breath that could knock me clean out
though i keep it quiet i'm not one to shout.

Your so lazy your so fat
use and abuse treat me like a door mat
Well here's the thing it's just occured to me
that if you don't change then your history.
These are not empty threats i can't tolerate no more
get used to the idea cus if you don't i will show you the door.

Stop your scoffing you filthy bitch
with all the women in my world and we got hitched
what a disaster what a crime
with you at my side it's like doing time.

You just sit their watching the box
while i suffer recieving all the knocks
It's about time i shared my thoughts with you
something that for a while iv'e wanted to.

Well here's the thing work out or work in the home
you have got away with doing none
If you want this marriage to work
then you will have to treat me not like a jerk.
You have nothing to complain about so stop your crying
i need peace in my life but you are very trying.

Hit me kick me throw me down
bury me deep in the ground
for now i have seen enough
iv'e had enough of you rough stuff.

All because i wanted love
what a joke now i think of
thinking that i would be happy with you
for the way you moved i was glued.
Now you have put on the pounds
and no longer want to go out
cant be bothered there's something good on the tv
you never get dressed up even on our anniversary.

I don't care how big you are
i just want you back from afar
where is your head right now
stop interupting you stupid cow.
I have been patient more than i should
i have waited iv'e been good
waiting for you to come back to me
afraid of living a future lonely.

I still love you with my arms twisted behind my back
i never saw it coming i didn't see that
I know your in there somewhere where did it go wrong
get yourself sorted and don't take to long.
I am removing the tv and the computer as well
to help with your progress, so nows the time to give me hell.

Dreaming of a future as when first we got hitched
if we get the chance we will both get through this
How can you say you will break up this happy home
as you know me and you both, do not want to live alone.

A heart attack victim of circumstance
just because you failed in taking a chance
Well i am saying there's more chances ahead
so please get off your fat ass before you can't and your dead.
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Old 05-08-2010, 11:06 AM   #289 (permalink)
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Default brotherly hugs

Light me up send me out
in a world i know nothing about................
Living in a community
when all i want to be
is living in a world without boundaries.......solo....

Get a grip, before you slip away.....
take a heart felt trip, right away.........
A conclusion, without confusion
is some idea, where you stand as a man.......bass solo........

Fully loaded to cross open spaces
travel through unknown places
A battle raging in mens hearts
ready and willing off we march........drum solo......

A rolling wind approaches from the north
as all the men ready for battle go forth.
With rifles in our hands, and a destination clear
facing an enemy that we fear................

Dead men walking, no different from home
my life expectancy is year one.
With no time to think just aim and fire
see the body count get high and higher........

Seeds are planted when we are young
depends where you live, whether you own a gun.
Desperate measures are needed now
one world religion, kill the sacred cow.......end.
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Old 05-09-2010, 10:16 AM   #290 (permalink)
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Default jubilee

What's on the agenda we have to take full control
in the direction in which we all know.
They might believe that change is needed
but they are not like us for we don't believe it.

We are the empire, we will not bow our heads
you won't see us with our eye's bloody red
You might cry out for peace of mind
you voted us in thats not what you will find.
Despair and hunger for what is right
keep the masses down out of the light.

Money is power and who you know
submitting it to the masses is a no no
Work for loose change and see it disappear
unforgivable taxes every month of the year.

So there's a different head but with the same face
only believe you will when they knock you from place to place.
Then it's all to late, the damage will be done
no place to hide no place to run.

What the hell are you thinking when you put in your cross
letting them back in have you counted the cost.
of all that went before, don't you think you won't see that anymore
they are bastards at the centre of the core.

How can ignorance blossom into something beautiful
i'm working as a slave on the shop floor
The money i am paid is just enough to get by
hoping that my appliances don't give up and die
If that's the case, then no holiday
no savings to have a week out and play.

I must admit that i am not rich
i have trained and worked really hard
i still beg steal and borrow and i don't own a gold card.
Have to now down grade from a car to a bike
i'm not happy about it it's not something i like.

Working my butt off hours away from home
finding i am there more than time alone
Relationships suffer when there's no money in the pot
bringing up children i ask for what.

You tax me before i get paid
and then you tax me when i get my wage
tax everything including the air we breathe
i'm hearing what your'e saying but i don't believe.

Jump into a flash car which costs more than a yearly wage
speeding down the high street engaged.
We are back in the driving seat
we are breathing different air to you ours is sweet
we will always land on our feet
while you have no feet to stand.end
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