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Old 10-10-2010, 01:25 PM   #351 (permalink)
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Default lyin eye's

Open up the way now
aren't we modified enough
haven't we swallowed all that we can stomach.
Why does no man stand up
why must we take it on the chin
i want to know what happened at the beginning.

Not a single moment to lose
time is running out
before all things pass away
another day comes more doubt
Piles and piles of it i carry on my back
your face my crack.

Bury our heads in the sand
and wait, while i wash my hands
why do i feel guilt what have i done
being illiminated one by one.
Everytime i look around we seem fewer
where has the white man gone
no one speaks english anymore
as i see foriegn signs on every door.

We who can help, be healed then go on your way
but you all get hit by greed, and you all stay.
Leaving behind you, a country that is up in arms
resulting into a backlash that will eventually bring you to harm.
Keep on coming until the river runs dry
all peoples are growing tired of asking why
no one listens to the people a world to there own
we are just a vote but what we are is unknown.

What happens to us well we sign up for housing
we go into town but we are only browsing
there is no money left in the tin
the government guilty of the wasting.
The needs of others they say come first
never looking in there own backyard as we are dying of thirst.
Are we spoilt for choice being born in the free world
being born british and white is bad all you boys and girls
at the back of the queue we are sent
doing jobs that we can only scrape up enough for rent
we who live here we can never leave
it's a prison now who will you believe.

Wages to low the rent and bills so high
the only escape route i see is to die
then you leave behind all the debt to your family
you can't avoid the debt to society.
Trapped and stuffed like a pig
lets face it everything is rigged
nothing is free nothing is real
turn on the tv but it no longer heals
no longer it helps, to make the pain dissappear
tread carefully for it's me you should really fear.
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Old 10-15-2010, 05:34 AM   #352 (permalink)
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Default my options

What's going on what's going down
where's all the people in and around town
what's the coolest place on earth
that's where i want to end the night with you
the place that will kill my blue's.

Where the party goes on all night
and drink flows and never stops
and the music moves you
to dance until you drop
All or nothing that's why i am here
if no place is not like it then i will dissappear
heading for my oblivion
with all those around me pushing me on.

A frequently asked question
why can't i get my fill
trying everything once
giving into my will
Surely i will find what i am looking for
i will get the edge
am i going to find it in these four walls
or once again see red.

I never grow tired of searching for bliss
it eats inside of me
all i need in life is this
maybe then i will be free
Who really knows who really cares
am i alone
i can deal with critism and the stares
because i have a will of my own.

I can't do without an escape
can't do 24-7 in a rigid state
Have to be out of control
where the party is i must follow
Something inside of me a silent rage
can't be inprisoned in a cage
have to run have no choice
listen out for my voice.

It's good to dream but it's better to live
times doesn't wait it never forgives
My time is now though i have so much on
working for my future though it all feels wrong
The power and the authority
i want it all
working day and night only to lose my sanity
thinking now what for.

Give me a party
re-think my strategy
live my life in my teens
start my future in my twenty's
Now i have that sorted
i am feeling pretty high
take me to where the women are
do not let me turn my back or i will surely die.
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Old 10-16-2010, 12:56 PM   #353 (permalink)
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Default to close to call

Is someone listening
is there someone else here
feels like touching shoulders
with the physical body of fear.
Not a pleasant vibe
it's real and is how i described
standing hair at the back of my neck
drawn close to hitting the deck.

As if it would make itself known
tresspassing in my safe home
not ever to be invited in
i have no cravings for him from within.
So hell comes to my livingroom
when i have friends over tonight
will this night be left in ruin
it's left to me to make a stand and fight.

Leave my imagination alone
i am the king of my household
i am the one who gives the commands
to my front no one stands.
Listen carefully to what i say
i will not be your fallen prey
fear get out of my home
where your wanted where your not alone.
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Old 10-17-2010, 11:14 AM   #354 (permalink)
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Exclamation over the edge

Dark side up hiding all what's below
desperate to break free from the shadows
Urging me forward not knowing my route
born into maddness according to you.

Why can't you say to me
what you really mean
there are just times when i cry
into the wilderness and spit in your eye's.

The nature of the beast is growing inside me
what will i become in time will i have to run away from all i hold so dear
something tells me that i am not far off
that life is for the living, can't live when it's all messed up
trying to understand, trying to overcome
but more and more suffering is not any fun.

White side under in a shallow grave
i dug it myself and buried it today
i may not like the dark but i hate the light
how many laws can i break in the dead of night.

Waking up with an attitude
fed up with living everyday screwed
Nothing ever breaks that is good for you
nothing you experience is never sodding new.

Making waves on all authority
blown away with the wind
throwing down the gauntlet
and allways the cheat will win.
Recognise your calling
let us gather at the cross
and get one foot up
before all is lost.

Everyone i know is desperate
can hear them shouting through the wall
money is tight and i am afraid
that we will lose everything including our names.
if nothing is done or nothing is said
then we whom im thinking about are all ready dead.
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Old 10-24-2010, 03:28 AM   #355 (permalink)
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Default grace

Could it have been something i said
for now it seems you have turned your back on me
with not so many words but now i feel tension
between us that was never there before.
All things sweet must come to an end
may we part not as lovers but as friends.

Farewell to my lover like so many before
do not get up i have got the door
Nothing said as i pack my things
out as fast as i came in.

What to do now the chase is back on
who will be the next lucky woman.
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Old 11-06-2010, 06:27 AM   #356 (permalink)
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Default ignorance is bliss

Ready or not you have got to be mine
everything points to it it's the right time
what's the point in living alone
how can you say your house is your home.
With no one to share your time with
without no one to hold you close
i'm giving you something to look forward to tomorrow.

Friends have said that you are misplaced
and that you need a friendly face
help you find true peace from within
not everyday you lose you can win
Dreams are mean't to help
though you believe they hinder you
you want to be left alone
and no one does what you ask them to do.

Stop your crying it won't help
life is for the living
and it's wonderful for your health, allow us to do the giving.
Shut the front door for the last time
you are breaking the law you are commiting a crime
stop these actions right now
allow this man to enter for he knows how.

Save your good looks before they die
and no one will bother you or even try
for everyone will know you have your head on straight
you have what you have what's on your plate.
All desire's you have plentyfull
you want peace you don't need a war
Just listen i don't want you
read my lips this is the truth
i need no man for comfort or for love
for i have a life blessed from my god above.

Give into my will, i'm not taking no for an answer
iv'e got you under my skin
i'm not going to lose again
You have denied so much
and i believe that you are slipping away
so i am here to stay oh i am not afraid.
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Old 11-08-2010, 09:38 AM   #357 (permalink)
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Default no buy ring

problems arising out of the dark
swiftly overshadowing me,
all i did was have an innocent night out
and now i am a liar and a cheat.

No matter what i say
it will never come out right
she's on the war path
she wants a fight.

I married the wrong woman
i have to declare
they can't all be like this
ugly with a good looking pair.

Once i was excited
lust and love i got confused
i put a ring on her finger
and since then i have been abused.

While i pay for her life
i clothe myself in rags
all for my loving wife
not for this ugly old hag.
What was i thinking
how do i turn back the clock
battered and bruised
i'm not getting much luck.

She's not interested
she believe's she is fair
she does what any good wife does
two to three times a week, it's me that doesn't care.
On that basis i am not kidding you
expecting me to agree with her point of view
I don't ask anything but this is the way it will be
there will be no changes unexpectedly.

The woman the wife set in her ways
getting to breaking point longer are my days
since i have been home sickness due to work
i realise i have married a stranger and it really hurts.

So i do all the trying
bending over backwards all the time
my youthfullness is dying
all i want is what is rightfully mine.
I can't even leave the house
without thinking will she follow me
should i leave a note and a number
everytime i leave.

She has asked for my mobile
she wants to know who calls
she wants a relationship thats built on trust
and that i stay within the homes four walls.
To live my life dependant on her
24-7 without any work.
have her eyes on me every single second of everyday
sounds like fun another great reason to stay.

Love changes everything
what i feel is all i know
distrust captivates her heart
what to do next i do not know.
Why would i want a way out
is there someone else
do this little thing for me
for once help yourself.

Obviously she is crazy
so i tied a rope round her neck
it was a mercy killing
i never broke into a sweat.
Now i'm feeling positive
now thats all behind me
no one is the wiser
eccept now i am free.

No one should have to put up with imprisonment
everything can dissapear with enough cement
Not that everyone needs to go extreme
my needs were met it was right for me.
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Old 11-08-2010, 01:10 PM   #358 (permalink)
The Omniscient
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I just wanted to say that I think most of your lyrics are very good. Do you only write lyrics or do you write music as well??
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Old 11-12-2010, 12:19 PM   #359 (permalink)
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Default posting

I have boarded the euro star
and have been a board on the orient express
i have travelled far and wide
i have tasted the very best
i have climbed the iefel tower
and been at the top of the empire state
i managed to defeat mount everest
and theirs more just wait.

I have visited the great pyramids
and niagra falls
i have trekked across the outback
and been at the foot of the great wall
Sailed the indian ocean
and swam in the great barrier reef
and have jetted over the pacific
and have yet found peace.

I once jumped from an aeroplane
and flew a microlight
a passenger in a glider
while flying a triple king kite
I have visited the roman empire
and i have worn the dagger and cloak
and i have sat in rick stein's resturant
drinking tia maria and coke.

I have walked in the tower of london
i have sat and had tea with the queen
i have taken her corgi's for a walk
and by bus round piccadilly
I am now in the rainforest
searching for the city of gold
swallowed by the earth
a thousand years ago.
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Old 11-13-2010, 03:57 PM   #360 (permalink)
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Default when darkness falls

Sleeping imagination dry
failure and the will to die
a reminder that all is lost
once living but now a ghost.
Depression reveals it's ugly head
i can't be bothered to rise from bed
nothing swimming in the usefull pool
from intellegent's to a fool.

The boundries are slipping away
swallowed up by negativity
silently seeking shelter in the grave
allowing to slip into insanity.
No reasoning when you find yourself, on the losing side
the thought is i only came along for the ride
and so i find myself, far away from home
i look to others for support for i am not alone.

Out of fuel tiring of the climb
fire in the hole running out of time
feed me now so i can again explore
my life has a reason and i know what for.
Any excuse any doubt will knock you down
stay awake for the next round
never give up on the fire that rages from within
you only lose when you fail to win.
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