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Bloozcrooz 05-27-2011 03:54 AM

Im not to sure who to pick to win it all in the finals. Im going to say The Heat win it all and start the dynasty we'll all be familiar with for the next few years. Funny that at the begining of the year. They were talkin about firing Spolstra and now they're in the finals against the Mavs. Its hard to guess how many games they will win it in cause I dont know who's playing where. Either way though ill say The Heat in 5 games bring home the trophy.

CHCl3 05-27-2011 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Dirty (Post 1060560)

Fuckin Kahn... That Rubio draft was so terrible, I can't even describe. Rubio will never come to the NBA because he seriously sucks. Hell, I would have known not to draft him from his Youtube vids alone. It's a shame for Wolves fans and for Kevin Love to know that he will never be on a competititve team in Minnesota.

I saw Rubio play at the World Championships and the Olympics and he didn't impress me. The only reason I believe that Rubio is getting a lot of press is because he looks like he should be a member of the Jonas Brothers instead of playing basketball.

Also don't forget that Rubio was going into the draft with the assumption that he was going to be drafted by a big market club (the Knicks most likely). Only those teams had the money to buyout his contract with his previous team.


I got the Heat in 6 while the Mavericks relive the pain of 2006.

Sljslj 05-28-2011 01:15 AM

A little late, but MAVS ARE GOING TO THE FINALS!!!! Suck it, OKC funs.

___ 05-31-2011 09:50 PM

Heat 92
Mavs 84

Well, damn. But it's only game one MAVS.

Sljslj 06-01-2011 01:11 AM

I think maybe the Mavs can pull it together in the next game, seeing as they were very close until the end today. If not, they got three home games after, so the odds are in their favor to lead the series after game five. LET'S GO MAVS!

debaserr 06-01-2011 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by Sljslj (Post 1062870)
I think maybe the Mavs can pull it together in the next game, seeing as they were very close until the end today. If not, they got three home games after, so the odds are in their favor to lead the series after game five. LET'S GO MAVS!

the odds are most definitely not in their favor to be leading after 4. something like 70% of all teams that win the first game win the series in NBA history.

after seeing g1, I'm pretty damn sure the Heat win. what I hadn't accounted for was LBJ taking Terry completely out of the game. without Terry, it's over. I still seeing them taking it to 5 or 6 because their role-players will shoot better at some point, but I would be amazed if they managed to win it all.

crash_override 06-01-2011 01:37 AM

What about Dirk's torn ligament?

Don't you think that's going to be a major factor in the upcoming games? He's been a lights out shooter so far these playoffs, but something like this could change the whole series. I say the Heat sweep.

supermarlin 06-01-2011 02:07 AM

Miami to clean up

Dirty 06-01-2011 02:52 AM

I thought both teams could have played better tonight, but it was still clear to me that Miami was a way better team. Chicago was a tougher team than Dallas is for them because the Bulls play defense better. When LBJ and Wade lock down on defense, you just can't score. Miami just ran Dallas off the 3 point line all game long. You can see the Big 3 all feel so comfortably in the offense right now, and it's hard to see Dallas winning a game although they probably will. LeBron wasn't even aggressive tonight in the paint but when he's feeling his jumpshot, there's just no chance in hell to beat them. I still don't know how anyone can argue there's a better player right now in the league than LeBron. The dude does it all, he's just incredible.

Heat dynasty starts this year, hate it or love it.

debaserr 06-01-2011 03:15 AM

I've been really impressed with how consistent his jumper has been throughout the playoffs. He's definitely never been better than now. I'd also like to add that the 2010 NBA MVP was a complete farce. LBJ should've won it easily. I never bought into Rose being the best player in the league. The media outlets just got sick of the repetition.


he still has so much room for improvement. I think we are in store for something special. I kinda wish they'd lose this series to force LBJ to improve his game drastically.

Possible future roadblocks for the MoHeatOs:



Wherever Howard re-signs.

Wherever Blake re-signs(not happening with the clips).

Bulls? They'd have to make some fairly big roster changes, they've hamstrung themselves with Korver and Boozer.

Knicks - If Melo learns to play D, Amar'e's knees hold up, they fire D'antoni, get a defensive coach and also grab a few more solid players.

Wherever CP3 re-signs.

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