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CHCl3 05-19-2011 09:01 PM

Do you think David Kahn should get in trouble for his comments (2:10 onwards). Apparently Stern is pretty pissed by these comments.

Personally I don't think his comments are as bad when hearing them in context rather than reading them in print. It is very obvious that he was joking, but I wouldn't have said those comments if I were Kahn knowing how tough Stern can be on any conceived form of dissent.

Dirty 05-19-2011 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by CHCl3 (Post 1056233)

Do you think David Kahn should get in trouble for his comments (2:10 onwards). Apparently Stern is pretty pissed by these comments.

Personally I don't think his comments are as bad when hearing them in context rather than reading them in print. It is very obvious that he was joking, but I wouldn't have said those comments if I were Kahn knowing how tough Stern can be on any conceived form of dissent.

Yeah, I think he should get into some sort of trouble. You're right, it sounds worse in print but I still think he was serious in hinting the draft lottery is rigged. He was a little dissapointed in not getting the 1st pick and made a comment, I don't think it's a big deal but you can't cross Stern. He's the boss and doesn't want those kind of ideas floating around so I understand if Khan gets punished even though I don't think it should be severe.

Thunder take game 2. They stepped up their defense on Dirk. Yeah, he had 29 but it was a lot tougher with double teams and making it hard for him to catch the ball. Very ballsy move to keep Westrbrook out of the game the entire 4th quarter.

debaserr 05-19-2011 10:52 PM

Kahn should worry less about pissing Stern off and more about keeping his job. He's an awful GM.

They definitely did a better job on Dirk. Another key was how they put Thabo on Terry, he really shut him down.

Bloozcrooz 05-19-2011 11:00 PM

Meh just sounds like some pansey that attempted to take a some what of a light cheap shot. I didnt find it funny or disrespectful...just kind of whatever man.

As far as the Thunder Vs Mavs game I kinda lost interest after the half. I figured the Thunder were going to win but wasnt entertained enough to watch the whole thing. I dozed off and woke up just in time to hear the final. Im in agreement that some not all of these series are fixed to go a length of 7 games as well. They made some adjustments for Dirk and Durant was just ballin on them from what I saw early. Just wasnt a shocker the way it went to me really. The Bulls vs Heat game two was more of a suprise cause I fully expected a the heat to come out fierce as hell in game 2. And they pretty much squeaked out of there riding a Lebron finish that saved their ass late in the 4rth. Which was a total shocker to me and not at all what I expected.

debaserr 05-19-2011 11:18 PM

LeBron was excellent, but the Heat D shut the Bulls down in the 4th too.

Bloozcrooz 05-22-2011 07:28 AM

So the thunder vs mavs game ended up being fairly close last night in the 4rth. The thunder pullled to within 6 with around 3 or so minutes to go. They just never could capitalize on the chances given. The mavs turned it over 4 straight times within a minute and the thunder were trying to force the three instead of settin up some offense and taking the high percentage shot. They utililized Dirk a little differently by running more pick and rolls instead of post ups. The thunder just never could really adjust and the mavs were able to finally put them away. i think I heard Jalen Rose say the first team to go up 2 to 1 in a series wins 82 percent of the time. So barring a miracle its sad to say the thunder may be going home soon. Also why do you not put the ball in Kevin Durants hands when the games on the line?

CHCl3 05-23-2011 04:40 PM

I wonder how many people do you think would have laughed at me if I said that Chris Bosh would be leading scorer for the Heat in the ECF prior to the playoffs?

Bloozcrooz 05-23-2011 06:04 PM

I dont think it would have been that unfathomable. I mean of course you'd rather leave it up to Bosh to beat ya than the other two. Just do to the fact that he's not as consistant or capable of the high scoring games that Wade and james are. The more I watch lbj the more im impressed with his deffense than anything. His ablility to tun the floor and make steals on the floor and blocks is crazy. The guy is an extrarodinary player I have to admit. Back to the question though im sure a lot of folks were thinking Wade & james domination in the playoffs your right. However if your the opposing team your schemes you've drawn up revolve around making everyone but them beat you. So I can see that freeing up a lot off oppurtunities for Bosh to take advantage.
In other news Noah for the Bulls is fined 50,000 for a remark deemed offensive by the homosexual community. After reading his lips on the highlight reel on Espn I think the word he was saying was "***got" Of course these guys have to abstain a level of proffessionalism when your in their position. Im just wondering if it was targeted specificly at the fan for his sexual prefference? Or just a slang term thats generally used as a insult. Without conciously being aware of the offensive outcome it would have to the gay community. Frankly I just think he was in an emotional state as most athletes are especially in the ECF of a baketball series. He was probally getting harrased endlessley by this fan and after picking up his 2nd foul very early in the game. Became frustrated and shouted the first thing that came to his mind. Which could very likley be the case in all fairness to Noah. However when you act that way whether it was meant with pun intended or not. You have to realize the position your in and the consequences that are going to be dealt out. Look what happened to Kobe Bryant for gods sake after his remarks. More so though I wish more specific details would be established before the media takes things of this nature and runs with them in these type situations. Just for the sake of the players reputations for one thing. Some may view Noah as a homophobic now who likes to make offensive remarks and take cheap shots at the gay community. When fact is that ive heard that very term thrown around all the time by crowds of straight guys at one another. I think the definition or intent in some instances can be compromised with the situation at hand. Also it was just updated that this fan was insulting Noah's mother repeatedley. Teamates are backing him up on this as well. I think some type of consequence for this fan should be implemented as well. Why not fine him 50 thou for his remarks? As irrational as that sounds there has to be a line drawn somewhere to keep some kind of order from these fans. We all know how bad it can get if you'll think back to Artests days with the Pacers. Anyways thats just m opinion on the situation..what are some of yours?

(Disclaimer..I dont condone offensive homosexual remarks) Of course as in any situation theres different circumstances...meaning maybe you know the person well enough to make jokes and it be ok. Like I said there are always different circumstances to every situation.

Dirty 05-23-2011 08:24 PM

Just in time for the conference finals, I move into a new apartment with no cable til Friday and I gotta work til 9:30. Looks like i'll be watching from the bar, which sounds nice but i would rather watch at my place and relax and really watch the game intently cause i get into these sort of sports matchups.

CHCl3, i definitely would have laughed. I have said all year how over rated Bosh is and I still think he is. When he is hitting his jumpers, the Heat offense is seriously as close to unstoppable as you can get. I mean, if you put Bosh in a pick and roll with James, but Bosh kicks out for the jumper instead of rolling to the hoop, he is open every time cause you have to double LeBron on drives. He was awesome last game, no doubt about it. LeBron is a great defender. There are better guys but you have to remember they are mainly specialists and not using energy on offense where LeBron does both. His ability to read passes and get steals and also blocks is awesome to watch. And like I've always said, I really am amazed by his passing, I think he's a top 5 passer in the NBA at any position.

About Noah's gay comments... I am sure he didn't know if the fan was gay and was using it as a synonym for idiot or jerkoff. But that's the point. The NBA doesn't want to allow players to use that word towards fans because even if the fan is straight, it's offenseive to gays. Cause you're calling gay people idiots when you do that. Noah should have just called him a piece of shit or something. I feel like players should be allowed to respond to crowd jeering whenever they want though. And also I've always been someone who has supported how much money pro athletes make even though a lot of people think they are overpaid. Not only are they irreplaceable but they bring so much entertainment, and what other jobs do you have to deal with thousands of people insulting you every time you work?

Bloozcrooz 05-23-2011 08:40 PM

Your right Dirty thses guys do put up with a lot from the fans. They should learn to hold their tongue and refrain from certain taunts of athletes. You never know when things like this are going to happen LMFAO!!

Lesson shouldnt talk or taunt what you cant whoop!! lol Of course it would be some 5 foot nothin a hundred and nothing wearing glasses nerd. Thoughtlessly chunking a cup of beer or whatever at a proffessional athlete. Artest and Oneal went off on them dudes

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