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Creed - Higher - Lyrics Meaning

Higher reached number seven in the US and forty-seven in the United Kingdom. The single was a smash hit off of the band's Human Clay album. Although the lyrics lead one to believe this is a religious song about God or Christ front man Scott Stapp told Spin magazine that Higher is about the power of lucid dreaming. Stapp explained that lucid dreaming is when your body is asleep but your mind is awake and aware of what is going on.

The track stemmed from a recurring dream where Stapp would be running down a highway trying to escape from a man chasing him with a gun. In the dream Stapp would run beneath an underpass to escape but his pursuer would always find him and shoot him. He had read a book about how Hindu monks were able to master the technique and thought it might help relieve him from the dream. After he wrote Higher he never had the nightmare again. By reading the lyrics of the song it seems quite evident that the song is about heaven. Stapp speaks of a place where blind men see and where the streets are made of gold, but for all the rumors out there that Creed is a Christian band they are not and have never been.

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