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Creed - My Sacrifice - Lyrics Meaning

The song My Sacrifice was the initial single from the band's much anticipated album titled Weathered. The album reached multiplatinum status and cemented Creed as one of the biggest hard rock acts of the late 90's in to the new millennium. This song is about reflecting back on one's past. The things that a person goes through in life are what shape them. The track centers around lead singer Scott Stapp and how he tries to make sense of his life by recalling all of the memories from his past. When he sings out the line "Hello my friend we meet again" he is actually speaking about himself. My Sacrifice definitely follows the Creed formula of songs that are deeper in meaning than most of their peers.

In an episode of MTV's Making the Video, front man Scott Stapp did not want to divulge the entire meaning of the song, but did clue people in that it was about reflecting on life and experiences that make a person the way they are. Stapp said that by surviving the storms of life and persevering to be better brings solace in the mind. All of the band members contributed lyrics to the song.

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Candis Wilson
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Aug 16, 2021 @ 11:23 pm
How I see the meaning is he came back to God. "Oh the perfect love you have to me, oh I remember." "When you are with me, I'm free". When you get close to God again, you feel free. Above all the others, we'll fly. This brings years to my eyes. My sacrifice is Jesus.

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