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Creed - My Own Prison - Lyrics Meaning

My Own Prison was a single released off of the band's 1997 offering of the same name. Scott Stapp wrote this song as he was going through trying times which made him question his beliefs and the faith he grew up knowing. He was raised in a devout Christian home and it is quite evident that his life has been filled with several twists and turns. The song starts out as if a man is standing in hell and has lost the chance of repentance. The lyrics suggest that the person is tormented by past sins as well as demonic activity that prey on him. The song starts out hopeless and builds to a climax as the person hears thunder off in the distance and sees the cross. It seems as if where there is no hope, hope may now prevail. But in the end the person has created their own prison.

The prison the person has created is in their own head. Some people think it has to do with a person in hell, but the hell is the torment the person feels as they struggle with salvation and condemnation. This song is a microcosm of lead singer Scott Stapp's life. He started a foundation to help families, but has also been arrested and was involved in a sex tape. My Own Prison certainly reflects some of the personal demons Stapp has been battling throughout his life.