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Creed - One Last Breath - Lyrics Meaning

One Last Breath was a hit single for the band Creed off of their 2001 platinum record Weathered. The song reached number 6 in the US and 47 in the United Kingdom. As with many of the band's records the central theme is the struggle between spiritual life and death. The protagonist of the song is contemplating whether to fight on with life or end it all. The lyrics swing back and forth between wanting to continue and feeling hopeful to regret and sadness, often in the same sentence. The lyrics reflect a tortured soul and the struggle to find peace of mind with things done in the past and the uncertainty of the future because of the mistakes that have been made. This is definitely a person who has reached a cross roads of faith, life, death and hope. The lyrics show the audience that this is a person who cannot make up their own mind and cries out to God for assistance. The end of the song gives no closure on what the person's fate was. Weathered was Creed's last album before they broke up. The other members minus Stapp moved on to form the band Alter Bridge, while Stapp pursued a solo career.

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Nov 21, 2020 @ 9:21 pm
This song is me. My boy was 21 diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in August 2015 at the age of 21. He battled cancer for 8 months. My son also had an issue with depression that wasn't treated. I found a journal the month before he died. He thought if he jumped he could float like a cloud. Because of a drug addiction I wasn't aware of the severity of its mental illness. The battle chemotherapy five times on the two previous treatments they took him off of all of his mental medication. On April 20th 2016 was my son's 22nd birthday. The day after the evening before I was supposed to get him he jumped off the roof of the pea gross house over 70 ft and committed suicide. A week and a half previous I contacted social services in the chaplain's office with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and no one contacted me. After my son's death they sent me a card stating what a wonderful father I was. I have lived with this ever since. One month ago I took two weeks for vacation to check in treatment for alcoholism. It is because of this song. Each word reflects how I feel in this moment of my life. If anyone reads this thank you.

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