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Creed - One - Lyrics Meaning

One was released on the band's My Own Prison album in 1997. The song reached number 70 on the US charts with little marketing or radio play. Since Creed hit platinum status with their subsequent albums My Own Prison has garnered new attention. One is a song about racial division in the world and the cry for unity. This song follows the pattern of positive lyrics that the band is known for. The track touches on the sensitive subject of affirmative action as lead singer Scott Stapp belts out the fact that affirmative action takes from one and gives to another. In the second verse he states how affirmative action has caused racial discrimination on both sides and that is not the answer.

The song cries out that unity is the only answer. Laying down pride and taking the hand of a brother would bridge the racial divide not widen it as affirmative action has done. The chorus builds as the frustration is felt because of the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness for not being able to change the system. The tone of the song becomes more intense as Stapp cries out that the world will not change his mind about what he feels on the subject.