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Creed - With Arms Wide Open - Lyrics Meaning

With Arms Wide Open was a single off of Creed's Human Clay album. This was the group's only number one hit. It reached number thirteen in the UK. As with many of Creed's other songs there is a sect of people who think the lyrics speak of Christ, God and His relationship with man. Scott Stapp said the inspiration of this song stemmed from him hearing the news that he was going to be a father for the first time.

The track runs the gamut of emotions about finding out fatherhood is forthcoming. Stapp sings about how happy he was and at the same time petrified. He sings about the inadequate feelings he has to deal with about being a father. These emotions stem from knowing how important the role of being a good father will play in the development of his child's life as well as the mistakes he has made in his own life that he does not want his unborn child to experience. The song seems to have a double meaning in which Stapp sings that he hopes his child will face the world with a trusting heart and arms wide open and how he will receive the child and the role of being a father with his arms wide open. The song eventually spawned a family charity named after the song. The track won the 2000 Grammy for best rock song.