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Old 03-02-2014, 06:06 AM   #1 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default Tutti-Frutti! Silenzio's Colourful Mix of Music

Not only does nature offer a rich variety of existential nutrients, music – the temporal art performed and created by humans – offers intellectual nourishment. Since the early, prehistoric times people have used music for communication - emotional communication, usually. The first flutes, which were based on a model of the human voice, are about 40,000 years old. This shows how important music actually is. Music unites, without spoken words.Joseph Haydn, a famous Austrian composer from the classical period, said:
“My language is spoken throughout the world.”
I totally agree with this statement. The language of music is widespread, and of course, diverse. The good thing is - it is not too hard to understand it, since everybody speaks the language of music. I am not joking, no! It is proved that deaf-dumb can experience and enjoy music, because they can still feel it, through vibrations and through emotions that music creates, as well.My intention of writing this journal is to reflect musical experiences and broaden my knowledge in music. As you may have noticed, my mother tongue isn’t English; nonetheless I’ll try to create an interesting journal and fill it with musical masterpieces to make up for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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been here since 13 mofos
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Awesome, great to see you finally started this! Looking forward to see what you have to say
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Music Addict
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Default Piramida - Efterklang

Thanks Briks, I hope I won't disappoint you!
So let's get started!

Piramida - Efterklang

Efterklang - that word means "remembrance" in Danish. At the same time it is the name of a indie rock band, which has produced a wonderful album in 2012 called Piramida.
Perhaps you've heard of it, the band got pretty well-known since the realease of their fourth studio album. Let's take a closer look at the praised album.

For some reason, I'm very impressed and fascinated by the cover of the album. It somehow gives you foretaste of what is to hear. Or let's put it that way, the layout is matching to their music.
It's simple, flecked with gray and at the same time smooth and very natural. I mean, I see the rough draft of the pyramid, and even if I disliked Maths in school...
I overcame those traumatizing experiences and listened to the album.

Track list

1. Hollow Mountain
2. Apples
3. Sedna
4. Told To Be Fine
5. The Living Layer
6. The Ghost
7. Black Summer
8. Dreams Today
9. Between The Walls
10. Monument

First, I want to tell you this interesting fact about the album.
Efterklang went on an audio expedition to an abandoned Russian settlement in Spitsbergen. Visiting a ghost town, Piramida, and recording sound samples which are used in the album is quite an adventurous undertaking!
There is as well a movie, The Ghost of Piramida. A former citizen of the ghost town tells about the time of immigrant Russian miners and their families living in a Soviet parallel society far from the brutal reality of their homeland.

The idea of reconstructing the ambient worked out - I like how creative the simple elements, those icy glass beads-sounds, cross the album, but remain so well-structured.
Hollow Mountain, the opening song impresses the listener from the start on - with touching, beheavy-hearted vocals and rhythms of nature. The second track, Apples, keeps up the mood.
Sedna, the third song reminds me partly a bit on Sigur Rós, although the sound is more calming, the vocals pretty static.
The following song Told to be fine brings in some dainty yet hopeful movements. The Living Layer is a nice passage to one of the most interesting song of the album - The Ghost.
To be honest, the music video to it is trippy, but it fits the song like a hand in a glove.

Black Summer sounds a bit like minimalist jazz to me, maybe because of the brass parts.
The album comes to end, you may think, while listening to the calming and solacing track, Dreams Today.
Between The Walls - It throws you back to the previous trains of thought, it allows you to reflect.
The final song, Monument sounds melancholic and touching. There is an amazing music video as well.

To put it in a nutshell, the album it certainly worth a listen.
If you've got an ear for small effects in music, you may like this album.
Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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Nobody likes my music
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Another amazing journal by someone who does not count English as their first language. Absolutely outstanding! Well done and welcome.
Trollheart: Signature-free since April 2018
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Default Animal Shapes - Geographer

Thanks Trollheart for the welcome and for your kind words. :3
I will do my best to create an interesting journal!

Well, today I've had a long day at school, spent 10 hours there, I'm totally tuckered out.
On days like these there's nothing better but listening to some upbeating tunes to recover and build yourself up.

Animal Shapes - Geographer

First, let me introduce you to the band. Geographer is the name of an American indie rock band, formed in 2007.
They are known for creating dense layers, yet they are using lots of electronic and acoustic elements in their songs.

The tracks on this album, which got released in 2010, sound somehow like those great soundtracks of the first Nintendo-games.
Those synthetic beats combined with simple, yet frolic melodies create a very up-beating and energetic atmosphere.
Maybe that's why I enjoy listening to this EP so much, even if I am not a real fan of the lyrics of most songs.

Track list
1. Original Sin
2. Kites
3. Verona
4. Paris
5. Heaven Waits
6. Night Winds
7. Paris (Wallpaper Remix)
8. Kites (Limousines Remix)

First, you dive in into a completely new, synthetic atmosphere when listening to the first song, Original Sin. The beats remind you on some dance-music, but then again those spacey-sounds, you want to reflect some more - No!
The song came to an abrupt end. Kites, the next track follows, let's you float through the air, just like the resonating sound of the chello does. I enjoyed the ghosting and time-lapse music video to it, as well.
Verona - that track has some interesting bass sounds, also the vocals are creative. Nothing spectacular, but a really nice, airy song.
Paris, the fourth song is very catchy, maybe 'cause of the colorful elements. Heaven Waits is shining out - it's focusing more on guitar, drums, and cello, you won't hear the synth anymore.
I actually like the lyrics to this song a lot, it's way more calm than the previous tracks. Why don't you give it a listen?

The next song, Night Winds, doesn't lift the mood either, the lyrics are rather melancholic . I like the experimenting beat and smooth guitar accompaniment, though.
The last two songs are remixes of the songs Kite and Paris. I actually prefer the originals over those tracks. I like electronic music, but this cover just doesn't appeal to me.

In general, if you enjoy listening some fresh sounds and enjoy synthetic beats, I'd recommend listening to this EP.
Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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Music Addict
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Default The Private World of Paradise - Wake Owl


The Private World of Paradise - Wake Owl

On 4th of March 2014 the album The Private World of Paradise got released by the Canadian alternative/folk band named Wake Owl.
Last year the debut EP Wild Country got released, it is such an excellent EP - it contains a lot of acoustic, folk-styled songs. I discovered this band in March 2013, and fell in love immediately.
I enjoy their inspiring, yet melancholic tunes, and especially I like how the tracks are loaded with emotion. Love and hope fills up the music, you can feel that the singer and musicians are actively engaged in their own music.
I've listened to various acoustic and live covers of their songs, and I must say, they do so well! If I got the chance to see them live, I would travel there. Maybe even to Vancouver!

Coming back to describing the latest album, I want to say in general you can hear a development and a progress. There is a revolution style-wise, the album sounds so experimental and chilled as well as groovy.
In comparison to the previous EP it has got for sure more movement. Perhaps that's due to the new percussion and synth they used.
They seem to be more confident in their choice of style, I am sure that the album is an artistic statement!

Track list

1. Days In the Sea
2. Candy
3. Letters
4. Vacation
5. Kid
6. Buffalo
7. Oh Baby
8. Madness Of Others
9. Untitled
10. Desert Flowers
11. Candy 2
12. Innocence
13. Love
14. Reward
15. Hero in the child

The album kicks off with Days in the Sea. What a chilly sound, slightly dreamy vocals and still it remains a song filled with easy confidence. The song reminds me on the Beach Boys.
The next track, it's so groovy, makes me want to travel back in time to the 70s and dance! Candy. The percussion in this song is wonderful, as well as the guitar melody.

People wanna tell me things, like how to be, like I need some help. but, none of this is mine.
I ain't got what you need I'm full of myself all me, I ain't got what you need my love has never seen.

I guess that's the phrase I can relate the most to.
People - those who know it better and make you feel worse with their words - I've met those pretty often in my life.
Nowadays I actually don't want to hear any advice or help concerning human interaction, because: none of this is mine.
I try not to internalize those words so much, even if I fail miserably from time to time.

Letters, is another wonderful track, though it's sad at some point. The vocal sounds so wistful and desperate, but the strings fit to the mood. There aren't any music videos available currently, only this song has some visual realization.
The next song is a lot happier, starting with soft guitar-picking. Vacation! Who doesn't appreciate some leisure time? One is obvious, that is such a catchy, but not an extremely up-beating, tune. I will listen to it more often in my holidays!
Kid - the guitar and strings dominate that song, just beautiful and very calm! It sounds like the singer is reflecting his childhood-memories.
Buffalo! If the title doesn't cause association to the wild west! The track offers the listener a nice beat and an interesting atmosphere - the guitar in that track sounds quite experimental!
Oh Baby. That song must to be written to or about a lover. It totally sounds like it. I like the way the singer pronounces "surely" - it makes me smile always! Anyway, the vocals are on-top in that song.
Madness of Others - what a song! I like the beginning a lot, the sounds is so comfy. I as well like the chromatic semitones played by the strings, although they're becoming more mystical. At any rate, the song tells you what crescendo it!

Untitled - the track is so modest and dainty. Desert flowers in comparison seems to be way more structured and floating, I really like the tiny, progressive elements.
Candy 2 is a bit of creative remix of the original song, but not better than the original.
I'll have to listen to the track innocence a few more times to understand it. It's a rainy-Saturday-song in my opinion, complaining but steady going.
Love, every notable artist writes about it, it seems! Nice synthetic background, continuous heart-beat rhythm. I like the alarm-sound at the end.
Reward - it's a real one after those previous tracks. I like the guitar strumming pattern, very simple and soft. The vocals are slightly cheerful, create a pleasant atmosphere.
Hero In The Child is a super groovy final song. Interesting rhythm, cool vocals and honest lyrics.

To sum it up, this album is one of the most-wanted for me. I honestly like that band, their style, the music and the emotions they put in their compositions and the sensations the songs cause in me.
It's clear that not everybody has the same taste, but I thought I'd just present you this album. In my view it's worth a listen!
Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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Default The Cello Suites: Inspired By Bach - Yo-Yo Ma

One of the most famous composers of the Baroque era is Johann Sebastian Bach. He is well-known for his revolutionary compositions.
Works like the Brandenburg Concertos, the The Well-Tempered Clavier and a loads of cantatas are still very popular in the 21st century.
I wonder if any of our Pop-stars will be appreciated the same way in 400 years from now!

The Cello Suites: Inspired By Bach - Yo-Yo Ma

In my opinion, the Six suites for unaccompanied cello are one of the most interesting chamber compositions of Bach. I personally like them a lot, since the cello has such a warm sound.
I as well enjoyed the rich tone that Yo-Yo Ma creates, although I don't know extremely much about chello playing techniques, I think he does that really well. The arpeggiated patterns sound at least perfect!
The album was released in 1997, quite some time back.

Track list

Suite No. 1 in G Major -- BWV 1007
(Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Menuett, Gigue)

Suite No. 2 in D Minor -- BWV 1008
(Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Menuett, Gigue)

Suite No. 3 in C Major -- BWV 1009
(Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bourrée, Gigue)

Suite No. 4 in E-flat Major -- BWV 1010
(Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bourrée, Gigue)

Suite No. 5 in C Minor -- BWV 1011
(Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte, Gigue)

Suite No. 6 in D Major -- BWV 1012
(Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte, Gigue)

Structure of the suites
Basically, all have 6 movements:

Prelude: most literal it means introduction, a brief yet improvisatory piece of music
Allemande: In French it means "German", must-have of a suite, a serious dance
Courante: literally means running, it's a passionate piece with a clear melody
Sarabande: A dance in triple metre, originally a slow, stately Spanish dance
Galanteries: movements that initiate a change of style, after that follow mostly non-familiar pieces;
(Bach used Minuets, Bourrées and Gavottes in his chello suites)
Gigue: Final dance of a suite. It seems a bit lively since it often has accents on the third beats in the bar.

To me it was important to listen to the full work to inhale the complete flair of the baroque style. Usually I just listen to a prelude and the melody gets stuck in my head.
As I know from practicing baroque pieces, it's maybe even better to be considerate and keep an overview. Although, it's really lovely to get lost in music!
Luckily I convinced myself to listen to the other suites. I must admit - I actually only ever heard the first one.
I'm sure you all know the prelude of the first suite very well. It's used for many TV ads!

The 1st prelude is a reminder of the Prelude in C major of the Well-Tempered Clavier. That is the technique characterizes Bach! To tell the truth, I never expected the other suites to be that interesting.
The highlight of the 2nd suite is maybe the Sarabande, it's deep. In contrast, the following suite seems to be really sunny. The 4th suite sounds pretty complex in general. The 5th seems to rely on feelings.
Last but not least - the 6th suite to be so dramatic and ambitious. The final Gigue is a duo for a solo instrument. Incredible!

I can imagine it must takes months to be able to play any of these suites, stunning! Truly it is admirable, with what kind of ambition and feeling people play their instrument and create such wonderful sounds.
It may sounds funny, but it's worth taking time, sitting down and just listen closely.
Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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Default Alina - Arvo Pärt

From one inspiring composer to the next - Arvo Pärt!

Alina - Arvo Pärt

The Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is a real treasure, he shows how music can change you and how long it takes until you find your own way and place in the world.
First, was occupied with music styles like the medieval and Rennaissance music than creating his own music. He converted from Lutheranism to the Russian Orthodox faith.
He was always criticized by the Soviet because of the influences of his music. He was finally allowed in 1980 to emigrate with his wife and their two sons.
Arvo Pärt was living in Vienna and Berlin, but he returned to Estonia around the turn of the 21st century. The pursuit of peace!

The CD Arvo Pärt: Alina was released in 1999. It provides 50 minutes of deep, sacral music, composed by Arvo Pärt.
All in all, it's indeed an album full of instrumental compositions, without any vocals and still so breathtaking.

Track List

Spiegel im Spiegel, for violin & piano
performed by Sergei Bezrodny / Vladimir Spivakov

Für Alina, for piano
performed by Alexander Malter

Spiegel im Spiegel, for violin & piano
performed by Alexander Malter / Dietmar Schwalke

Für Alina, for piano
Alexander Malter

Spiegel im Spiegel, for violin & piano
performed by Sergei Bezrodny / Vladimir Spivakov

The opening melody Spiegel im Spiegel is a very gentle, with every note like a tiny step constantly forward moving, unique sound development.
The compositions consists of pure chords paired with a minimalist, repeating themes, filled with silence and thought. Shiny like a diamond.
Every movement seems to be like words hesitantly, reverently spoken, like a prayer.

Für Alina - such a sweet, melancholic tune. When I first heard it, a shiver went down my spine, not out of fear - out of complete bewilderment.
Others may say it's just a very sad song, but for me it is a very fascinating masterpiece. It may be filled with sadness, but the higher ranges used make your tears fade away.
Listening to that work makes you feel like you would be standing alone in a snow-covered street, watching the snow fall down, perceiving the small things on earth in a time lapse.
The pianists sounds like he would be exploring and trying to define what sound is. Wonderful!

Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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Default Nocturne - Wild Nothing

Nocturne - Wild Nothing

Nocturne, in former years a musical composition that was inspired by the night, is the name of the in 2012 released album by the American indie rock band called Wild Nothing.
I recently stumbled across this band and they reminded me a bit on The Last Dinosaurs, so I thought I'd give them a listen. They've won another fan!
All in all, that cover keeps its promise - Dreamy, catchy and synthetic music will allow you to ascend to a musical wonderland for a while.

Track list
1. Shadow
2. Midnight Song
3. Nocturne
4. Through the Grass
5. Only Heather
6. This Chain Won't Break
7. Disappear Always
8. Paradise
9. Counting Days
10. The Blue Dress
11. Rheya

The first song, Shadow has a lovely bass line and touching lyrics, reminding you on the first sweet disappointment in love.
Midnight Song lets you enjoy some awesome guitar-effects and cool drums! I like sad lyrics to upbeating music.
Like Taiga told you in Toradora: If its just sweet then lets put salt on!
All jokes aside, the next song, Nocturne, is really beautiful. 80's sound, catchy tune. The lyrics portray twisted feelings.

The following track, Through the Grass, has some meditative layer, the vocals are so serene in this track. Interesting snyth-bridge, too!
Only Heather - I always think on Heather Biblow of The Nanny! Besides the fact that I think of a Paris-Hilton-Alike the song is quite enjoyable.
It is a bit repetitive, but in a good way. After that you get thrown into a track with a cheerful guitar strumming pattern - This Chain Won't Break.
I like those tiny synth-elements at the end as well, like stardust floating in space!
I'm too hidden to awake so I disappear always!, so the lyrics. True words, despite the fact that I like being on my own quite often.
Paradise has got some discotheque flair, though I like the mix of this song. Chill-step related, but not really ambient!
The guitar melody in Counting Days may be a bit monotone - always the same intervals, but perhaps this emphasizes the lyrics.
The Blue Dress is a song about imaginary love. Moreover there's an interesting xylophone sound, creates a dreamy atmosphere.
The last song is an good soundtrack for reflecting - the guitar echo in Rheya leaves you with mixed feelings.

So all of those songs have on in common, they are guitar-heavy - the songs contain a lot of guitar effects, perfect shoegazing!
If you like alternative rock and dream pop, you might want to give this album a chance.
Sometimes the - silence - guides your mind.
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been here since 13 mofos
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Arvo Pärt sounds interesting. I'll give his album a listen later
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