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Old 04-28-2011, 01:55 PM   #391 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
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Default water sanctuary

Tepid water's covering my brow
in deep water's but i do not know how
i came to be so deep
starting to wonder if i am still asleep.
Nothing in this world
could have stopped me, from being here
not that i prevented it, i played it by ear.
Awakening in isolation so bare
under a shadow it doesn't seem fare
beautiful surroundings but as harsh as they come
living as a free spirit, with the earth i'm one.

As you can guess, i do not live in a box
have a 9 to 5 job, that can get lost
celebrate birthday's and attend funeral's
hate the sight of prison wall's.
The sound of traffic, and car alarms
hell bent on destruction out to do me harm
alway's racing no time doe's it slow down
trying to smile but alway's wearing a frown.

Out i ran into the open field's
in there curiosity was a fulfilling meal
nothing could have saved me from this fate
have to eccept what is on my plate.
Open air and natural beauty
where i thought man could be free
though many dangers lay ahead
i was not afraid, it was where i wanted to lay my head
in an unknown world in which i did not belong
but somewhere different, i was going, going gone, from everyone one.

Everyone needs someone
without no one it's just no fun
all alone facing the elements
could have went in to local government.
Same old story in a different picture
relaxing on leather, instead of wicker
promoting my value's, for people to live by
the last episode entitled a wasted life.

Tepid water's covering my brow
in as i see it, if you know how
a water sanctuary that is free
to die with my dignity.
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Old 05-13-2011, 05:38 AM   #392 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
Posts: 388
Default seduction

Take my body, take my whole
fill it with joy, no more woe
have my time it's limitless
i long for a loving caress
all of the time, take whats mine.
I am not tired i am in control
i give you the power i want it no more
i might be blinded by the power of lust
i have no dillusions, i have no trust
all in all i have decided my fate
i give you and your friends a chance to taste
use me in everyway
in what ever you decide to play.
Nothing is forever, but i am hoping i am wrong
i hope forever i am in your arms.
You touch deep inside of me
like no other i have ever known
i know you do not love me
in your light i am home
You who hurt me in so many ways
i run to you each and everyday.
you teach me how to obey
you take me in everyway
i am silent as i am not allowed to speak
i am covered by your cloak, for i am weak
the strong have the power of life it's self
and death is something else.

You make me believe i can climb the highest moutain
then you beat me with a stick
all the time saying that you want me
i obey and i live with it.
I am a volunteer into this world of maddness
you fill me up with nothing but sickness
through the pain only to give you pleasure
i am hooked, take me when ever.chorus:
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Old 05-22-2011, 03:24 PM   #393 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default its all in a day

Paint a picture on what you think of me
the truth maybe hidden
forcing the picture to turn ugly.
Something like this could make me suffer
if not today there will always be another.
Honesty sometimes is cruel
and distrust will break friendships
when lives are connected like in the place of work
it's hard to move when your head is hurt.

And that picture sticks
hanging around the neck like a ball and chain
trying to change peoples views
but failing it was all in vane.
Close to the truth
but living is not that simple
could have easily changed
now a tidal wave nolonger a ripple.

Pulling me backwards
having a fit of dispair
there really needs
to be something out there.
Stay in there it will soon blow over
who are they kidding
i have been stamped, i'm here to suffer
reeling from the pain
as i know it is not true
it should have been painted differently
never again will i trust another's point of veiw.

I'm really a good person
ever so sweet
not a vulgar animal
that no one unfortunate should meet.
Dress me up like a dog's dinner
and then throw me to the wolve's
to be stripped of all dignity
finding myself grasping at straws
nothing prepares you for this kind of fate
looking in the mirror and seeing the turning ugly head of hate.
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Old 05-26-2011, 03:52 PM   #394 (permalink)
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Default hu-man

Old friends new friends it's all the same
remember they are not just names
they will alway's meet you half way
and are with you at the end of the game.
Sometimes though out of depth
with friends your needs are met
together never apart
they know what's in your head
but not a clue when it comes to your heart.

When the time is right
flooding with new idea's
it's hard to break away
so often do we stay
time wait's for no man
soon you will have to understand.
Moving keeps you going
into the unknown
to experience life to the full
all inspirating.

Once a failure
nolonger can i wait
for a direction
to prove my weight
stop at nothing to get command
whatever comes forward i have helping hands
from my friends who are with me whatever
nothing impossible when we are all together.

While we achieve new great height's
and often move away
their is no doubt in my mind
when i say they are only a call away.
Hope that they are forthcoming
when needs must
do not want to be alone
when i bite the dust.

Stimulation of the mind
sometime's lost, but easy to find.
women captivate you
in time castrate you
until you are not a man at all.
wake up one morning
a new day dawning
and you cannot stand, but only crawl.

Trouble is we volunteer to this
thinking that it will be wonderful
something that i have not tried yet
enchanted by her call.
enslaved by her beauty
a willing dog
giving up your pants
that's when she plays at god.

Get me out of this place
i am lost, i need a hand
i need my friends by my side
without them i cannot stand.
Defend me from the beast
to help me get away
cooling me off from the heat
do not make me wait one more day.

But when your friends pass on
like all of mine recently
a time for reflection
a time what we used to be
was it so bad, why did i want to change
i would give anything for another chance to stay.
You singles, do not be quick to give it up
iv'e got to stop protesting, enough is enough.
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Old 06-05-2011, 05:01 PM   #395 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default fingered you

In a polite way i am say-ing goodbye

never the less if i leave i will cry

tears of gladness, no tears of sorrow

i am sinking into maddness, here their will be no tomorrow.end...

I must follow my dream
nomatter how hard it will be
if i am lousy someone will say
and i will dream of another way.

Nothing is concrete until it is proven

so helpless i am not, woman

i may leave everything behind

i am cured no longer blind.

Trapped in a goldfish bowl
swimming around
seeing others in a goldfish bowl
no enlightenment found.

What an upheaval

no place like home

it might be bad, but it's what i am used to

out there it's worse and then some.

Break my spirit, i am trapped with her
cannot do nothing consumed by the fire
suffocation of my brain
goodbye my creator, keep the pain.
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Old 06-21-2011, 10:35 AM   #396 (permalink)
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Default food for thought

High rise with me
into the world which we have made
lifting shadows that cursed our brow
trouble shooting making way

tremble at the sound of the quake
nothing left standing in our way
high rise with me
building a future with you in mind.

Nothing overshadowing all is risen
dry the tears all has been flushed away
into the sewer away from my sight
our life can now begin.

High rise take hold
i have tread on my feet
shielded by doubt
walk with me.

When this world halts
and ceases to exist
i wont be found running
for i knew then, the know how.

People of peace who have no father
are already to be slaughtered
no reprieve for all them good folk
rise with me, life on the level.

Dream your way through
into oblivion
friends cannot help you
total eclipse of the sun.

Everyone in bed with eachother
working, jerking,
high rise with me
no more hurting.

Building a future
that cannot collapse
not of this world
spiritually speaking
forever tweaking
out of the box, risen in him.
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Old 06-30-2011, 04:07 PM   #397 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default fun portal

You are just a stone throw, away from me
we will meet it's likely
I have this picture in my mind
it's only a matter of time.

All my senses are, rising to the occasion
it won't take more than a little persuasion
to hurl myself in with both feet
going close to a ton my heart beats.

I can imagine, as you read this
no stopping you now it's the first kiss
i am sending you my inner most thoughts
via the internet, so be a sport.

Post a photo of yourself
and in detail what you are looking for
if you have that desired effect
then you won't have to look no more.

You have seen me, and you know what i have within
want this time to be special, so let's begin
we both have been typing for a while
one step closer to that intimate life style.

You like me and i like you
the portal is open for all to view
wouldn't it be great to escape this picture
hand in hand, add a little spice to the mixture.

Talk again tomorrow if you are online
get in touch if you would be so kind
for sitting alone does nothing for me
watching on the sidelines, the current of the sea.

Want something i have yet experienced
someone who would fit right in
listening to you, well you have set the pace
now all i want is to see your face.
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Old 06-30-2011, 11:11 PM   #398 (permalink)
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Good stuff man! I admire the fact you're continually updating with new lyrics, kind of envy you in that department too haha. A particular stanza that stands out to me would be the last, from "Water Sanctuary"

Tepid water's covering my brow
in as i see it, if you know how
a water sanctuary that is free
to die with my dignity.

The rhyming structure and word choice of these four lines are what I like about it, it just seems like it would flow pretty well if performed. Keep at it!
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Old 07-12-2011, 02:02 AM   #399 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Location: england
Posts: 388
Default after shock

Ripples of energy flowing in me from an outer source
pinned down, not showing any remorse
inner shocks that shake my foundation
eccepting my control over this station
no way of standing from this onslaught
like fishes in a net i have been caught
ripped apart body and soul
only to surrender, to cry out for more
a frenzied attack, only now i am released
the buckles broken taking a demorilising defeat.

Now broken laying on the floor
only to be touched when one wants more
no words of wisdom comes to mind
fear taking a hold, going in blind.
Surrender to a will of another
to submit to the pain
to be used and abused like no other
having one of life's little luxury's again and again.

Sleeping with barbed wire
cutting me deep
rolling back my skin
cooling me in the summer's heat.
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Old 07-14-2011, 04:42 PM   #400 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default bogus

Bogus caller at your door
don't wait to be decieved call the law
Out to get you with evil breath
to close, rubbing shoulders with death.
Rob you blind
never saw it coming
call his bluff
now see him running.

Bogus callers come in all shapes and sizes
they will try to steal your hard earned cash
take a step back before you experience surprises
that will ultimatley give you a heart attack.

You hear it happening all the time
but still many will be decieved
open your door and let them in
unknowing that they are thieves.
Leading you down the garden path
with all their lies and deciept
only to find out to late
when you have been kicked out, into the street.

Its nice to have company
you seem like a real genuine caller
come in and i will make a cup of tea
then watch what befalls her.
Trouble is it's often women
never suspect that kind of evil from them
whether it's robbing without physical harm
stealing is stealing no matter how much charm.

Bogus callers stay in today
if you come round mine you will pay
i have built up inside me a nation's anger
no heart left, only to hang her.
Cruel and vindictive a cold hearted being
you yourself cry out that i am a victim
a victim of circumstance, that i cannot control
lucky for you i am still on the payroll.
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