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Old 03-24-2014, 06:04 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default toosik. please rate my lyrics. also, any takers for a battle?

Sitting here tripping through a rolled haze,
Im just sipping beer and thinking about the old days,
before coldplay was there, yeah while we rolled js,
It was Wallace and Shakur and Jam master J.
I really wasn't sure when the man passed away,
That without his ****ing music i can't last a day,
My old man used to say,
If you live your life scared then you'll just waste away,
So take a taste and say,
If you don't like it, then don't fight it,
99% of the people out there know that life's ****,
the other one percent living in a tight fit,
Society balanced on a knife's tip.
But a slight slip in the balance and it might flip,
Turn your ****ing lights out like a light switch,
Say goodnight bitch, i hope you've got a tight grip,
On your sanity, dry your eyes here have a haniky,
see that your vanity,
Is gonna be the one and only thing that'll make you prang of me,
I don't give a damn you see, i just wanna see you handing me,
Every single thing that you've got up on your mantelpiece.
Cos its a thiefs theme , so have a sweet dream,
Im gonna be in your house so keep your sheets clean,
It at least seemed, that i used to be a sweet teen,
Now i creep about quiet as a mouse, and now Im reaching,
For them sweet things, that you keep up on your shelf,
If you come in and catch me Im gonna creep up on yourself.
Don't get stressed cos stress is bad for your health,
And don't leave your windows open cos its bad for your wealth,
I feel bad for your girl, she must be feeling mad but Im glad for them pearls,
Im the baddest in the world.
I come up in stealth, Im bad for your self esteem,
To make it worse i was lean.
When i did it i couldn't be bothered with the cash machine,
So i thought id just snatch them jeans,
A little bit rash it seems, but its easy,
Im like robin hood cos i rob from the rich and then give it to the needy,
In the sense that it feeds me, freely,
So i do exactly what needs be.
But Im not rich yet,
still got to ask to be set,
a cigarette, still not bigger yet, sitting on a bigger jet,
With a girl with a bigger set,
Of tits yes, than Abby Titmus, it feels like its Christmas.
But til that day you gotta keep the belief,
Keep on rolling with the theme of mischief,
The rhyme and the.reef.
The theme of the thief.

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Old 03-24-2014, 08:01 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Default toosik. pissy pants. can you please take a look at my lyrics (comments welcome)

I once knew a girl who got hyper drunk,
Off a few gin and tonics and a night on skunk,
She got sick spewing up bear rice and gunk,
I never seen nothing in my life that stunk ,
Like that did, that kid reacted,
Thought if anything made you act like that then crack did.
I retracted , and tried to remain placid,
But the puke on the sofa was burning through like acid.
The stain was massive, but just another trend,
Cos when i cleaned it up she got sick on the other end,
It was a rubber blend, of scrambled egg and crumbled dreg,
She stumbled red, yeah down to go to sleep,
We all thought sweet, cos now she can't do a repeat,
Of the feat that she did on my three piece suite.
But who knew the worst was yet to come,
yeah pissy pants, so perversed and yet so fun.
Ooh yeah, you were the first to get so gunned,
Pissy pants pissy pants what are they feeding you,
Its true the only thing you didn't do was poo,
And the only one who didn't screw was you.
But don't get stressed girl just do what you do
But next time use the loo when you piss or go to puke

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Old 03-24-2014, 09:09 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Default toosik. never could tell ya. please take a lool at my lyrics. comments welcome

Never could tell ya how i was really feeling,
Even at the time when i see ya leaving,
Does it make you feel sad when you see me grieving,
Yeah you said you weren't cheating, you had me believing.
But you deceiving, cos only just the other evening,
i saw you, But you were seeing Steven,
Now i know where you're sleeping when you're gone all weekend,
So i had to tell you that you was leaving.
But yo i guess that's cool,
If i ever see Steve Im gonna get that fool,
I'll beat him down just like i did at school,
I'll come on like 'scum' and say where's your ****ing tool.
(what ****ing tool).
Cos there's only two things that i can't stand,
and one of them is a girl cheating on her man,
The other ones a girl with a big waistband,
Since you been cheating you been eating,
Now you both of them
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Old 03-24-2014, 09:51 AM   #4 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default toosik. be warned explicit. lyrics not serious. just a bit of fun. dont be offended

The only plan of attack when you see a man with a bat,
is stare at him back and put your hand on your gat,
And now he's crying, trying to run from the lion,
bitch is running so fast you'd swear the ****ers flying.
Im not buying this ****, Im just trying to spit,
A few lines and rhymes for a ****ing minute,
I could be ****ing your bitch , she could be sucking my dick,
That's why Im rushing this ****, like its a Russian roulette.
Cos she's waking outside, with her legs open wide,
for when i finally decide, to put it back inside, her,
And ride her like Im drunk on cider,
And tied her, to the bed like it was minor,
And timed her, on how long it took to find her,
Way out but then she stayed out i can't find her.
And as the day played out i wanna remind her,
That if she did have a baby, then maybe,
She would have a kid that had rabies, but ladies,
don't judge me on what i say,
She'd **** her own dad if she thought she'd get paid,
And he'd probably pay her if he thought he'd get laid.
Then he'd be back for, the crack whore at the back door,
You gotta tap four, times on the trap door,
And then this fat boar, appears with a cracked jaw,
that she got the other day when she was jacked for,
her doe , oh this **** is so cold,
when they made this bitch yo they really broke the mould,
They found the mould maker and drug him out in the cold,
and beat the **** outta him cos he had to be told.
He flopped the show, when he made the mould,
for that crack hoe, but now he knows what blow.
She's got aids, slowly losing all of her braids,
Cos the chemos kicking in like a gone off chicken wing,
she's still selling her ass even through thick and thin,
Bredrin, keep on mixing Jim,
get the new tune, and just mix it in
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Old 03-24-2014, 11:38 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Default toosk. the new kings of music.

Introducing, the new kings of music,
With new ****, that'll make you lose it,
Majestic, and mc toosik ,
Bring your virginity, then girl you'll lose it.
Just.choose it, and I'll abuse it,
Refuse it, and you're not coming again,
I'll come in your friend, again and then again,
But she'll understand at the end of the night,
She'll go back to her man,
Goodnight, it was alright
Now Im bunning again, my blood running again,
Im just gunning your friend, for giving me some in the end.
But anyway, every day is a fanny day,
And many say, Im the man at fanny play.
But i only do it on days that start with a T,
Like today tomorrow and the rest of the week,
Im to speak, i got jest next to me,
he's the best damn mc, i ever seen since me.
Yeah you better believe.
Cos i was born in ilford and moved to nazeing ,
Then i start blazing, pumping up.the base and,
You said you a vegan , do you eat cheese and,
Do you drink milk and Do you drink semen .
Mother****er i don't need no reason,
To come for you Im calling it treason,
Cos me Presley and Muhammad Ali,
Are all bound together by a similarity,
We tried to be the the best that we could be,
And it made us part of the peoples royalty,
All our fans follow us loyally.
But there's always a chief that wants to rap wit me
Go back to back wit me,
The next thing i know the twats attacking me,
Just lyrically but spastically ,
so i tee this fool up on a plastic tee,
Get embarrass him nationally.
Cos when it stops and it drops it gets hot,
its my turn to show you what I've got,
So here i go, i run the show,
He goes mate are you on the radio,
I said no. Radios for fassyhoes,
Right then some girl threw her pantyhose,
at me but they landed on that fassys nose,
he smelt them and something in his panties rose,
So i gunned him again and bring the show to a close

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Old 03-24-2014, 03:21 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Default toosik. rhyme with me while you ride with me

Rhyme with me while you ride with me,
Don't try to deny that you lied to me,
You just act friendly, you keep surprising me,
Like the time that you tried hypnotising me,
Analysing me, realise slowly, that you'll never find any flies on me,
i'm feeling fine you see, with all my gambi,
I bun it down til i feel really lean,
Like a mean machine, that needs a clean, with a rag and a can of mr sheen,
Get the smoke, into your throat,
But don't choke, when you're smoking the roach ,
Cos that would be the wrong approach, to it,
I knew it, you went and ****ing blew it,
So just remember this, you took the piss little miss.
Now you're gone yo.
You're getting kicked like a bucking bronco .
From the highs to the lows just like a rodeo
Thought my life would be on a downward slope,
then just as id given up all hope,
To me from heaven on your wings you float.
God made men look like him it seems,
But he must of got shook when in his dreams,
he saw an angel good enough to be his queen,
Turned them dreams into reality,
A little bit of heaven just given to me,
to be a family, with a few babies,
even more kennedys on the family tree,
All my crazy days lost in hazy maze,
all my lazy ways swapped for a lady's face,
I'll stay today, keep trying to pave the way,
for our future cos nothing stays the same.
One of these days, I'll say no to a blaze,
And raise the glaze from my eyes babe.
Its true, cos i found better days and they all came cos of you.
But what could i do. Who knew.
Who knew, that you knew voodoo too.
Not me, not my brothers JT , PC and the one from turkey
You really hurt me, i gotta blurt see,
Im not scared, Im bollockly impaired, believe.
They're there, they've just got no hair lately,
Fall off a chair, or jump up in the air friendly.
Blistering barnacles tin tin, who put me in the sin bin,
The ice is thin and Im sinking, blinking,
Like Im gonna start rinsing this thing.
Its just too damn good.
All you other mc's just wish you could,
Be like me, mc heavy, much heavier than you could ever be,
I had three girls but one dumped me,
now i got two just like the Beegees .
Its easy to be me but hard to defeat me,
Don't try to compete g, ill knock you off your feet see.
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Old 03-26-2014, 05:23 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Default toosik. all other posts were written years ago. this is brand new. please rate. ta

I.was looking at my life thinking what I've made of it,
Would it have been this way if i had not sniffed or blazed a spliff ,
Couldn't help thinking that for each spliff I've paid for it,
for over ten years i just cotched, sniffed, and raved a bit.
I was a major prick, if she got my cock stiff i laid the bitch,
Pills were my favourite, id just drop six for the sake of it,
I lived through my twenties but i botched it, I wasted it,
Oh snip the clock ticks, its time i gave a
But then i met Kim, and in her eyes was an epiphany,
My old life was history when i stepped in and kissed her cheek,
i admit i missed some sleep, daydreamed of her lips for weeks,
Told myself that's it for me, im a changed man like literally,
That's my litany, she fits with me like symphony,
i said Kimberly move in with me, but inwardly my limbs were weak.
I saw her dimples tweak, my heart skipped a single beat,
She smiled and said yes to me, my life no longer incomplete.
Its been so sweet, and now we've got a daughter too,
It changed everything, didn't know half of what i thought i knew,
My daughter grew, hearing impaired but she showed fortitude,
So perfect, is it really part of me that im talking to.
I love you Lilly, and i adore Kim too,
but you deserve better, at night i keep snoring through,
And i go out drawing zutes when i should be supporting you.

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Old 04-04-2014, 01:23 PM   #8 (permalink)
The Sexual Intellectual
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I've merged all your threads together.
Please don't start any more threads to post lyrics, post them all in here.

Urb's RYM Stuff

Most people sell their soul to the devil, but the devil sells his soul to Nick Cave.
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Old 04-08-2014, 11:13 AM   #9 (permalink)
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Old 04-09-2014, 10:14 AM   #10 (permalink)
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Default anyone want a battle? hit me back

you want to battle? stop talking shi.t to me,
you'll be history when my fist clips your cheek,
you'll spit some teeth, and start having fits for weeks,
and you'll wake up at night to find you've pissed your sheets.
admit defeat, or I'll give your nips a tweak,
you're just a bitch to me, and i mean that shi.t literally.
cos i repay my debts and pain is the currency,
so I'll .hook electrodes to your fanny and set the currents free.
****in.g prick , if you spent half the time writing that you do sucking dick ,
we wouldn't be discussing this, but now you're rushing it,
cos your arse has got a dick stuck in it.
im not homophobic, i just heard that you're know to blow dicks ,
when you're on your own, you know this.
if your parents had known that you'd have grown up so thick,
they'd have put you in a home for slow kids,
either that or get a gun and blown the whole clip.
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