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Old 04-01-2007, 06:21 PM   #1 (permalink)
Atchin' Akai
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Arrow The 10 Track Mixtape Thread (Song Lists Without Links Will Be Deleted)

Here's your chance to compile a playlist of 10 tracks that mean something to you.
Old/new/any doesn't even matter if you think most here have heard them before.
What matters, is that you list the tracks in your post along with the link and a little write up to explain your choices.

Just throw 10 tracks together and post them here.

Send big files the easy way with sendspace. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

1. Gene Chandler - Nothing Can Stop Me.
A Northern Soul favourite and a tune that carries a personal message and a few bad memories.
Gene Chandler means every word of this song, sang with real soul.

2. Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Another track that takes me back to a certain youth club...which involves hanging around and acting cool.

3.Edwin Starr - 25 Miles
Another Northern Soul standard and a storming floorshaker of a tune.
Turn the volume up to 11 for this one.

4.Talking Heads - Life During Wartime
I love this band and this is my favourite 'Heads' track by far. Taken from the 'Stop Making Sense' live album. Easily the best version.

5. Don Thomas - Come on Train
Easy to see where Kevin Rowland from Dexy's Midnight Runners got his singing style from. An old N.S favourite and one I never tire of hearing, addictive from the start.

6. The Jam - The Butterfly Collector

7. Space Monkeys - March Of The Scarecrows.
A legendary Manchester band in the mould of the Stone Roses.
Only produced one album, 'The Daddy Of Them All' before falling victim to Tony Wilsons Factory Records going arse up.
Years before their time.
Singalong with a Manc sneer and two fingers up to the world. Epic.

8. Our Love Is In The Pocket - JJBarnes.
Rare soul track from JJ Barnes. Great voice complete with girly backing vocals.
The magic lies with the lyrics.

9. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart.
I said recently elsewhere on these boards that this record gave me hope for music following the demise of punk (at the time, this is how it was perceived)
One of my favourite ever tracks.

10. Joy Division - Transmission
This one song epitomises what Ian Curtis was all about.
His epileptic state while performing this song, will live with me forever.

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Old 04-02-2007, 12:04 AM   #2 (permalink)
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I'm downloading yours right now, i'll put it on tomorrow probably cause I don't think ill be able to finish it tonight.

I didn't do these in any specific order, though I tried to make it so if you listen in order they all flow together nicely.

1. Ben Folds "Late"
Slow piano driven song, it basically sums up my feelings about Elliott.

2. Elliott Smith "Dancing On The Highway"
The lyrics are amazing and so is his voice on this.

3. Bright Eyes "Entry Way Song"
Beautiful acoustic song, probably my favorite lyrics ever. It completely describes my feelings towards my best friendishpratically.

4. Owen "Put Your Hands On Me, My Love"
Also an acoustic song <.< it expresses gratitude that I have trouble expressing towards certain figures in my life.

5. Vashti Bunyan "Love Song"
I just heard this song tonight and was blown away. I liked her voice when I first heard it but in combination with these lyrics its even more amazing.

6. Sunny Day Real Estate "Rain Song"
This song got me into Sunny Day which got me into post-emo which (with the help of A_Perfect_Sonnet) got me into real emo.

7. Bright Eyes "Bowl Of Oranges"
This and Lover I Dont Have To Love were the first Bright Eyes songs I fell in love with, this one I like better now though.

8. Elliott Smith "Angeles"
This and twilight were the first Elliott songs I fell in love with, I put this one on now because it holds more personal meaning.

9. Neutral Milk Hotel "Two-Headed Boy Part II"
A lot of these verses blow me away, and in a more metaphorical sense are easy to relate to. Jeff is amazing.

10. Patrick Wolf "Teignmouth"
This, Brand New Colony and Tereza and Tomas me alot to me, and give me this I want to run away feeling that I get with my bestfriendishpraticallywishwasmygirlfriend I mentioned in Entry Way Song.

Link: Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
Originally Posted by METALLICA89 View Post
Ive seen you on muiltipul forums saying Metallica and slayer are the worst **** you kid go suck your **** while you listen to your ****ing emo **** I bet you do listen to emo music
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Old 04-02-2007, 12:51 AM   #3 (permalink)
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1. Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven The first Tape i ever got. I got a yellow walkman for christmas, and Eric's unplugged tape. Repeat central for months.. great music. I started to associate music to feelings when i heard about the story behind this song.

2. 2Pac - Changes
Growing up, music was in the backseat to sports. But I remember exactly where I was when I heard changes for the first time on my friends winamp (back in the day when when mp3s were e-mailed via Bot in an AOL chatroom lol) I was floored. It was the first time I got the chills, as I am accustumed to feeling since then when I hear a "gem".. I was a virgin music fiend until then

3. Primitive Radio Gods - Standing outside a Broken phone booth with money in my hand Right about the time I heard changes, I immediately learned how to make mp3's from CDs. I went to the library and grabbed anything that looked interesting.. and I found this gem that was on repeat for a few weeks

4. Nirvana - All Apologies
Another song I found at the public library.

5. U2 - Where the Streets have no name
This song was the audio to hockey tapes I used to worship growing up.

6. Eminem - The Way I am
This album made me a different musician. The combination of lyrics and beat made think deeper about what I was listening to. Although my interest in Eminem has faded, this song was important to me.

7. Platoon - Adagio for Strings
I don't know the name of the infinite classical pieces I listened to growing up, but this one as stuck with me. Beautiful.

8. Billy Joel - Piano Man
high school friends for life getting ****faced and singing this song.

9. Royksopp - What else is there (Thin white duke remix)
o.k. im jumping ahead because I only have two more selections.. This is College for me.. this semester.. party central. senior year.. beers, drugs, girls..

10. The Killers - Read My Mind (Pet shop boyz remix)
The song that is getting me through the boring times lately...

These songs are not my favorite of all time, but are important songs to me.. which is the point of this thread, right?
I wish I could play little league now. I'd be way better than before.
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Old 04-02-2007, 10:44 AM   #4 (permalink)
Atchin' Akai
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Originally Posted by Olsonic View Post

These songs are not my favorite of all time, but are important songs to me.. which is the point of this thread, right?
That's the idea mate, but an upload link of your choices would be perfect.
There's one or two on that list of yours I wouldn't mind hearing.

Crowquill...upping yours now and I'll give them a spin later and post back on what I thought. Most of those on your list I can easily say I've never heard before, so it should make for an interesting listen.
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Old 04-02-2007, 11:03 PM   #5 (permalink)
sleepy jack's Avatar
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Posts: 18,965

1. Gene Chandler - Nothing Can Stop Me.
I agree he means every word about it, however this isn't my thing.

2. Iggy Pop - The Passenger
That intro sounds really familiar, I wish the vocals would differ more through out the whole track though. Its good though but not my thing.

3.Edwin Starr - 25 Miles
I prefer Nothing Can Stop Me over this, its okay but not my thing.

4.Talking Heads - Life During Wartime
Reminds me of Rock The Casbah, I like this one but I don't listen to this sort of thing much anymore.

5. Don Thomas - Come on Train
Yeah not my thing <.<

6. The Jam - The Butterfly Collector
"And I don’t care about morals cause the world’s insane and we’re all to blame anyway"<333 its good, probably my favorite so far.

7. Space Monkeys - March Of The Scarecrows.
Second favorite so far, its all dancey and shit.

8. Our Love Is In The Pocket - JJBarnes.
Yeahhnot my thing again.

9. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart.
This is the first time i've heard a high quality full version, holy shit its good.

10. Joy Division - Transmission
There bassist really stands out, I noticed that in Love Will Tear Us Apart, in a good way though. I don't like it as much as love will tear us apart though.
Originally Posted by METALLICA89 View Post
Ive seen you on muiltipul forums saying Metallica and slayer are the worst **** you kid go suck your **** while you listen to your ****ing emo **** I bet you do listen to emo music
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Old 04-03-2007, 12:07 AM   #6 (permalink)
not really
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1 John Lennon-Steel and Glassproved to me John Lennon could kick some ass

2. David Bowie-Im Afraid of Americansfrom a live concert dvd my pop lent me, got me into bowie

3Dinosaur Jr-KrackedI cant really explain, just got played a lot at while goofin at a mates house

4Fugazi-Target Got me into more hardcore and emo

5 Nick Cave- Red Right Handi always end up listning to this while walking home at midnight, by the creek, scares the **** outta me

6 Nirvana-Sliver i never enjoyed grandmas =/

7 Biggie-Kick in the Doormade me(and still does) be gangster

8 Patrick Wolf- Accident & Emergencyjust like it is all

9 Patti Smith-Landalso thanks to pop, patti smith pwns

10 Public Enemy-By the Time i get to Arizona Chuck D is my fave

and one more

11 Talking Heads- Airlistened to it on the bus ride to school every morn, cheerd me up

10songs.Zip by Bigupload.Com
never doing an up again >.>
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Old 04-03-2007, 01:06 AM   #7 (permalink)
Bancount: 3 ^_______^
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Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

1. They Write Books About This Sort of Thing - Say Hi to Your Mom

This song pretty much painted my ideal portrait of love, and a relationship based thereon. I listen to it whenever I'm feeling blue, or hopeful.

2. Slowly - M83

'Slowly' is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, in my opinion. Honestly, I could list any of M83's songs, but this was the one that got me into them. There is nothing like lying on my bed with my eyes closed, listening to M83 loud; it is truly a religious experience for me.

3. The Story of Nothing - The Aquabats

This is basically the story of my life, love-wise. I tend to stick to the shadows, remaining invisible, if you will--for good or ill.

4. Fire Fighter - Ghost Mice

Ghost Mice's best song in my opinion. It is the angst of youth, that sinking feeling in your stomach when your friends change, and that sudden isolation you feel when you realize you're growing up, and things aren't how you thought they'd be.

5. Love Is Like Jazz - The Magnetic Fields

Love and relationships are confusing, plain and simple. No one's said it better than the Fields.

6. In A Sweater, Poorly Knit - mewithoutYou

Brother, Sister had just been released when I went through a breakup, and this song's eloquence struck me. While the song is intended to address the rationalization of faith, I interpreted it on a personal level: I had gone into the relationship promising myself I wouldn't get hurt, but sure enough, I did.

"The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead."

7. The Fix - Minus the Bear

This is youth; this is happiness; this is sunshine and breaking the speed limit. This is life.

8. Everything Sucks - Reel Big Fish

I'm a pretty cynical person, and this song just reminds me that everyone goes through crap; we all just have to suck it up and hope tomorrow will be better.

9. This Is More - Stick to Your Guns

This epic monster of a song summarizes my commitment to the straight-edge lifestyle, and features the best breakdown of all time, period.

10. Wake Up - The Arcade Fire

"But now that I'm older,
my heart's colder,
and I can see that it's a lie."

The song that bred my love for indie, 'Wake Up' is one of the most powerful pieces of music ever written.

"If the children don't grow up,
our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.
We're just a million little god's causin' rain storms, turnin' every good thing to rust."

Possibly my favorite lyrics of any song, ever.

(The songs aren't in order on the mix; I just directly copy+pasted them from their respective folders. Great thread man. My favorite of all MB thus far.)
Originally Posted by monarc View Post
i will support the evil path of metal
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Old 04-03-2007, 10:56 PM   #8 (permalink)
Dinosaurus Rex!!!
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I had to do 11 songs, I wasn't able to get rid of one more.

FIXED LINK: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

1. Owen - Bad News - It's the epitome of "you're nothing" songs. The thing you want to say to that friend that doesn't get it, and all those people that go through life putting up a facade. The beauty of everything intentionally masks these dismal, overwhelmingly honest lyrics.

I know it hurts to hear
but it's the truth
so you might as well hear it
from a friend
you're a has-been
that never was
I know it's mean to say
but it's something I've been meaning to say to you
for a while
you're a has-been
that never was
or will be
2. Brand New - You Wont Know - There's so much to say about deceit, but I just think this entire song is brilliant.

So they say,
They say in heaven
There's no husbands and wives
On the day that I show up
They'll be completely out
Of their forgiveness supplies
And I cant use the telephone
To tell you that I'm dead and gone
So you won't know
3. Bright Eyes - No Lies, Just Love - The despair of a life about to end coupled with the innocence of birth. Clashing imagery creates the reciprocasity that is life.

So please forgive what I have done,
But you can't stay mad at the setting sun.
Cause we all get tired, I mean eventually
There is nothing left to do but sleep.
4. Dashboard Confessional - Heaven Here - This song makes me feel hope, joy, and love.

Naked and tangled and twisted in love
And tonight we are the only ones who feel it
Heaven is here
And tonight we are the only ones who feel it
5. Sigur Rós - Ny Batterí - I feel like I'm weightless listening to this song, like my body is floating in a bay somewhere, suspended in the tide, and I am totally at peace. Incredible.

6. Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism - Who doesn't listen to this song and become awestruck? There is so, so much to love about the genuine honesty behind Ben Gibbard's lyrics, and even moreso the intensity and perfection of the buildup within the music.

The Atlantic was born today and I'll tell you how -
The clouds above opened up and let it out.
I was standing on the surface of a perforated sphere
When the water filled every hole.
And thousands apon thousands made an ocean
Making islands where no islands should go.
7. Frank Turner - I Really Don't Care What You Did On Your Gap Year - This basically describes every time I go out. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'll pay for my sins when I get paid,
But I don't have a penny to my name.
I'll stop talking to girls when I get laid,
When I haven't had a shower for days.
I could've gone home when I could, but I stayed.
8. Rocky Votolato - Death-Right - The innocence of love never ceases to amaze me. The beauty of it all.

We're stalking the ancient mariner,
Through waters he takes, his lonely course.
Once powerful once beautiful,
Extinction lingered and these things are no more.
I'll love you I'll never leave you,
Though I may be gone for years on end.
I will never be seperate lovers through their lives before and after.
9. Versoma - November 2004 - Being an emo regular, I had to throw one emo band on here. This song reminds me of times with my friends.

10. Yndi Halda - Dash and Blast - This song makes me go through so many emotions, it's inspiring.

BONUS TRACK:11. Sigur Rós - Untitled 04 - I don't think there is a more perfect song than this.

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1.Metallica- One
I love Metallica, and this song is my favorite from all the times. I don't have words to explaine it. Special !

2.Tokio Hotel- Durch den Monsun
Thanks to TH i have so much friend, and i love them all soooo much
First song from Tokio Hotel

3.Gnarls Barkley-Crazy
Just when i was in Germany ja heard it like thousand times in a day

4.Blink 182- Miss you
It's magic ! Remains me the Winter of year 2005

5.Googoo dolls-Iris
Summer of 2006 ! Best summer in my life !

6.Robbie Williams-She's Madonna
Lalalaaa, special. My return to Popmusic

Happiest song on earth !

8.Good charlotte- Secrets
Point of this song is like... woow. Love it !

9.Jennifer Love Hewitt- Love will show you everything
So many tears, great song !

10.Justin Timberlake- Losing my way

sorry, my engilsh is very bad, as u can see
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this bird has flown
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Originally Posted by matious View Post
1 John Lennon-Steel and Glassproved to me John Lennon could kick some ass
yea that song 'how do you sleep' redone, only this time about himself and not paul. the violins and trumpets in the background are directly from 'how do you sleep'. apparently john said when he wrote the song he wasn't thinking of himself, he realised it was about him when reading it over. lines like "your mother left you, when you were small, but you're gonna wish you wasn't born at aaaaaaaaall" great stuff.
formerly ledzeppelinrulz.

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