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Old 06-25-2008, 10:43 AM   #111 (permalink)
daddy don't
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For a quick summary please skip to the bottom line of this massive turd of a post.
This is indulgent and over-long but I'm too far into writing it to stop

2001-2008 is all a bit of a blur really. Probably started actively seeking to buy music after watching the then-new music channels on satellite TV (yep, endless back-to-back music promos).

After that I think music magazines like Q and (by 2002) NME really got me enthusiastic; if I read an enthralling article on something I'd never heard before I'd buy it once I got the money. When you're that age and pretty gullible the NME was the cutting edge and every week it was a new bible.

One of the first bands I saw live was the Hives (I caught the garage rock-revival bigtime), and my first festival (not that I can afford to attend them often) was V2001.

My older cousin handed down her obsession with Red Hot Chili Peppers, alot of grunge-era records and Britpop; I loved Blur and Oasis.

I was an avid reader of the NME until 2004, and Mojo magazine ran alot of retrospectives that got me into certain bands. Punk fit me like a glove at that time and I outgrew the puerile 90's pop-punk that I'd grown up on. Joe Stummer's death I remember as being a milestone.

So until 2006 it was broadly just 'rock' (70's, 80's, alternative, indie, post-punk) and old-skool hip hop broken up by the usual smatterings of unfamiliar territory.

Having owned a few 60's records, some Beatles albums, I made a lifelong (I hope) friend in university who opened my eyes to that particular decade, and helped me to appreciate a good key change; sort of laying the foundations for everything that was to come. He also overturned the music mag indoctrination that discarded most 90's guitar music as worthless. In exchange I filled him in on punk's levelling of pop culture and the glorious aftermath. NOBODY on our music course (or seemingly the whole college) knew as much as we did, or had that open-mindedness and voracious curiosity; which is ****ing depressing.

My 28-year-old, tax-dodging, DJ flatmate from 2005-2007 was my ticket into the world of 'electronic/dance' music that I'd always waited for, having seen it's peak in the mid-90's. That ever-present cultural underground will always be a safety net of sorts..

Since then I've just consumed literally everything that seems genuine or original. Through drunken poverty, unemployment and mental instability I always found the cash to survive for that next trip to the record shop!
I got my own desktop and broadband connection nearly a year ago and I have no idea how I managed without this resource before - Wiki, music blogs (**** torrents) and this very forum are my crack. mmm. crack.

So my music taste has changed ALOT over the years, yeah?

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Old 06-25-2008, 08:16 PM   #112 (permalink)
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Well...I liked N Sync and Backstreet Boys when I was tiny, but when they died out, I stopped liking them.

12 years old: My first album was ... sadly ... Green Day American Idiot...listened to it a lot. Then I got the International Greatest Hits or whatever for Green Day.

13: On Xmas my uncle got me The Clash, considered one of the greatest punk albums ever. First time I listened to it...I thought it all sounded the same. After awhile of listening to it, I got hooked. I started to get pissed off because my grades were dropping and everything was sucking and my mood swings (from hormones) kicked in. I got Never Mind the Bollocks, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, and London Calling, and I became a kid with a bunch of old punk albums.

14. My friends started to get into music, and I got an iPod for my birthday. I tore threw my fathers cd collection for great bands. I got the Blue Album by the Beatles and listened to it a lot. Actually a TON! Also listened to some Queen (stopped eventually) and The Who.

I stopped listening to as much punk and listened a lot of Beatles. I got the Red Album, Abbey Road, White Album, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, early stuff, in that order. I got George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" and became in love with Harrison music as well.

15: My friend started burning a ton of cd's from another one of our friends who's dad used to work for a radio show. So he had a HUGE number of albums, over 17 days worth of music. My friend gave me a bunch of burned cd's. I first downloaded the Pink Floyd and said to myself "What slow garbage" and gave up on them for a few months, listened to some Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Cream (love em), Hendrix, some others. I love and still dig the Psychedelic Pop/Rock sound. Listening to some new age, like Ween, Beck, and Flaming Lips. I eventually liked Pink Floyd...a ton. Listened to Syd Barrett as well...fricking genius.

16: Well only been a few weeks (June 5th is my birthday) so yeah, the same.
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Old 06-25-2008, 08:43 PM   #113 (permalink)
Ban Captain Caveman
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A ****load. 0-12 backstreet boys etc. 12-14 "Punk" like Good Charlotte ETC. 15-17: Massive changes, getting into real punk, listening to jazz, and funk and techno, acoustica, indie, etc.
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Old 06-27-2008, 11:07 PM   #114 (permalink)
Music Addict
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They keep evolving all the time. My earliest recollection of enjoying music, besides kiddy stuff is my my mom's Beatles's albums, my big brother making my mom angry because he showed me and made me listen to Twisted Sisters Stay Hungry (I was 4 or 5), me making my neat freak sister angry for taking her best of the Beach Boys, and receiving a lot classical music cassettes. My parents very much approved of Classical, so I got a lot of those as a kid, and liked it, yet I was really into oldie 50s and 60s music at the same time.

I know I got into Queen very early, and I have maintained that obsession throughout my life. I got into 90s alt when it was popular, with The Smashing Pumpkins, REM, The Barenaked Ladies and Nirvana being my faves in early high school, but then I got into Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, which totally opened the indie door for me. Yet I got into U2 as well then. And I have to say that U2 is the only band that I have stopped liking with the years. In the recent years, the bands or artists I have gotten into were mostly psychedelic, indie, and I must say that strong guitar (Cream, Lynyrd Skynyrd) or deep voices (Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen) have been my main interests. I recently enough got into folk music (Dylan, Lightfoot, etc), and despite myself have even started liking blues and bluegrass, and I assume that both of these were natural extensions of liking indier bands.

I think my tastes have more "developped" than "changed".

Scratch that... I bought a couple of Latin albums when it was the rage, something I totally regret now.
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Old 06-28-2008, 08:47 AM   #115 (permalink)
Music Addict
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The early years(0-12), I didn't really buy any albums of my own. Just compilation sort of albums and the odd classic I'd like a few songs off of. I'd mainly listen to whatever my older brother and sister were listening to. Mainly U2, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, R.E.M., The Eagles, etc

At 12, I got into R.E.M. and finally started listening to proper albums. Had the whole R.E.M. collection within a year or so. Still my favourite band.

16- Started getting into Pearl Jam big time.

18- Started getting into Damien Rice and Bruce Springsteen big time.

Nowadays, I've gotten into the Beatles a lot more. Other bands have come through like Bell X1 and Paddy Casey.

Overall though, I wouldnt say it changed much. I was pretty much brought up on good music!
I do remember bopping around to Billy Ray Cyrus when I was around 5 though! I guess that's a big change alright!!
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Old 06-30-2008, 07:03 PM   #116 (permalink)
Occams Razor
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Early 1960's (5-8 years old) Whatever English Jazz and Blues records Mom and Dad played across the pond.

Later 1960's (9-13) The Bryds, Beatles, Yardbirds, Cream etc

Early 1970's (13-15) Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, The Who, still Beatles, Clapton, Queen etc.

Mid 1970's (16-18) Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young etc a lot of singer songwriters and folk music enters my world also I go through a big Clash phase.

Late 1970's (19-22) Velvet Underground, Zeppelin, the Who are the big three along with Morrison in this era, Stevie Wonder and Buddy Holy phases in here somewhere, new influences creeping in.

1980's: The Cure, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson are major bright spots, The Smiths peak my interest but never get me fully on board enjoy some Metallica also. Late eighties I enjoy me some Country music.

1990's: Pearl Jam has some nice albums, radiohead comes along, weezer, sublime impress me as does Ben Harper and 311 and a young band called Incubus.

Present: Still nothing major this decade; Jack Johnson had a few good albums but now seems to be lame, A lot of good albums here or there, Radiohead and incubus crap out a little and commercial rap and hypersonic teeny pop idols are the rage. Still got Zeppelin, Morrison and the Who.
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Old 06-30-2008, 08:41 PM   #117 (permalink)
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When I was younger it was all about pop punk. I think the first genre I really got into was ska. Tomas Kalnoky stuff. Then I couldn't tell you where I went. I know I've been through metal, hip hop, jazz, electronic, punk, folk, and classic rock phases. I still tend to go through "phases", but now I can pick up anything at any time and enjoy it, regardless of its genre.
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Old 07-01-2008, 02:35 AM   #118 (permalink)
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i am 18. i grew up listening to 80s rock/pop and a little country. everything changed when my parents decided to go to church and so i spent 1/2 my life(approx.) listening to christian music. in the "christian" genre i liked the rockish type..when i finally broke out of that shell i started listening to rap/hip hop because the only "good" radio station where i lived at the time was KISS FM, and so i listened to that. while in that stage i still leaned more to the rock that KISS sometimes played. when i moved to where i currently am i found my music of choice is, and always has been, rock. any type. metal, alternative, whatever. i love it. i kinda go through phases in rock. i was in an alternative phase for a while, then i went to a grunge phase and now i'm in a mixed phase, but mostly 70s-80s type of rock..

but yea that is my musical journey.
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