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Default Your Musical Stages of Life

Not sure if there is a thread like this, didn't really know what to search for to find out. But I wanted to see everyone's musical stages they went through as they have aged. Feel free to be as in-depth or basic as you like. I know what a lot of people here listen to, but I am interested in what you used to listen to as well, it's pretty interesting sometimes. Even if it's embarrassing.

5th Grade: I remember listening to Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, and Korn. My best friend was Korn fan. I also remember wearing FUBU and Independent T-Shirts...and having dyed hair. Significant Other by Limp Bizkit was on heavy repeat through middle school.

Middle School: Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory, Staind's Break the Cycle, Will Smith's Big Willie Style & Willennium. Along with more Limp Bizkit. Also a lot of Blink 182.

I got Jiggy.

9th and 10th grade: Oasis, mainly What's the Story Morning Glory, and everything by Nirvana. Also a lot of System of a Down's Toxicity. Still know every song on that album, I loved it.

11th and 12th grade: 90s one hit wonders, fell in love with Brand New, also listened to Taking Back Sunday after years of making fun of their fans, other bands like Armor For Sleep, Senses Fail, Bayside, etc. I was like an emo-jock. Senior year listened to mainly Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and then started listening Alkaline Trio

By far my two most listened to CDs through high school:

Freshman year of college: Heavy, heavy doses of Alkaline Trio.

Sophomore year: Introduced to the golden era of rap, started at first by listening to a lot of Biggie, Nas, and Deltron.

Ever since: 90s rap mainly. MF Doom, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Wu Tang Clan, Mos Def, Immortal Technique, etc

-I'll be editing this post as I think of other bands I liked a lot back in the day.

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When I was a child, I listened to a lot of brit/europop. Ace of Base, The Spice Girls, S Club 7. At thirteen, my friend shared Blink182 with me, and I began a pop rock/pop punk phase which lasted about 5 years. Brand New's The Devil and God came out, and with it came an alt rock phase including Muse and Radiohead, the latter of which led to everything else. That's about it.
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0-12: Classical music, bit of reinhardt, morricone
12-14/15: Top 40 crap. Britney spears, some trance
15-18: Punk, metal, got some interest in 60's and 70's rock/pop
18-now: Pretty much everything. I really developed in the past 10 years .
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I have a very VERY bizarre growth in music. I honestly had little to no interest in music until a few years ago:

Early Childhood - Teenage late Teenage years : Videogame music found in Squaresoft RPGs, Classic rock my dad used to listen to really loudly(Deep Purple, Sabbath, 70s type stuff. He's a guitarist so eh...). Metallica which my brother was really into, and that's about it.

Late Teenage Years - Early adult years: Bizarre flirtations with grunge(Had a massive obsession with Alice In Chains. You'd never think it of me now). I really got big into System of a Down, White Stripes, and some commercial rock that was big at the time. Albeit, not into most of the stuff my peers were into. My brother was always blaring NIN, and Tool which I never got into even to this day.

Discovering Avant Garde/ Early Adult years - two or three years before now: I barely knew of Patton. Strangely enough, it was from being introduced to a handful of scene kid bands from a guy who I knew for a very short period of my life, and I got a taste of bands like Dog Fashion Disco, and Tub Ring. Of course, I was so ignorant to any form of experimental music I thought these bands were extremely unique, and doing something really trail-blazing. That is, until after reading about thirty million times of them being called Bungle ripoffs I got into Bungle. Which, you think would have been a revelation to me, but it wasn't.

The real revelation came when I was searching for anything that was labeled as 'Avant-Garde'(not knowing what it was at the time). I found something called 'Naked City'. From there, I downloaded the discography, and listened to the album Naked City which had a massive effect on me not listening to any jazz, grindcore, relatively little surf, etc. However, that wasn't the big thing. When listening to the next album 'La Grand Guignol'(Which essentially is Torture Garden with a 30 minute track at the beginning, and a few less songs), and it blew my mind.

The songs were all 30 seconds long, and at a speed that I have never heard before. Shifting genre to genre with such ease, and no adherence to trying to be rocky, or cool. This was a group of nerds, led by an oddball awkward Jewish guy doing some of the most mind bending metal I've heard at the time, and not caring to even take it that seriously. Guignol/Torture Garden still to this day has a massive place in my heart, consistently one of my favorite albums of all time. Where commercial music always disinterested me for being so formulaic, and samey, this is **** that really stood out.

Then - now: An explosion of interest in music of all varieties. A few years before that I'd be the close minded ****head who said "Oh yeah, Death metal guys, they just burp.", or have relatively no interest in Jazz not knowing what it is. I kind of liked classical, but I didn't really know it. Since then, through massive reverse engineering from influences to influences, I have discovered everything from Miles Davis to Gyorgie Ligeti to the other group that really reshapped my life Magma. Not only that, I started listening to more genres that I normally would have thought are "so bad they're teh funny" like death metal, black metal, grindcore. Doors opened to Behemoth, Locust, etc. I refound my love for videogame music, and finally felt comfortable admitting it as comparable to it's mainstream counter-parts, and now, I still like AIC but they make me feel dirty.

Now, I spend a large LARGE portion of my day trying to educate, and build an encyclopedic knowledge of the music I felt was sort of stolen from me by mainstream filters. Japanoise, Avant-Jazz, No wave, Rock In Opposition, Zuehl, Art Rock, Prog Rock, Jazz Fusion, etc. Music I knew I would have adored as a child if I would have just had exposure to it.
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Originally Posted by PoorOldPo View Post
bad music ( too ashamed to mention ) - arctic monkeys - damien rice - tame impala - radiohead.
Don't be a snob, man. Tell us what you liked. No shame.
Terence Hill, as recently confirmed during an interview to an Italian TV talk-show, was offered the role but rejected it because he considered it "too violent". Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta declined the role for the same reason. When Al Pacino was considered for the role of John Rambo, he turned it down when his request that Rambo be more of a madman was rejected.
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Alright I'll give this a go.

0-6: Stuff my parents played...some Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Billy Joel, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mellisa Ethridge, Jazz like Ella, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter too.

6-10: Teen boy band pop, Backstreet Boys, 'Nsync, 98 degrees

10-13: Nu metal and commercial rock, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Default, 3 Doors Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. A short classic rock phase with bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead etc. Then a huge Nirvana and Green Day phase until I graduated middle school.

14-18: Folk and independent rock/pop, bands like Bloc Party, the Decemberists, Death Cab For Cutie, Sufjan Stevens, The National, Tegan and Sara, The Mountain Goats, Iron & Wine, Okkervil River.

Present: A lot of DIY music, it's kind of hard to explain to people. I got really into lo-fi folk pop and folk-punk thanks to bands/musicians like Madeline Ava, Watercolor Paintings, Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains and Ghost Mice. Then recently its been emo/screamo/rap mixed with the same folk pop and folk punk, bands such as The Saddest Landscape, Snowing, Circle Takes The Square, Brand New, Suis La Lune, P.O.S. (and pretty much the entire Doomtree collective). Oh yeah and I also went through (and still enjoy) a huge Twee Pop/C86/indiepop phase at around this time last year.

So that's pretty much it I think...not too bad.
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This thread was a great idea.

0-13: Video game music, Joe Hisaishi
14-15: Led Zeppelin, Boston, Pink Floyd, Greenday, etc (basically a few classic rock bands - at this time my mom was trying to get me to listen to music so I could "fit in" with others my age)
16-17: AC/DC, Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, White Stripes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson (listening to SRV began my interest in blues)
18-Present: Everything. I've got a ton of experimental/avant-garde, a lot of classical music, jazz, hip-hop, art rock, etc. Trying to expand my view on music at this point. This is when I became obsessed.
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i'm gonna slice this up in two ways.

as a listener

i started with mainstream stuff - first cassette i ever asked for was Lionel Ritchie's Dancing on the Ceiling. for whatever reason as a little french kid growing up in a little french fishing village that predominantly listened to nothing but bluegrass and old country i found myself always listening to funkier beats. lots of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince tapes, as well as Young MC.

then i heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers in late 1990. which then lead to a widely expansive listening palette of alt-rock throughout the rest of high school. though for whatever reason i did also end up owning the entire Kim Mitchell discography on cassette.

then college came along just as the whole P2P thing was tearing wide open all over the place. from post-rock to experimental electro and free jazz it was all there for the pickings. but looking back at it all, the funky beats have ALWAYS been there tickling my subconscious and making my head nod / foot tap / hips groove / whatever.

at this point i don't care that much anymore. i like what i like and don't really feel a driving urge to find the next great thing. it seems rather common place for musical expansion to develop in that same way and i think it's reflective of the way the modern educational system doesn't at all prepare individuals for the pragmatic realities of working for a living and continues to encourage idealistic growth like it matters for something. within those confines its a lot easier to spend the time necessary to sift through new material and to share ideas with others. the net does offer that to a certain extent as well but it's never quite the same as being in the same dorm room and sharing a bottle of good stuff while discussing great music.

now for the musical stages as a musician.

from the first day i got my first guitar on Valentine's Day 1993 it was covers and chops (LOTS of RHCP / Hendrix / Soundgarden / Metallica / Smashing Pumpkins). nonstop, just poring over every single bar of tab in any magazine i could get my hands on. it was 2 years before i had the opportunity to really play with others for the first time and i'll always remember how horrible and useless i felt by only knowing how to play along to cds. if we decided to try playing a cover i could NAIL it and get props, but if one of the guys just wanted to sit and strum G, C and D for a while before changing it up to A, D and E i was useless. i couldn't do squat. not that it mattered much, i moved again shortly after that session and wouldn't get a chance to play with others for another 3 years. so i stuck to playing along to discs.

by '98 i was in college again and we were having a dorm party one fine Friday night and this dude happened to be sitting on my floor and asked if i had a bass. i hand it over and he asks me if i know any Jane's... so we kick into the Mountain Song, except he doesn't really know it, but that night, it didn't matter, it was ON! another lightning bolt for the old noggin. one of the people hanging out in the room described it as a 'musical orgasm' when we came down. that's the exact point when improvising became my focus over practicing chops along to a cd.

from 2001-2003 it was all about trying to get a band started. what a mess. huge learning experience though.

2003-2005 was barren. felt so burnt from the failed band situation along with other personal crap revolving around music (both the art and the industry) that i didn't pick up anything for most of 2 years. the 'only' music i made in that time were a pair of sessions with a good friend where he basically begged and pleaded with me to make anything with him - so i 'played' the drum machines. i also saw it as an opportunity to forget everything i had learned - kind of like learning the rules so you can break the rules.

2006-2008 full improv freak out mode. spent at least 1 full night a week doing nothing but absolute improv. experimented with various setups as a way of creating and establishing my own sound eventually resulting in the light / dark stereo split. far more concerned with the overall sonic output than the specific tonal note coming through.

2008-2010 - another hiatus of sorts. the jam room flooded and we all went separate ways, not that it wasn't going to happen anyway (when only 1 of the other 3 guys you play with is 100% behind you it's not going to work out in the long term). i took this time to learn the rudiments of the one instrument that had eluded me to this point and ironically enough, the one that draws me into music the most - drums.

2011 - ? - now that i have acceptable abilities on my instruments of choice i'm hoping to get my hands dirty on the recording side of things just a little. nothing major, nothing pro, just a clearer reflection of my existence through the loudness of light.
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Originally Posted by bandteacher1 View Post
I type whicked fast,
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This is all that I can say, in the most understandable form possible:


12-13: Discovery of Green Day leads one down the road of the faithful 'punk law upholder', having yr. ideals reupholstered by fellows on the Runescape forums who say "Green Day is AWFUL... Nirvana is wayyy better" is a terrible way to come to terms with yr. lack of musical knowledge, but it suits the situation well. Where did all of this Billy Talent and AC/DC come from? I dunno, but your dad sure likes the latter, and listening to it on the radio while riding to school every morning is too much fun.

14-17: Everything goes a rye. You discover Pink Floyd, and in that very moment, you have cheated yourself out of the beauty of childhood arrogance. No more will you listen to music personally on its artistic merits, but you will form an unquenchable thirst based on an endless pursuit of understanding more. Your shell of ignorance, she's gone, but so is your bliss. Ignorance is bliss. Without the ignorance, there is no bliss. In a perpetual state of commotion and chaos, constantly diving your toes into new things, understanding new textures n' colors, WHERE DO LED ZEPPELIN'S GUITAR SOUNDS COME FROM!?!?!? What is this 'hipster term'? Man Man, great band! Phish are solid as well... Animal Collective - I heard they're hipsters but oh wait, their music means the world to me so HERE WE COME! What? Music gets more obscure than simply indie? Rating things? Why put numbers on things? Oh well - I join in the charade, at least for the current moment. Stars of the Lid - thank you, I found peace with my inner self and I don't want to move for a while. Bob Dylan, no thank you for now but I will seek out your wisdom when the days grow drearier. I don't want to be a poet but I'd like to wax poetic - I can't not be upset with this situation, can I?
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Classic rock and 80s pop. Because I had an older brother who was into stuff like Pink Floyd, Rush and Led Zeppelin, and growing up in the 80s I was obviously surrounded by 80s pop.

I buy my first tape, REM's Document, which begins my love affair with college rock (aka alternative rock). Siouxsie & the Banshees, Love & Rockets, Bob Mould, Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, INXS, etc. are favorites during this time.

At thirteen I hear Ministry's Land of Rape and Honey for the first time. I had never fully been able to get into the thrash and death metal most of my friends listened to, now I've found something loud that clicked with me. Tastes go from industrial and goth to punk and hardcore. Favorites during this time: Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Godflesh, The Cure, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Suicidal Tendencies, Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds, Scratch Acid, etc.

Like a lot of people, this is a time of big musical expansion for me. I get into the more experimental side of industrial, plus jazz, bluegrass, cajun music, afro pop and rock en español. Some favorites during this era: Foetus, Swans, Tom Waits, Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Cafe Tacuba, Prof. Longhair, Motorhead, The Church, Trans Am.

A move to a new city expands my music horizons further. I get a lot more into things I only dabbled in in the past like hip hop, IDM, trip hop, indie rock, electroclash, metal and low-fi. Favorites at this this time: The Notwist, Busdriver, Mr. Lif, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, The Microphones, The Swirlies, RJD2, Fischerspooner, The Faint, Meshuggah, Pig Destroyer, Nick Cave, Madlib, Dalek, Autechre, Cornelius, Rocket from the Crypt, Aesop Rock, Solex, Man-Man.

Moving from coast to coast four times, getting married, being unemployed, going back to school, landing my first job where I'm actually in charge, and a bunch of other life changes seem to have had a big impact on my tastes. In contrast to my tastes in years past, jazz and metal have become two of the biggest categories of things I listen to. I continue to expand my tastes in the realms of hip hop, electronic music, experimental, 60s and 70s pop, and now even classical, which had always been a huge obstacle for me in the past. Recent favorites: Shining, Electric Wizard, Art Blakey, Charles Mingus, Behemoth, Boris, Ufomammut, Neurosis, Sleep, High on Fire, Charlie Haden, Chick Corea, Clifford Brown, Sun Ra, Edan, Ice Cube, Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Unsane, The Book of Knots, Kool Keith, Suicide, Cage, Esquivel!, Battles, Psychofagist, Fleetwood Mac.
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i'm not gonna spend my life on music banter trying to convince people the earth is flat.
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