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Old 01-25-2011, 08:37 PM   #11 (permalink)
Quiet Man in the Corner
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Sounds fun!

0-7: I listened to whatever was on the radio pretty much, but enjoyed New Age music. I always loved it when the Pure Moods commercials came on. I especially liked Native American music and owned an album from Cusco, 2 from Sacred Spirits, and a few other ones that weren't tied to any one artist.

8-10: Started to listen to what my brother Matt listened to, which consisted of Counting Crows, Deftones, System of a Down, Dave Matthews Band, Eminem, and Tupac. All of that, in addition to still liking Native American music, along with my budding interest in Electronic music. When I was 9 I heard this track, and really started me in the direction of all things Electronic.

11-14: Still enjoyed all the stuff I got from my brother, but started to lose interest in New Age material. I started to listen to more metal. As I Lay Dying, Mudvayne (only really liked L.D. 50), The Black Dahlia Murder, etc. Started to REALLY get into Trance music, and pretty much enjoyed everything I heard.

15-18: Still listened to metal and the stuff from when I was younger, and began to appreciate New Age stuff again. I had a fateful encounter with Black Metal, and we were smitten. I sort of gave up on most of the other stuff I had, except for Toxicity and L.D. 50. I started to branch out from Trance and began to listen to Progressive House and Hardstyle.

19-now: Still enjoy most of the stuff from when I was younger, but I'm more picky. In the last year or so my tastes exploded. In addition to New Age, Black Metal, and Electronic music, I've begun to delve into Hip Hop, Post Rock, Modern Classical, Ambient, and any sort of weird oddities I end up finding.
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~de geso
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0-11: Basically video game soundtracks. Never really listened to the radio.

11-13: A huge obsession with classical music, which involved me listening to my school's CDs and becoming obsessed with the 2 Fantasia films.

13: Started to like rock music. Mostly listened to mainstream pop-punk (a.k.a. Fall Out Boy (my most listened-to artist at the time) and Green Day) and nu-metal (mostly Linkin Park). I was also obsessed with classic rock like Pink Floyd. Around a couple of months before I turned 14, I got a Muse album, which started to take me away from the mainstream music I once loved. To tell you the truth, I grew out of my old FoB-obsessed self quickly (as I really only listened to them for a few months).

14-Present: Got the full grasp on the fact that there really is a lot of music out there. My taste evolved pretty quickly to appreciate a lot of genres and artists. This was also the time when I also started my (almost) year-long lurking on MB before I joined.
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Killed Laura Palmer
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0-8: I was brought up listening to my mom's music, predominately. That meant anything from the 70s and 80s was likely to be played, along with whatever was currently mainstream in the alternative / rock world. Near the end of these years, I was introduced to a band my mom was really digging - you may have heard of them - Nirvana. I also apparently wore out two of my mother's cassettes during these years; one was Rod Stewart's Unplugged and Seated. The other was some Elton John greatest hits compilation.

9-12: At this point in my life, my mother finally allowed me to pick out my own music. I listened to a lot of the poppy stuff (Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Spice Girls, etc.) that my sister who is a year and a half younger than me (along with many of my school friends) were listening to. My favorites during this time, however, were Blues Traveler (first CD I ever bought), Jewel, Savage Garden, and some cassettes that came with a walkman cassette player my dad found at a yard sale: Oasis, Counting Crows, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Silverchair, and Smashing Pumpkins were amongst the titles.

13-14: This was my miniature rebellious phase. I chose to wear black, called myself a nonconformist, expressed disdain for the establishment (but more importantly in my eyes, Avril Lavigne) and listened to nu-metal, hardcore, punk, metal, and hard rock. Throughout this phase, however, I was really getting into Queen, a band my mother owned a greatest hits album of and would occasionally play throughout pretty much my entire childhood. I also started listening to rap and hip-hop at this time, as my father was going through a midlife crisis and thought he was young and hip.

15-17: My classic rock phase. I listened to a lot of the stuff I'd listened to previously, and was more open to new kinds of music. What I loved above all else, however, was classic rock, particularly Queen, The Who, and The Beatles. This opened me up to a little bit of prog as well, allowed me to get into some indie and alternative stuff, and listen to pretty much anything I could get my hands on.

18-23: Phish happened. In searching for great music in my late teens, I'd come across The Grateful Dead and heard constantly that there was this shitty band out there who "ripped off the Grateful Dead". I had to hear it for myself, to properly hate said band. Turns out, I didn't hate said band at all. This period of my life has been spent still listening to anything and everything I can get my hands on, be it classical, jazz, blues, kraut, prog, rap, pop, punk, metal, indie, folk, opera, etc. I really will listen to anything someone gives me to hear at this point in my life with a completely open mind. Hopefully, I get more music knowledge as the years continue to pass and never turn into a total snob. That's what I'd like NOT to happen in my musical evolution.

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MB quadrant's JM Vincent
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0-10 - Really whatever came my way...mostly from my parents (obviously). Talking Heads, Yanni, Harry Belefonte, and Creedence seem to have burned their impressions into my head.

11-13 - The "finding my way in music" phase. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Disturbed, Mudvayne. If all it had was a chugging riff that anyone who has played guitar for a few months could come up with...I was there.

14-15 - I slowly begin to realize there is amazing music out there. Once I realized how ****ty most of the bands I was listening to were, I started assuming most modern music was total crap. My solution was to look to music in the past. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and of course Pink Floyd were on heavy rotation in these years. One exception is the Red Hot Chili Peppers...but they are pretty old as well, I guess.

16-18 - My true musical awakening. I discovered the Smashing Pumpkins at 16. At that time in my life, they spoke to me on a level that I had no idea music could. The music was exactly what I wanted to hear. The lyrics all sounded as if they were for me. Where had this band been my whole life? What if there is other totally different music out that can speak to me like this? From then on I would listen to anything that seemed mildly interesting. Other favorites from this time in my life: The Mars Volta, Radiohead, Blur, the Cure...the list goes on to this day.

The years after that leading up to now are really just me exploring music as much as I can. I have had phases of different genres. That went:

Blues (I had to get back to my Memphis roots at some point)
Progressive Rock (Pink Floyd was others had to be too, right?)

There was a year here where not only did I not discover a whole lot of new stuff - I really didn't listen to much music at all. It was a very strange year for me.

Electronic (mostly chill stuff, though. I discovered Boards of Canada and all of the sudden the world of music seemed so huge again)
Indie (sure, I've liked indie bands before this phase but this was the phase where I decided it was pretty much all I wanted to listen to)
Shoegaze (this obsession continues to this day)
Psychedelic Rock (this is pretty much where I'm at right now)
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Rocket Appliances
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0-9: Whatever my Mom or Dad liked basically. For my Mom Top 40's Pop(Avril Lavine, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara) for my Dad, ****ty radio country and ****tier French Pop.

10-11: Green Day baby. American Idiot was huge at this time and my cousin gave me his copy of the CD. I really liked songs from that album, but I could never listen to the whole thing without getting bored. Then I got into Weird Al. He was pretty much the only artist that my friends and I listened to for around 6 months.

11-12: This was my Grunge period. I heard Nirvana through Weird Al's "Smells like Nirvana" then looked up "music like Nirvana" and from there it was on. This is when I started buying CDs and really loving music. I got all the classics Nevermind, Ten, Dirt, Badmotorfinger, etc.

13-14: Pretty much exclusively 80s and 90s Emo and Screamo. Sunny Day Real Estate, Rites of Spring, Mineral, Iwouldsetmyselfonfireforyou, I Hate Myself, Fugazi, etc. I looked up Emo on Wikipedia for some reason and saw that Rites of Spring was the first Emo band, so I decided to listen to them. I really liked them so I decided to listen to Sunny Day Real Estate. I loved them and I had to get the album Diary. I remember going into Calgary, and buying it from a CD store. Listening to it on the way back blew my mind. In the top 20 experiences I've ever had with music.

14-now: After my phase with Emo I had a sudden realization that you don't have to listen to one genre. this is when I started listening to some different music genres, that make up the bulk of what I listen to now. I like a lot of Indie, Rap, IDM, Thrash, Math Rock/Core, and Classic Rock, with bits of other genres sprinkled in. There's a lot of genres I haven't explored yet, and I look forward to doing that, with the help of Music Banter of course!
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Old 01-26-2011, 03:05 AM   #16 (permalink)
Take it easy, but take it
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0-10: I was into a little bit of anything at this point. My aunt taught me to sing a couple of different country songs almost as soon as I learned to talk. So I guess that's where my music journey started. Anyway, my dad's always loved music and we listened to music together a lot. I know the three biggest things we constantly listened to were:
The Offspring's Americana album.
Limp Bizkit - Faith
Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings.
also when Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People came out when listened to it regularly.

11: At 11 I got into bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and those other bands that were big around that time. I only listened to them for a while but I thought Green Day and American Idiot were the greatest things since sliced bread.

12-16: At the age of 12 when I really found the internet I started to hear things I'd never heard before. I remember the song that truly turned me on to metal, Black Sabbath's War Pigs. I would literally sit in front of my stereo with this song blasting on repeat I love[d] it. Once I was established myself a metal listener I progressed into thrash metal and mostly listened to thrash. At one point I kinda feel out of the metal world for a couple months and when I returned jumped completely backwards and became a doom metal freak. Wow, so much about what I likes changed in the last four years its near impossible to keep up with it and type it. Uh, I guess my metal taste just progressed all over the place. I also got into a lot of punk, along with classic rock, rock n' roll, and other odd and end bands. I mean to give you a strict time line would be impossible. Uh, I guess I just kept getting suggestions from people I talked to regularly on the internet and that help me tastes to continuously expand.

You may be wondering about my love for Hank and other classic country and folk and also the blues. Well, my mom has always loved classic country, well 60s country, and I kinda followed in her footsteps with picking up on country only I took it a step further and checked out Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams and fell in love with both of them at the same time and continued to check out country musicians I didn't know. The blues and folk music just kinda fit right in for me because I like my country to be kinda like the blues and like my folk to be fairly country, lol.

Sorry I done such an awful job explaining it was kinda difficult for me to follow lol.

Also, I'm not really ashamed of anything I previously listened to because previously listened to things helped me to build my taste up to what they currently are and in five years I may look back and say the same thing about what I'm currently listening to because I will be moved on.
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0-16: Just a bunch of ****. My favorite childhood song was 'All Star' by Smash Mouth, but I also listened to some classic rock, rap, etc. The one song/band from this period that I still listen to:

16-18: I discovered the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first song I remember falling in love with was 'Can't Stop'. From there, I bought their greatest hits CD. For the remaining years of high school, I listened to 90s alternative entirely. If it wasn't from that period, I didn't give it a chance.

18-Present: Guess what? There is other music out there from an era other than early 90s alternative. I don't know if it was just because I was in college and spent a lot of time sitting around listening to music, but I was much more willing to try other things, ranging from Black Sabbath to Parliament to The Clash to A Tribe Called Quest to Defiance, Ohio to Kanye West.

I was a late bloomer!

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0-12 top 40 radio and alternative rock station every now and then. Also a lot of easy listening from my mother. Sting, Moody Blues, Rod Stewart.

12-16 I went into my rock stage of my life during this time. My first cassette I got was a red hot chili peppers album Blood Sugar Sex Magik, IIRC. When I was able to buy my own cassettes my first purchase was Green Day's Dookie. I swear I wore that tape out. I would listen to some hip hop every now and then from mtv but it was mostly alt rock that I was playing. I would get songs from the alt rock radio station I was listening to and make my own mix tapes. ahh the memories or recording a radio station on a cassette.

16-22 i was too busy with graduating from high school and getting ready to go into the Navy that I lost track of the music world for a bit and went back to listening to top 40 radio only. I did have a special place in my heart for nu metal though. Linkin' Park, P.O.D. , Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Saliva, etc. While I was in the navy I was oblivious to the whole entertainment industry. I had no idea what music, movies or tv shows that were coming out or hot at the time.

22-27 At the beginning, I discovered Nightwish and jumped head first into symphonic metal. I picked up lacuna coil along the way, Katatonia, Within Temptation. Oh and my special love for Evanescence. During this time , I had some really good friends giving me some new music that I wouldn't normally listen to. Two bands that I remember vividly is Tiger Army and AFI.
I had more time now to take recommendations and discover music for myself on the interwebs so my taste spread across so many genres. Brand New, Mars Volta, 30 seconds to Mars, Funeral for a friend, 36 crazyfists, Mastodon, Matchbook Romance, Matisyahu, Papoose, Iron Maiden, Rush, Patrick Wolf(thanks to ethan), Weezer, Van Halen, Valient Thorr, The Transplants, Tsunami Bomb, T.I. , Ne-Yo, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Nelly, Soundgarden, The Sounds, Daft Punk, DJ Tiesto, Crossfade, Coheed and Cambria, Avenged Sevenfold, Big and Rich, Dio. Okay I think you get the point, I listen to a lot of genres and I'm very open to new things as long as it sounds good to my ears.
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0-13 During these years I didn't listen to music that much. Only what was on the radio or the stuff my parents occasionally listened to (so not that much of anything)

13-16 I started to listen to more music. I started to like System of a Down alot and after that I started to listen to alot of metal. Stuff like Opeth, In Flames, Katatonia etc. and also some metalcore stuff. I listened to alot of metal during my teen years actually. It started with more mellow stuff and later I was into more extreme metal like death metal. I also liked to listen to alot of Empyrium which was a German folk metal later neo-folk band. I still love Empyrium alot.
When I was sixteen I started to listen more varied stuff.

17-20 I found post-metal. I really loved Callisto and Cult of Luna (I still do). And because of post-metal I started to listen to alot of post-rock. Post-rock is very dear to my heart (I have my own post-rock band also) I love bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ef, Sigur Rós, Pg.Lost, Ioseb, A silver Mt.Zion. During this time I also started to like alot of indie stuff. By this time I had also stopped listening to metal since I couldn't really connect to it anymore.

Lately: Right now I'm still really into post-rock (and stuff that in my opinnion goes great with it: ambient, drone etc.) and indie. I've also started to listen to alot of lo-fi, anti-folk and indie-folk. I really love Daniel Johnston, Jeffrey Lewis and stuff like that. DIY lo-fi bedroom projects are also really nice. Oh yeah and I love emo/screamo stuff like Mineral, Suis La Lune, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) etc.

Well I come from the old time baby, where all the kids are crazy.
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Great thread.

0-10 : Whatever was playing on the radio and some CDs and tapes that were passed down to me from my other brother and sister. One band stuck out the most:

10-14: I started listening to a lot of metal, this was the age where I picked up playing guitar and started covering a lot of classic licks and full songs that I found in Guitar World whenever I could get my mom to buy me an issue. Two bands stuck out the most though, still two of my favorites:

15-17: Scremo, Grindcore, other types of metal, and first glimpse of hardcore punk.
Bands that stuck out:

17-present - The last few years have been filled with a crazy amount of exploring. Hip-hop, Electronic(progressive house, indie dance, hard house ect.) Indie, ambient, jazz, 80s pop, funk, folk, and math rock.
Bands that stuck out/still are:

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