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Old 05-29-2009, 01:04 PM   #141 (permalink)
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Default away

Away away down,away away down
into the depths of nothingness.
Lost everything, all i had
all that iv'e touched, turns bad.
Failing the ones i hold dear the most,
counting the cost, all so much
fearful and damned i am
free falling away away down......

Silently falling, happy to leave,
can't stay while, family grieve.
Taking the easy way out,
so i don't have to face up
no more arguments that i can't win
i solute you and your kin.
Bad era's that have cost me, oh so dear,
the distance i have fallen is not exactly clear.......

Out of the realm of madness
my home for a long while
facing death though, with me a smile.
Always new it would end like this
in my life there wasn't that much bliss
so farewell and with it, a passionate kiss.......

No hard feelings, i think i coped well,
reasonably fitting, that now i belong in hell.
Have no hatred for no one no more,
though il still be knocking on hell's door
I will be dragged there without a say,
away away down, away away down today.
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Old 05-30-2009, 09:27 AM   #142 (permalink)
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Default dig 4 daggers

Spring into action, get satisfaction
every hour of every day
from early morning til late evenings
this is what i have to say.

Nothing is untouchable, everything is encredible
there is nothing that can't be yours
whether inviting or just plain exciting
open your mind and take this tour.

Jump onto this train, promise you won't complain
believe, and you will recieve,
The wilds can be tamed, all lands can be claimed
you don't need to own, a gold mine honestly.

Pay me a hundred, i'l share the secret
Its as simple as that,
I promise you a healthy life style
though until you pay, its under my hat.

Is it worth a gamble, change your life style
or is it to costly to achieve,
It didn't cost me pounds, only pennies
I jumped in with both feet, and believed.

So I have found an individual, happy in poverty
no ambition or needs,
what a waste of paperwork, giving me the fork
going about his own business,doing his deeds.

Not everyone bites, but whats not to like
a promise of a hundred percent return,
I am a genie giving you one wish
I don't want to see you crash and burn.

Its win win win, situation
do not fear where to tread,
I will be guiding you
don't forget i am just up ahead.
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Old 06-08-2009, 02:20 PM   #143 (permalink)
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Default u,f,m

Under my pillow, where i sleep still
dreaming of the future, until i've had my fill
in a time of great confusion,
within the battered earth,
having a party, lts a new birth.end.

Unlocking imformation in the dream scape
hidden treasures inside my brain
all frustrations fall away
a third of our lives asleep, dreaming is here to stay.

I hear you crying, crying for your salvation
how do i reach it, how to save my soul
wonder around, in the dark to long,
you forget, the differences from right and wrong
and all goodness, has all but gone.

Ignition green, all ready to go
what you all waiting for.
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Old 06-09-2009, 06:25 AM   #144 (permalink)
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Default use them wings

Pick yourself up from falling
face the world and eccept your calling
wasted lives are all around you
be on guard and do not fall as they do.
Time waits for no man
as you rightly are aware,
do not be discouraged where you stand
fulfill your ambition it's a risky affair.

Do not be persuaded to ditch your plans
there's no better time than the present
though the world is in a crisis
believe in yourself do not be hesitant.
For many of us chances, have gone by
telling ourselve's it's not the right time
never catching that ultimate wave
comfortable, but never that brave.end.........

You might say the world is getting smaller
and that everything has been discovered
that attitude limits your very goal
whether it will stop you i do not know.
I demand challenges everyday
keeps me ticking over, helps me stay awake
I am forever looking out for something new
don't give up, that something might be you.

If you have something special, then you should share
don't be alarmed by people's lack of care
there probably not worth knowing anyway
encourage the rest of us on this very day.
Time waits for no man, man is aged
time to turn over a new page.
Feeling fit and strong, bring it on
If life is to serious, then have a little fun.
You have to take critisism, and overcome hate
If your a proud person, you will eccept your fate
nomatter what lands on your plate
you will become respected, no matter what state.
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Old 06-11-2009, 04:28 AM   #145 (permalink)
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Default true shining love

You have filled this heart of mine
with love thats true the faithful kind
in your presence the sun always shines
you are my all---------------my life.end....

You are my best friend who i adore
spending time with you i only want more
for you have made me whole
filled my life with happiness
I have scored that dream goal
my wife------------------------your the best.

This is the greatest love i have ever known
with you at my side I know i am home
you have made me happy beyond belief
sometimes I fall though----------------------I now land on my feet.
All I know is you make me feel like a king
theirs nothing I desire I have everything.
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Old 06-15-2009, 12:18 PM   #146 (permalink)
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Location: Where people kill 30 million pigs per year
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Originally Posted by chard View Post
Trying to find a way out,
or just to get ahead.
Maybe im trying to hard
im losing my grip, surely slip and fall.
It wasnt always like this
their was a time, when nothing did go wrong
and how i wish i could still belong
in, that world.

My generosity has ultimatly, condemned me
for i have let, things slide
and now theres no place to hide.
Im being ridiculed for who i am,
and only now i fully understand.

So now i have to toughen up
let no-one walk over me
the way their used to
must now not be seen.
To treat everyone as potential enemy's
though still pretending they are friends
what a predicament to get my, self in.chorus:
Hi, Chard,
I am moved by the subject of this song: the sadness of realizing there are people who will use you or be cruel in other ways, when once (as young children, or before some special event?) we assumed others were friends unless proven otherwise. It is a sad realization many people have to deal with...and one that makes it all the nicer when people are friendly and come to our aid when we are in need.

I am curious about what it is that the speaker in the song has "let slide?" Also, I find the song makes me want to know more about what it is that causes others to ridicule the speaker of the song. Do you wish to keep that in general terms, or be more specific?
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Old 06-17-2009, 01:56 PM   #147 (permalink)
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Default joy in my heart

This is about my best friends sister
we all used to hang out together
and one day we noticed one another
and as soon as that happened it was over
because i was best friends with her brother
she told everyone she would not marry another
until she new i was being looked after
she wanted babies, me to be the father.

If I new what I know now, she kept her promise
I bumped into her the other day
she still looked so beautiful
and my feelings for her has stayed
she was shopping with her mother
and I just stood there tongue tied
the only thing i managed to get out
was hello and goodbye

It wasn't long after that me and her brother fell out
back when we were teenagers,
I just couldn't at the time
even though I new what it mean't to her.
I went through hell I remember, the drink and drugs
I denied my---self true-- love
Everyone around me got hurt in all so many ways
I just couldn't function without seeing her face
and to know now her love has never died
makes my heart sink bow my head and cry.

I have no idea where she lives, or how to contact her
will i have to wait for another 20 years
her name was joy, she certainly gave that to me
though the few months we had, will last an eternity
sacrifices made in friendship is not always right
I live with a stranger she is my wife.
I've never thought that love could be that strong,
all those years apart could i have been so wrong.

She was so right for me, solid as stone
I am an old dog now, eccept that it's long gone
I hope now she will marry
knowing I am happily married to
just don't ever let this happen to anyone of you.
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Old 06-18-2009, 05:21 AM   #148 (permalink)
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Default teacher

I was asked If I new the way
turn back time to yesterday
I take It yesterday was good
you know I would If I could.

Maybe tomorrow won't be that bad
by the look on your face, you look so sad
frustration, desperation wanting more time
realising now the sun doesn't always shine.

A future holds many answers, to questions unanswered,
so what you don't know today,tomorrows find away
with all desperation well that disappears
with all your frustration and your fears.

You will become ocean minded fuller in life
knowledge is power, though corruptable its true
you will have to decide which side your on,
If you can't make a decision, well thats just wrong.

Tomorrow Is a new day, It hasn't been written yet
you have until tomorrow to find a new mind set
to throw off those chains, that have bound you down
If you keep them on, you will surely drown

If you don't like the answers your recieving
don't ask me and I will stop believing
and there will be nomore I can say
you will be blinded by Ignorance day after day.

You can't turn back time Its impossible
I am sorry that I can't help,
I can turn your life around to believe in tomorrows
though your hurting Is well felt.

Please stay In touch, I hope all goes well
I'm here for you If you couldn't tell
I could teach you the ways of this world,
If knowledge Is what your after, not precious stones and pearls.

Life Is for living parties to,
If you don't let your hair down It will kill you.
You may enjoy all, thats on offer
deny yourself nothing, causing you no bother.

Educate yourself to a higher level of understanding
for this world never slows down Its very demanding
Well i'm going home now I have finished for today
have myself a rest and feed m--y brain.
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Old 06-18-2009, 04:32 PM   #149 (permalink)
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Default friday

Penantrating phycological ground
influences by the map of his mind
fronteers conquered In a flash
nightmares desifered and understood
eccelerate forward with your fist
dont fall back as lightening strikes
reporting findings to be framed
this man has a number, no name.

Silence falls In a crowded room
quiet before the storm
staring at one another in disbelief
anger raises its ugly head
the whole room erupts.

Deserted and disowned in judgement
death is on everyone's mind
no escaping the arm of the law
seduced by evil.

Alarm bells ring, peace fills the room
numbing though electric
this feeling leaves with you.
Straight for that crutch
that supports you daily
giving you back your sanity
end of the week, friday.
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Old 06-19-2009, 11:26 AM   #150 (permalink)
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Default bless my cotton socks

Save me from myself
I have an appetite for destruction
not able to keep, full control
help me before i am sanctioned.

Nothing is considered no-ones feelings or property
heading straight to my grave, I show disregard to everybody.
Helpless and hopeless am I a lost cause,
I know I can do better even with my flaws.

Running around like iv'e got nothing better to do
robbing the poor, old and blind and innocent people to
filling my pockets with strangers, hard earned cash
I am eternally gratefull, for having my stash.

Nobble a cripple in the street just for fun
horrified passerby's, makes me laugh, then i run
Its all about amusement I'm often bored out of my skull
eventually everyone runs out of time, so stop being dull.

I haven't finished yet, there's so much still to do,
I want to try grave robbing, shagging a stiff or two.
People in america seem to have all the fun,
rape and pillaging, by the will and the hand of gun.

I see things my way, my way's the truth
your way's suffocates us, youths
I could do so much with a gun
I am safe I promise it's only for fun.

I am a saint really if truth be known
well my mother always say's so
such kind words from a door mat
If youv'e had a labotomy you will enjoy that.
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