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Old 12-29-2009, 10:19 AM   #241 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default tried

In the light of yesterdays news
must now stand aside with the accused
knowing a fate worse than death awaits me
at the hands of bureaucracy.

Grief fills my heart as i stand with another
no one i know not my brother
all for something that i believe in
it came to soon thats why i'm grieving.

The dredd of being catapulted to stardom
by the tabloids on every front page
enough to drive someone to end it all
gambling with other peoples emotions, but knowing ultimatley i will fall.

Knowing that every eye is staring at me
anticipating my every word
to justify the reason to condemn me
silence spreads peace on earth.

Standing in the dock with an imaginary rope around my neck
trembling because all exits are blocked
suffering inside as my blood rushes to my brain
not ready for an onslaught, coward to pain.

The trial, screams can be heard from the street
nothing is said directly to me
not even the judge who bows his head
only the jury can pronounce me dead.

As i walk from the court room down the stairs
whisked away to a room with stagnent air
knowing justice has been swift
eccepting my fate, working the shift.

Into a vehicle to transfer my sorry arse
to a place of hell raising only to you it's a farce.
for i am pleased by the outcome
10 to twenty transferred in one.

Freedom is mental a good excuse for the corrupt
not only a safe guard when enough is enough.
Waving to the hoards as they beat the van with sticks
if you really knew me you would know thats how i get my kicks.

So commit a crime be prepared to do the time
but comfortable as you can get
don't bite the hands that feed you
that way you will never get wet.
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Old 12-29-2009, 10:55 PM   #242 (permalink)
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Some nice work, not bad at all.

But as it is with most lyrics, it can be corny at times.........
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Old 12-30-2009, 06:19 AM   #243 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default fester

You do not want me as your enemy
so here's my job you can do it for me.
Do it right, do it well
if you want to keep your head you wont tell.

Just another sadistic manager
only here to hurt ya
Never around when need her the most
signed sealed and delivered by post.

Educated, leading position this day
no warranty can't have my say
all is wrong it's a fix
a infestation of chic flicks.

Well educated i am, iv'e put in the hours to
just to be side tracked by a woman,
who by the way hasn't got a clue.
I'm bewildered, confused in shock
am i the only person here who gives a f.....

Working away for someone i do not respect
like all the others a pain in my neck
i'm a magnet for all that is bad
meeting me i make them feel glad.

They get credited for all my hard work
i'm left wanting i'm still only the clerk
This is a disaster in which i take the leading role
taste the blood and sweat from up my arse hole.

This is what i deal with everyday
kicked and punched never to have a say.
Constantly at her side doing what she will's
breaking my spirit kill kill kill.
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Old 01-01-2010, 04:37 AM   #244 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default alone in mass

Take my hand and il lead you,
into my world.
And when you feel what i feel
you then will love it to.
All your troubles will slip away
when you need me you will want to stay.

I won't push you from side to side
at any given moment you may take a hike
all i desire is you think about it
living with me couldn't be.

In a world where suffering is over run
where the gun is the only solution
I'm thinking outside the box
thinking clearly free your soul
and onward we'l go.

I will carry you for as long as it takes
don't be disolusioned there will be no mistakes
I now know that you are my kind
i want you with me down the line.
It's not a care free world
but you lift my spirits high
so walk with me a little while
and tell me your story.

Not everyone will condemn you
not everyone will judge you
well not me as i have a tortured soul
nothing really surprises me anymore.

Drifting from one place to another
spiritually headed on an upper level
life is how you make it
it's nice to have a hand when needed.
Walk with me and let your thoughts rise
prize them open nomore locked inside
Life's to short be an individual
let's make love not war.

Open your mind to possibilities beyond your reach
then you will recieve the help you need.
Whisper your feelings if not out aloud
see the miracles that will make you proud.

The gentle sweet smell of success
when you know that you have been blessed
nothing comes close to it
to know whats shallow to know your withit.

Bighug to all my brothers and sisters on this day
coming right at you from the uk
Dressed in fine linen dressed to kill
godbless the world eccept his will.
All for the well being of everyone
arms reaching out grab ahold
all things are worth doing if done right
jump out from the maddness, without having to fight.
Just like i'm telling my woman who's a compassionate athiest
who's miserable believing this is it.
Doesn't want to change she likes her friends
and would prefer to live in ignorance til the end.
Well thats ok all i wanted was the truth
it wasn't that hard thankyou it's not an excuse
There will be a right time for you.

Walk with me hand in hand
this is a stamp a 666 brand.
Living together in harmony
the good with the bad, what will become of me.
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Old 01-04-2010, 09:13 AM   #245 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default motorway

When nature calls i must obey
whether or not i'm driving on the motorway
I've got to stop and drop
whether it be night or day.

Like the morning alarm waking me for work
not something i like it really hurts
But it must be done if i want to get paid
so i can take trips down the motorway.

Beat your colleagues to the calender
book your holidays in advance
you can bet your life in the new year
that none of your colleagues took that chance.

So your looking at a calender what weeks are left
making your new year, sad i bet.
It's just started and the pain is real
their not concerned about how you feel.

Hesitation causes loss, confusion and distrust
revealing your inner self, are you like anyone else.
So when the day breaks and you know you have to rise
never look down allways look up to the skies.

So why do they terrorise you why do they make you sad
probably you have something that they wish they had.
It's never that easy to get up out of a rut
but if you don't your likely to get stuck.

All wound up when does the holidays begin
i'm planning my future to me it's everything.
When the sun appears theirs wind in my sails
giving me a holiday bug without fail.
When nature calls i must obey
ignition green i'm on the motorway.
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Old 01-05-2010, 02:32 PM   #246 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default adorable

Nothing in this world could ever prevent me from being with you
your my free ride in life nothing else will do.
Because i think you are stunning thats as pure as glass
just keep your hand in mine thats all i ask.

Night's are drawing in my love, the fires burning fuel
outside it's below zero, i want to spend time in with you.
Don't need distractions or uninvited visitors
friends neabours brothers or sisters.

A quiet evening of wine and dance, with music that opens the heart
knowing that our strong love for one another we will never part.
Long intimate dances tasteing of your sweet lips
holding on every word you say while stroking your hips.

You have a figure slim and slender you have lost nothing over the years
instead you are brighter a better version of her.
Lost in time maturity takes a grip and stays quiet
your beauty is astounding you will never need to diet.

My second my first i am commited to you
bound by love in this life, it's the only thing thats true.
Pushing my hand through your hair while moving down for a kiss
blissfull in nature the anticipated final is this.

No matter what comes for us from out of the dark
it will just be another failed entry, just another mark.
While your hand sits in mine, we both stand in victory
knowing and seeing what is attacking us, as we are both mean't to be.
Together until god whisks you away into his kingdom way above
a bridge never to far to cross by knowing love.
Bighug my beautiful as i gaze into your eye's
like opening gifts at xmas you are my best surprise.
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Old 01-10-2010, 03:52 PM   #247 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default friends of my earth

Ready yourself for the begginning
of something beautiful
Transfix your eye's
down the corridor- of time.
See a glimpse of wonders beyond your imagination
travel with me and breathe
swimming in the busom of the whole.

Close your mind from uncertainties
cleanse every thought you have ever thought
then maybe you will find your spirit
and it will live in you.
A new world of love shining through
never ending never ending friends of my earth.

chorus; Uplifting no doubt in my mind
far away the cries can not be heard anymore
all is now peacefull.
I am the spirit of life
the song of a sweet bird in flight
beautiful beyond words
nothing else is over heard.

Dreams are all that is left of me
in a world that has been wronged and decieved.
Terrible outcome from where we were before
all people's everywhere were lost when closing my door.
I am pleased to see someone again
a new begginning at the start of this day..solo..

Born again left all far behind me
my eye's are now open.
I am whole i feel different, feel so calm
though my spirit is strong i can almost touch life.
Why did we ever leave you
forgotton the years that were wasted.
Belief well may be more one day
be happy with one who's found his way. chorus;

Light shines in so many ways
time moves forward theirs still time to pay.
Friends of my earth, my life has not been wasted like yours
i have the map of life written in the sands of time.
As the sun will awake you
so will i very soon.end.....
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Old 01-12-2010, 04:19 PM   #248 (permalink)
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Default one more for the road

Pick a side that is right for you
know your person the old and new
embrace life that awakes your muscle
break the ice one more hussle.
Grab ahold do not let go
time is of the essence
theirs no going slow.

Move with me, feel the heat
intensity between the sheets.
Use this energy unleash the beast
mouth open on your knees.

Freeze frame nothing is forgotton
only the lovers that are rotton
from 5 to 12 hours to suit
I have never been one to dilute.
Give it to me straight from the hip
ready and willing for a dip.

Shower me in wet love
drench my hair and face from above
moist like dew rising from the room
in a wind-swept monsoon.
Deliver a pounding back fire
that will keep the home fires burning,
an explosion that will rip through the roof
and keep my wheels turning.

A frost has risen, a barrier of fate
extinguish it before it's to late
desires must overide any thoughts of death
intoxicating love making with each and every breath.

Your a power boost of intensifying speed
I will take it any way, when i have the need.
Take me and who ever else you desire,
engulfed in your flame, a sacrifice to your fire.
Desperate for your pounding love
what i get from others is never enough.

All for you in a heart beat
don't just sit there get off that seat
frisky yet again, one more time in the fast lane.
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Old 01-13-2010, 10:01 AM   #249 (permalink)
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Default fix me up

Excuse me while i light up my cig
i'm feeling to stressed to care
theyr'e constantly digging me
I don't think it's fair.
All the blame is thrown at me
where does it all come from
i have an idea though it's difficult,
to know if it's right or wrong.

Desperate to find a way
to lift this curse from my brow
stamp it out and kill it
ammediatly yes right now.
If something is happening then it seems to concern me
need a way of knowing in time so i can flee.
Or possibly turn the tide from which it came from
so when it detonates they will feel the pain from there own time bomb.

Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated
for the time will come and you will know
that life is very short and could be filled or shallow.
Be nice to your opposite and may your opposite be nice to you
we are all brothers and sisters eccept for a few.

Only the smart will understand my text
all you others will be praying whats next
to arrogant to know or to dream
of a wonderful place right under your feet.

Tired and hurtful all you who condemn
you will never have any friends
you so quickly tire of people so easily
you will never discover who you are really.

Nomatter, can't say we never tried
to open your senses, to open your minds.
There is only one question on everyone's lips
when will you dissapear looking for your next fix.

I wont say i'm bothered because i am not
i have uncovered a government plot
To kill all the people's that have no will to live
speeding up the process i have to forgive
the limit of your understanding is very limited
so reading this text won't lift the lid.

Sorry to say this as i don't know you well
and probably never will.
I have my issues but i know they will pass
my problems are with you now but dissapearing fast.
Get off your backsides this life is so good
don't think it's ended before it's begun like i know i would.
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Old 01-13-2010, 11:48 AM   #250 (permalink)
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Hi there,

Chard, are these strictly just poems or do you have music to go with some or all of them.

I only ask because it seems a few folks have made comments that they seem corny. I think it's amazing how the written lyrics can be changed when they are given a melody and a good backing track to compliment them.

I guess that's the difference between poetry which is the finished thing and song lyrics which really is only half the job.

I think you'll find that some classic songs have what might be called 'corny' lyrics if read in isolation.

Quick example off the top of my head:




Ok, as you may know, that is from 'Get it On' by one of my favourite bands, T.REX, (Marc Bolan). Now, to me they sound corny in that form, that is until you here the complete song and see the whole performance together.

Just my humble and ancient opinion.


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