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Old 10-08-2009, 07:42 AM   #211 (permalink)
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Mo---ve over i wan-t to get by,
you--r in my way now and i don'-t know why.
All good things come to an end,
the end it seems has made an appearance.
So soo-ner rather than later-- i am lea-ving.

Everywhere i look theres pretty women walking,
theres no need to get hooked by one take the warning.
A woman, you lose at what cost to your sanity,
what will be an eternity.

Wake up one morning when the day is dawning
and you turn over and start frowning
tell me was i wrong...chorus...
All the time i spent looking for miss right,
i thought i fo-und her plucking her out of the night.
Could i have been mistaken could i really be that wrong,
i dated her for two years it wasn't that long.
I decided to marry her thinking she was the one,
but now i'm regretting it now she's no fun....end...

People jump off bridges on on coming traffic for a lot lot less,
life is a school another one of those mathematical tests.
Life is a game of chance, you have two feet so dance.
Sex is mainstream theres no need for loneliness nomore,
so if its not the same woman you married, then what are you waiting for.
You don't have to kill yourself it's just a set back,
take it with a pinch of salt ignore all the facts.
No woman is worth it men your better than that,
think like a child and pull a rabbit out of your hat.

The death toll keeps arising suicide is on the up,
what the bloody hell are you thinking whats stiring in your tea cup.
why must you make a mountain out of a mole hill,
death is better than paying household bills.
Well why didn't you say so, is that how everyone thinks,
well thats not anything new we all think it stinks.
But i will never kill myself while i have breath,
i could lose it all it won't be my first failed test.

Mind blowing! when will you realise what you have got,
you have everything going for you, you really have the lot.
When did you stop dreaming, when did you stop believing
thats when you drop out, thats when you start to doubt.
Life is not a competition theres no winners in this race,
theres time to pick up your troubles and turn about and face.
So stop burning your bodies and burials in the ground,
your not human waste, your minds and bodies are sound.
So stop your crying and the pretence you can't win,
you will find in time you will have everything.

Its now you need it its now your hurting,
have you forgotten the ways of flirting
If your going to die by not a natural cause,
then spread your legs theres no time to pause.
people are trying to get inside of you,
so stop resisting, recieve pleasure two by two.
Man or woman theres no clear definition,live a life before extinction,
time to grow learn a new position, thats whats call--ed vision.chorus...
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Old 10-12-2009, 01:46 PM   #212 (permalink)
i write and play stuff
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there's varying critiques i have about your lyrics;

they're not succinct, many seem tautological. this means you're being verbose for no real reason. use only what you need to use, not just what you can use. all the great songs don't linger on, which brings me to my next point;

songs are a story, too. i had pat pattison visit when i was in uni for a workshop on songs (and another popular songwriter who's name escapes me now). it doesn't matter what song style you're writing (AAA like bob dylan, or ABAB like many contemporary songs), the song cannot remain stagnant. stagnant is boring.

think of the verses as boxes(in context, not in ideas), and each box covers a different idea while expanding on the box before it. choruses reiterate the main meaning of the song. you also don't have to rhyme. it also seems like you write your songs very quickly; try waiting a while and have something affect you deeply and inspire you to write, rather than writing about everything that pops into your head.

you can also try incorporating figurative language more cleverly by using irony, satire, and cynicism, etc.

finally, try to do something new with each song you write. don't fall into a habit; as you evolve your songs and writing should too.
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Old 10-15-2009, 05:28 AM   #213 (permalink)
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Default 2013

Looking over my shoulder again,
i can feel something coming,
its not part of my plan, though it's still running.
Waiting for something bad to happen, which isn't very predictable,
it will push me over and ultimatley watch me fall.
I have only one option pray damn hard,
another way made clear to me,
clearing my defences in my own backyard.

See here what life throws at you,
some you wait for, others come out of the blue.
Some with a silver lining, others just plain blinding.

Followers of the here and now, what must you think of me
writing stuff that you know nothing about, believing only what you see.
I am forever writing about the coming of the end,
whether in relationships wives families and friends.
The end of the world is only a few years away,
within the early part of the next decade.
We live in times that are slowly falling apart,
and that my friends is only the start.

On earth there will be fire, burning lakes of sulphur,
where the old order is over, completely.
This is hell on earth in which you have bought your ticket,
i hope now your regretting it, completely.
You all seem to believe in a hell that fulfills your desires,
has earth fulfilled your desires completely.
Theres a ticket to be had and its yours for free,
eccept jesus into your family, completely, completely.

How can you not believe in heaven when surely you believe in hell,
you have not seen either, only in life you dwell.
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Old 10-16-2009, 12:56 PM   #214 (permalink)
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Default memory, distant memories

When walking alone, down a dark well trodden road.
Never seeing nothing new, from others before you.
A hard way to travel alone, no place ever a home
Strangers everyone, never closer to any of them.
Never called apon for a helping hand,
to stop and think try to understand, being to busy an ignorant man.

Try to evolve then perhaps yee might solve,
a question on everyones lips, that your not only out for a quick fix.
Trouble will follow you everywhere you go,
because you are unfit, unstable and slow.

You walk as though you have the world on your shoulders,
your life is over, over.
Stressing all the time, blinking head lights, always wanting to fight,
believing your always right, carry the burdon of losing, it's tight.

Thinking of this world it doesn't need me,
so why should it be, can't you see.
I will be better off and you will be better off to,
if i lose myself, and again never bother you.
Playing games has always been a working charm,
its worked for me many a time never done me any harm.
But now i am so so tired, and i am wired for destruction,
i don't want to be healed not this time, please no effection.
I just feel or is it i feel nothing at all,
to many peices to pick up off the floor,
can't be bothered anymore.

The sun rises, it's beautiful very still very warm
love this earth love the view, when the sun sets it's beautiful to.
Though i will surely miss you i dont think i shall forget,
the times we spent together i have no regrets.
You made me feel whole, my mind body and my soul.
nothing i take from you only memory's before the fold,
and before all material wealth had been sold.

When we used to hold hands and walk very close,
when people walked by us i was the first to boast.
You on my arm i was in the new world,
nothing has come close since not even rocks and pearls.
Never buy love for theres a price on your head,
and one day soon your wake up dead.
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Old 10-16-2009, 01:05 PM   #215 (permalink)
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um um um ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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Old 10-18-2009, 05:48 AM   #216 (permalink)
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Default outside your box

If there is a place where you feel free
not out of place exactly where you want to be
everything right your hands on the wheel
always getting what you want never a bad deal.
I am feeling this place is touching my soul
each and every time i walk through them doors
I get excited like never before, always returning for more.

Everywhere is different always getting a different vibe
travelling here there and everywhere theres always a divide.
Finding that place where you can call it home from home
thats whats important thats what makes me roam.
Never settling for anything less than the best
traveling in my car all over the south west.

Not being a travelling man always out on the road
living on an estate never reaching out
so i travel at the weekends experience something new
maybe one day i'l bump into you.
Getting trapped in a small world, had to escape
wanted more out of life that was on my plate.
Everyone i know spends there wages in the pub,
but for me that was never enough.

Watching while i put on the pounds
helplessly weighted down, by all lifes pressures
is this my only pleasure.
Well it had to end and it was going to end before my demise
now i see them all from time to time, man i was wise.
Drinking for me is a young mans thing, i'm getting to old
i suffer for longer now, so i decided to hit the road.
And now i see outside the box i'm living life for the first time
my life is a holiday nolonger scraping nickels and dimes.
Opening new doors making a new future
seeing people from all walks of life, seeing a little culture.

Theres a world out there wanting to be explored
know what life is about and what it is for.
next time your door knocks, see a world that is not on the box.
I am happy i am free, nolonger feel trapped sunken on my knees
some people need a push and a shove
or there never ever find true love.
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Old 10-20-2009, 04:16 AM   #217 (permalink)
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Default rise and fall

Something might happen that i would be delighted to see
whats happening in the world today its bound to be a tragedy.
Everything that is happening is to do with the worlds end
we may all live together but were not all friends.
Whats the worse that could happen on this quiet coast line
please define your answer if you would be so kind.
Its not that i don't believe what your saying is your own truth
everyone has their own ideas that connects to a broken fuse.
We are waiting and anticipating the arrival of the worlds end
and no one is wanting to save our planet no one is making amends.

Its as though we have given up theirs no fight left in us to live
we are all broken inside i feel we have nothing more to give.
Well i am confused because no one bothered to ask me
on what i thought about it, No one thought it likely to confide in me.
Well i am disapointed that there is no communication anymore
we have tv and the internet you can discuss it with us all,
But instead you have decided to closed all your doors.

It's not good enough we have a right to know
whether or not our world will be here tomorrow.
We live in a country we work and pay are taxes
and i expect more from you than not replied faxes.
So we stand alone all the peoples of the earth
no government will save us we are face down in the dirt.
If they have a plan there keeping it to themselves
all those selfish bastards i will see you in hell.
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Old 10-24-2009, 12:03 PM   #218 (permalink)
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Default violaters

Refraine yourself from opening your trap
everytime you are heard its nothing but crap
so take heed and stop being vulgar
here sit quietly and drink your lager.
Blame the drink i wish you could
even when you are sober you can't be understood
Your feelings have been taken into account
so stop your crying you filthy down and out.

Your so lucky we have no pride anymore
otherwise you would be looking in from the other side of the door
never would you be invited in, eccept for the food in our dustbin.

We have our doors open for every colour and creed
whether you abide our laws or hinder our needs
whether you steal or murder our kin
our house is open come! you are invited in.
We have become soft touches, our own government is broken
ridicule comes on those who are outspoken.

So we drink to get drunk in our local
and from time to time we become vocal
sorry if you are upset by it, but we have recieved more than enough ****.
Being apologetic i just think we british are pathetic,
letting foreigners run riot in our land
stealing our nations pride when we open our hands
take take thats all they do, do you give anything back well do you
do you ever think twice when your ripping us off
will you ever truley thank us i think not.

So let us wollow in self pity wondering where it all went wrong
where did all our great leaders dissapear to, where have they all gone.
Why have you left us to defend ourselves in the lions den
we never see progress only heartache again and again.
Do you really think we are happy seeing our country absorbed of all recources
knowing what will happen next over run by foreign forces.
In a time that will see us sink to our knees,
The faint cry from its people pleading for our mercy.
I see us suffering and cut into peices in a act of good will,
the best thing for a suffering dog is lift it's head and shoot to kill.
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Old 10-26-2009, 12:05 PM   #219 (permalink)
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Default whats important

Winde it down now youv'e had your fun
everybody has the picture now there on the run
you see no one here no more they have all got up and left
they heard and believed you everyone is in your debt.

You are out spoken you decieve no one
we are all indebted to you for what you have said and done
You have a way with words you can reach out
your words travel like fire without having to shout.

Blessed are we who are here today
having heard what you had to say
It won't be forgotten this i know is truth
you have planted a seed you have done what you needed to do.

Now if you would be so kind i need my rest
please see your own way out, you have all my best
who you are il leave it to one of lifes mysteries
the stranger turned around and said i will see you in ten more years.
Well il see you again my friend if thats who you really are
a strange travelling salesman without a car.

Anyone who enters your life and saves you money and more
no matter what his back ground he will always be welcomed at my door.
He promised a way out solutions giving great advice
he left personal belongings a set of old dice.
Maybe thats his calling card, paid in full on collection
may you all be blessed like us and he's travelling in your direction.

No matter what religion or what state your in
i know everyone dreams about luck and ways to win
Its all at your finger tips just sign on the dotted line
your be drinking champagne no more sparkling wine.

Who wants to see the other side anyway
sing and praise someone who never lets you play
Keeps you poor saying your better off that way
living every tomorrow like your yesterdays.

I have lived at the bottom and have endured years of abuse
i started to believe what people said i was no use
I prayed to the lord above felt he gave me a little hope
but it wasn't long after i had my neck tied by a rope.
If you can't live a little what is the point
theres only so much booze you can swallow and weed filled joints.
No matter what your situation all is not lost
may lady luck run with you at no cost.

Born into this world and taught so many wrongs
when will you figure it out hope it doesn't take to long
if you know a way out without giving up your life
please share your wisdom before we are all lost in the night.
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Old 10-27-2009, 09:15 AM   #220 (permalink)
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Default females tagged

To start at the beginning and roll through to the end
going out but staying in drinking with friends.
Having a party of women over to stay
treat them as i do with no respect as they are all slaves.
Sex objects nothing more and i mean nothing less
never a word spoken out of duress
we command they obey wouldn't have it any other way,
they are here for one reason olay.

Never teach a woman that their is more to life than what we give them
start at an early age or forget it my friends.
Drill them into submission takeaway their rights
give them enough to live on and bang them through the night.

They really love it they are not born to lead
they do like to pretend but they prefer to be on there knees
You may think they are all different but i know for certain
women are here to be controlled like a pair of curtains
open and close them when you desire
they give up everything and they never grow tired.

Never give them ideas and always make them follow your own desisions
drill them night and day into submission.
They all are beautiful way beyond words,
I always make sure i am always over heard.
Never denying them all that they really need
me at front taking the lead, giving them a daily feed.

Women cry out for a man to take control
they are sick and tired of men that are to slow
A woman is free if she is allowed to shop
and happy at home when i am about to drop.
Women do not know what they want
so dont give them any desisions you stupid ****.
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