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Old 09-25-2009, 11:06 AM   #201 (permalink)
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Join Date: Sep 2008
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Default pillow mirage

Under your spell i dwell in and out of both worlds,
I know i decide on where i fly so nothing is lost.
Found a place i belong now i am comforted,
all is new and interesting i am one with you.

Wait for the signal that will guide you to me,
I will greet you with open arms you just wait and see.
Friends are hard to come by so i am wanting,
their will only be a short gap in time to go hunting.
Dream a little love a lot, is there anything iv'e forgot,
help to guide me through, i love you.

I wait for your time, you will soon be mine,
waiting for you i'm out on a limb.
waiting yes i am sure your be kinder than all
a life wanting to live.

Mystical woman from afar, guiding angel to my star
flowing from the star dust realm, i'm here waiting by my self.
Reality needs to kickstart can't afford to stay to long
or i may just fall into the pit and then i will be gone.

Together forever i do need you
guide me into your arms for an eternity
drive me a bolt of passionate light
life eternal day and night.

Embracing is tasteing what is to come,
unforgetting the setting of the sun.
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Old 09-26-2009, 01:23 PM   #202 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default bad deal

J ust when i feel i'm over you
i see you with another guy
i feel like hitting something, i feel i want to cry.
When i see you and your laughing without any tears in your eyes,
i can't help but feel as happy as a man knowing he's soon to die.

How can you not feel anything i am destroyed,
makes me mad that your not feeling, i'm really annoyed.
The man your with must be encredibly wonderful,
for you to forget me within one month or is it more.

Hopelessly devoted well if that were true,
i'd still be in a relationship with you.
I'm not going to lie, i wont even try,
I just never wanted to say goodbye.

Spend so much time living together, living side by side,
then one day it's over and the emptyness collides.
It's good to break up but its better if we dont and we get back together,
thats what i hoped but now i know it now won't be ever.

A broken heart that will never heal,
we tell ourselves that next time we won't feel.
But it just like a line a spinning reel, another bad deal.
Going home alone to watch a bit of tv,
how depressing is that well it is to me.
Can't get you now out of my head,
heading for my pillow early to bed
can't say i will be doing anything instead
have a great time my pretty, cus i'm dead.
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Old 09-28-2009, 02:48 AM   #203 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default life cycling

A request is in for a transfer,
I brought it to their attention amediatley, i want out of here
I want to be- free.
Wasteing awa---y in a dead end job
nothing would please more, than changing my lively hood.

A position has opened in a different department
something that i feel strongly about
I'm going for it with determination, i have to win this for myself......,

Some people dream some people scheme
but i will overcome by determination.
Keep your trump card til the last,
drive to win your future is not your past
so you won't come in last, thats determination.

Everyone is the same theirs no one better or worse,
so i drive myself knowing this and all will be revealed.
Don't be alarmed it's not an illusion,
stepping into a world of confusion,
where by theirs no certain conclusion.
Only faith in one self can you overcome,
with the odds stacked up against you, never turn and run.

If you decide to stand still then you won't experience any sudden thrills,
and your success rate will rate nil and all will be lost.
Push to succeed and push to win,
never forget why your doing it.
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Old 09-28-2009, 05:55 PM   #204 (permalink)
Arya Stark's Avatar
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None of them are particularly interesting for me to get past the first few lines. I'm disappointed.
Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

MB Journal.
Azucar y Especia. My blog.
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Old 09-29-2009, 02:52 AM   #205 (permalink)
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Default unto

Cutting all ties with you,
your demented and i wish to run from you
don't want you to hang around
tied to me hurtling down hell bound.
Yes i'm worried can't you tell
your different and it ain't swell
I can't afford to lose my grip right now,
so please lose yourself in the crowd.

I'm better on my own, sitting alone on my throne
knowing there's no place like home,
playing on my string and bone.

If i wanted to enter the realm of madness i will enter into your life,
I know where your going, I know what seeds your sowing,
I know what you will be growing, for me your my perfect wife.

I ain't going to tell you that, for you will get the wrong idea
maybe when i'm toothless and balding i'l let you near.
Haven't got the patience i'm not a volunteer
get out of my sight before i bite all that i hold dear.

Yes i will miss you for an hour or two,
does that make you feel any better, can you do what i ask of you.
Are you going to leave me in peace,so your staying thats really neat.

Making love to a real woman, sending me to heaven,
i am fortunate to know what that means,
she's the goddess of love she's the only one in my dreams.

Always trying to push away everything that would give me pleasure,
iv'e always been the same giving away all of my treasures.
But this one is as stubborn as me, now we will become family.
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Old 10-01-2009, 04:16 AM   #206 (permalink)
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Default smitten

Looking through the window of time,
it was always mine, it was always there, laid bare.
My thoughts rushing forward clear in my mind,
I know about discovery and its me i must find.
Trouble is theres so much going on
i get side tracked all the time, the right time has gone.
It's never that easy to find one's purpose
when i'm just fooling around acting like a jackass.

Nobody's perfect yes i've heard those words before
there easy to recognise, very hard to ignore.
And i suppose that is why, i carry on living a lie
eccepting what is pleasing to my eye.
No one likes a failure, so hide the truth from everyone,
it's easier to study, when having no fun.

It's a jet pack on your back, moving in every direction
never wanting to stop but always knowing you need correction.
Achieving is believing that all your trials in life,
will mean something after the years have flown by.
And that all your sweat, blood and tears was not in vain,
and that the truth is revealed to me again and again.

Never having to live in another persons shadow,
for they put the effort in and i never bothered
so it's easy to understand why i must slow down,
to get the grades and never again wair a frown.
Time is essential i need to fill it right,
I will party hard in my twenties, but first i need a life.

If you have got it then use it, don't let it slip away,
because your be regretting it for the rest of your days
work hard in your studies get those grades,
don't let your past be your future, entrapped in the purple haze,
til the end of daze, til the end of daze.
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Old 10-03-2009, 04:23 PM   #207 (permalink)
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Default reading rights

News everyones news talked about
discussions, reviews naked it's all out.
World politics, religions and more
always trying to find flaws.
Never really knowing if we stand on solid ground,
or whether the lost can really be found.
How do you see a future with a narrow mind,
I think you could look everywhere, but you won't find.
Nothing that you are looking for,
your missing the point standing outside the wrong door.

Every sin known to man, to try to learn and understand.
All that is wicked and all that is impure,
to judge and to sentence, save and cure.

Driven mad by all thats happening, cornered by the laws trappings.
Everything considered and disected under a microscope,
but still when the truth is told, this world has no hope.
Be strong eccept all, ignorance is bliss when knowing others have to fall.
Stand tall by your ideals try to stay in that place,
so if you do fall there will be no disgrace.

Nothing shocks anymore, trying to condone what the reasons were for.
Eccepting that justice often fails, the system! its off its rails.
Yes we know don't be alarmed, its often the case the innocent are harmed.
You can't hide the truth no-more, we've heard your lies so many times before.
Eccept that we your people have hardened our hearts
nothing you can say that could drive us apart.
We who are british through and through,
will suffer in silence, but in reality will never fall for you.
You may have your thoughts of us in the gutter,
we will have the last laugh pushing down our shutters.

You who have gone beyond all that is law abiding,
may you suffer in silence, and make the best of your life in hiding.
All will be revealed it won't be hidden for long,
but by your commands it will be revealed when you are dead and gone.
It's no escape it will follow you in death,
think about that when you take your last breath.
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Old 10-04-2009, 10:56 AM   #208 (permalink)
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Default all you need is sex

Wasting away on this summers day,
it was never my intension it was never my way.
Making plans that never materialise,
something always happens, threatening my highs.
When i look back, all of my holidays have been crap.
It just when i make plans for a long weekend,
every time i do good relations end, and i appear to have no good friends.

Looking out of my window seeing a world outside,
stuck in when i want to be out, going out of my mind.
Paying all my debts off want rid of them,
but at a high cost not drinking with friends.
It's getting worse iv'e started talking to myself,
these walls are closing in on me, giving me bad health.
i am in fear of losing grip sliding down in the pit,
swimming in a lot more ****.

Polution poluting my brain, feel energetic at the thought of becoming insane.
A never ending cycle of tears, ready to explode bottled up fears.
I can't tell you what is in my head,
but if i have to stay here i will whind up dead.
Thought i could play on my play station 3,
kill time and save up a little money.
Pay my bills before i am evicted,
live a little before it becomes restricted.

I have shed more than enough tears,
i also have opened my fair share of beers
more than a pool of whiskey,
all what was once before me.
If truth be told, i don't know what my future holds.
I can't see that far ahead of me,
I know i have to sacrifice, or it will turn out bloody.

The clock is ticking slow, and iv'e itchy feet i want to go.
Looking out of my window seeing a world outside,
knowing i am to young to hide, believing i have already died.
Come over my part time partner, she's a heart beat stopper
she's a mother ****er, trained a real sucker.
She will slowly relieve my pain, if she catches a later train.
All is not lost if the woman returns,
knowing your falling ready to crash and burn.
learn a lot from someone that shares there love around,
knowing where there going, tied gagged and bound.
All these sexy secrets spilling over the floor,
down the hall way under the door.
Into the street where strangers meet, tasteing forbidden fruit,
that tastes so sweet.

My lust for life is driving me wild, come over and make me smile, haven't seen you for a while, so make me think it was good of me to dial.
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Old 10-07-2009, 09:40 AM   #209 (permalink)
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Default dour

Ready for anything, ready to take control
i have been absent for too long.
Now that i have opened my eyes,
now that i am alive. Now that i see the truth,
I am conscious now looking at you.
The confusion i was feeling has all but gone,
I now stand in glory not alone.

Deserted left for dead, they never knew me, i haven't been well read
or they would have made sure that i was really dead.
Before leaving me a trail of deciet, that leads to a house down the street.
They just didn't do their homework on me.

Battered and bruised i started to cruise, my destination number 2
down the street where local hoods meet,
somewhere to go when feeling low, to bounce back on your feet.
Well i was right, there they were, for a flash, on my bonnet anyway,
under my wing should i say. That felt good, i feel better now,
though there won't be any escape for me, trapped under a dark cloud.

Sure enough i took three out with a fatal blow,
but there are more than three, that sacrificed me down the hole.
So i watch while they load there guns,
and empty there rounds into me,
Oh what fun, seeing my life flash before me.

I was given a second chance but i failed miserably,
I decided to take revenge, and thats why life has been taken from me.
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Old 10-07-2009, 01:48 PM   #210 (permalink)
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Default the bug

Not doing anything extradinary,
only focusing an a squashed bug on the wall
Can't say it's really exciting, can't say much at all.
Eccept for the trail of blood smudged near it
which now is turning brown,
and now and then, one of his friends visit,
it can only bring you down.
it can only bring you down.

Bugs can't live forever in this house anyway,
not alot of food out , so can't do waste.
Its not as though they will be sorely missed
or have a prior engagement to go to
a death quick! by a human fist,
whats your way what do you do.

Slap them smash them slice and disect them
squirt and burn them, out of frustration.
Or just for humour, killing minutes in the hour.
Lets all live together in sweet harmony,
let all living creatures have life, wild and free.
If thats what you believe in thats all fine,
though you will never be invited over mine.
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