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Old 09-07-2009, 10:34 AM   #191 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default save

You never know whats coming your way
until it's to late it's in your face
i'm not a very good problem solver
it just builds up, and erupts, the good times over.
Everything breaks but why at the same time,
and why is it always mine.
Expensive to say the least as i recieve the reciept.

After holidays my bank balance is low
then new clothes are needed after all, they are a year old.
Then the breakdowns follow,making me run to my pillow
for comfort and a lock tight hold.
Transporting me into a ugly place
where people steal from you, and are all two faced.
All fighting for supremacy, but bowing out,from uncontrolable greed.

Ask for help from a so called friend,
but when money is tight friendship ends.
Can't believe that it can cost that much,
telling myself i must be way out of touch.
So here it is if you want it you must pay for it,
waving, smiling have a good day, he's got wit
working busting my gut, enough is enough.
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Old 09-07-2009, 12:45 PM   #192 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default war of ignorance

I run to my mummy asking her what all the noise is about
she takes me in her arms and screams and shouts.
I tell her not to cry, but i start crying myself
the noise is getting louder, deafening our cries for help.

As we run past the window before the back door and then outside
a high wall of black smoke about 100ft high.
Flames everywhere torching the sky
hearing the wounded cries before they die.

The aftermath after all the planes have gone,
the devastation of the village, how can we carry on
my church and school, all but rubble now,
no children playing, no parenting crowds.
What will become of me in the coming weeks
it looks like my future is going to be bleak.

Then out of the blue their is laughter just up ahead
they are watching enemy airmen burn until their dead.
Can't bear to look, how can they be so hard
I recognise them even though their faces are chard.
The pain and suffering will always pay a price
turning mild mannered people giving them the urge to fight
when all is said and done, we all now carry guns
I'm looking at my sister and my mum.
Burn you enemy's of human life
bringing death with you, trouble and strife
none of you can be married or understand or know of love
none of you germans must know our lord above.
carrying your weopons of mass destruction
killing your way through innocent victims
Show no mercy not even to the young
you who commit the unthinkable just for fun.
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Old 09-09-2009, 03:38 AM   #193 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Location: england
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Default wrapped

Jump into the back of my car
for the stars are inside, waiting for the crossing of the planets.
Freedom for all outside there will be
the coming, of the end when all has parted.

Destruction of the atmosphere inevitable,
fear is no option, it wont save you at all.
From the wasted the briefest moments of your life,
wiped from the face of the earth, into the night.

Going out in a blaze, the end of an era, and of the age
no more print it's off the page,our turn now! off the stage.

See the great wonders one last time
look up and see the frame of eternity
sending messages to your brain
all for a lone memory that will never be seen again.
Colour scenes that startle the eye
amazing scenes that wonder by
all will be lost nomore will we live
our sacrifice nothing else to give.

Our lives mean nothing now weve lost the will to survive
carrying on, ignoring all the loss of life,
For one more pleasure before we nose dive
suicidal, that fact we don't hide.

How can you stand there and teach the children, right from wrong
when all youv'e heard, you have done nothing for so long
I think you should not bother with fiction anymore
when the end of life as we know it is knocking on our doors.

Theatre whats on stage, go out and live this age
it wont be long before its gone.
Freedom has turned into a curse,
all for the worst.
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Old 09-15-2009, 12:43 PM   #194 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default setting sun

Refine your intentions my sweet love
there must be nothing you desire over me.
I can't blossom knowing you are sad
it only disrupts me and i feel bad.
Your so beautiful you so the one,
i am in love with you and then some.

Don't deny my love for you, it won't be on offer for long
i love everyone, so soon i'l be gone.
Please don't try to defend yourself when your feelings are false,
or show signs of weakness uncontrol-able remorse.
If it's not mean't to be then we shall never be,
united anyway in harmony.
Rest assure i'l ask nomore with or without you.
Everyday is a new day with new desires,
penetrating intimate fires.

You can have everything hold tightly in your hands
with your smile you could stop a city don't feel pity it's alls worth while
you are beautiful i am free, just to be near you
see the world bow at your feet, so sweet, on heat.

Where doe's my head fly to, am i suffering from dilusions
are you a dream, can anyone else see you.
Well i am well whether or not i am well
seeing you is believing in some-thing worth goi-ng mad for
opening a world, a new dimension in my world you are my illness. I can't stop but have these feelings of a great desire, none so higher! than all that has gone before me.

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Old 09-15-2009, 04:10 PM   #195 (permalink)
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I feel like the last one was being rushed.

You aren't going to add proper punctuation and such?
Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

MB Journal.
Azucar y Especia. My blog.
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Old 09-17-2009, 07:38 AM   #196 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default stilts

Here i stand on a bed of sand, staring out to sea,
all alone wondering how long it will be.
Before i am taken away, when i land on my feet,
and that when i awake my life also will be sweet.

I say won't you cushion the blow
i already know what the answer will be
The same answer that i always recieve.
Fortunatley i live where i live, surrounded by beauty,
so my days are filled though my career has slowed
a case a trial for cruelty, destined for the slammer (royalty).

An ending or a new beginning another trial in life,
cut to peices by an invisible knife.
No clues to be discovered no culprit in mind
only the answers are hidden, far, far behind.

When questioned theirs no doubt in the system,
which all, have given there full support.
No error in judgement, all fingers point at me, it's my fault.
There will only be one conclusion to the whole affair,
mistreated, man handled cuffed sent downstairs.

A brief moment of freedom will soon be at an end,
though the beauty of the area i live has been my only friend.
And i will take it with me when i am found guilty,
i will be reunited with her when i am set free.
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Old 09-19-2009, 03:43 AM   #197 (permalink)
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Default light in the shadows

Take a good look in the mirror you who are full of deciet
one simple glance at you, we discover you ain't that sweet.
Your eyes are suspicious looking, a voice that makes me cringe,
a pretty looking woman though definatley unhinged.

You can't help yourself stiring up trouble,
looking from the side lines within your disilusional bubble.
We all know though its your handy work
thats what makes it worse, your just out to hurt.

Why not try something different may be you would have friends
not just colleagues, try to make amends.
Were all sick and tired of your childish games,
don't be suprised that everyone knows your deranged,
and no body wants to know your name, only when they wish to complaine.

Thoughtlessness will divide us all,
creating a picture i don't want to haul
and so on making us not equal, heading for a fall.

We have a plan to haul your ass out of here,
as we are expecting a backlash very soon
first we have got to decide how you will disappear
how to remove you from this room.

Definitley maybe a good idea if all goes to plan,
this is the only action i feel you will understand.
You wriggle out of everything you lying whore,
we who are united, we can't tolerate anymore.

For all you who are lyers, cheaters to
hope theres something in this for you.
It's only a matter of time before you step on my toes,
and thats when you will have no-more tomorrows.
Can only take it for a short time, dont think for one moment your winning,
its the end for you, but for me it's a new begginning.
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Old 09-23-2009, 11:08 AM   #198 (permalink)
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Default snap

Iv'e got a wonderful feeling, that this will be my year,
everything i dream of will soon appear.
Dress in my finest,i'm going up town
with a beautiful woman wearing a full lengh diamond gown.

Iv'e got a wonderful feeling, that tonight is the night,
when everything i do will turn out alright.
No more hardluck stories will i tell
from begginning to end all will be well.

Going out dining no walking for me,
getting us there in style by limosine.
She wouldn't go out in any other way,
she's a little cutie, and i will pay.

Rid my self of poverty that has consumed me for so long,
i spend money fast, though i never know what on.
At least this way i won't ever forget,
a night out with her at the ritz, is worth the debt.

I have not lied about my finances,
only that i believe in taking my chances.
And that with me, living is fast paced,
life is for living, life isn't given to waste.

I am so excited that my life has taken this turn
having years of experience has helped me learn.
So that when things seem impossible and you feel low,
have a date with your bank manager and get a loan.

Let your imagination run wild, pull out all the stops regain your smile.
Hard work pays off in the end, it may not be what your expecting my dear friends.
Go for nothing dream your life away,
get yourself a day job, get a life today.

It's my time now, though yours may be tomorrow
just do it whether you beg, steal or borrow.
Follow your heart take the path in which you desire,
it's the only way to get noticed as a trier.

Friends will appear out of cavities in a wall,
if you push to succeed you will never fall.
Take these words, put them through a test,
and watch your life turn around for the best.

My woman is dynamite can't wait to get her home,
theres nothing more satisfying than throwing a dog a bone.
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Old 09-24-2009, 05:20 AM   #199 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Default enemy within

Turn a torch on in the darkness so i may see,
give me light i need light or better still rescue me.
I'm walking blind without an aid,
my vision is impaired come without delay
I am truley sorry i disobeyed, because now iv'e lost my way.

I thought that i could achieve this on my own,
it never occured to me, that i would have no signal on my phone.
Now i am wishing that i had listened to you
now being stuck in here without a torch and a clue.

I know that your coming it was one of your plans,
from now on i promise i will follow your commands.
But first you need to find me, and find me fast,
i am having breathing difficulties, i'm not going to last.
I'm feeling ashamed that this has happened to me,
that i never listened and that i never believed.

So i wait here with 101 thoughts,
can't go forward and i'm getting distraught.
I'm better than this i don't want to die this way,
not that any way is better, what can i say.

My friends and fam-ily must now be at -their wits end,
i never left a note, i just packed and went.
though i nev-er packed very well,
i haven't got a torch, and i'm slipping into hell.

I am losing my voice iv'e been shouting so loud,
come find me i am now, not so proud.
If this is written and its my final chapter,
then someone below is full of laughter.
Now i am tired i am falling asleep
with tears falling down my cheek.

Now the curtain is closing, only now i know what i have done,
wasteing my life away believing i'm number 1.
All those challenges that i have crossed over,
now all alone i die without the love from my brothers.
The answer i never wanted to hear,
now my 101 thoughts have almost disapeared.
Slipping away from conciousness,
another lost soul heading out west.
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Old 09-24-2009, 03:19 PM   #200 (permalink)
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Are you one of those people who posts and posts and posts and then doesn't answer when someone replies? That's unfortunate.
Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

MB Journal.
Azucar y Especia. My blog.
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