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Old 11-20-2010, 08:11 AM   #361 (permalink)
Music Addict
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: england
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Default old man

People like us will never change
we are the peoples that stay the same
how does he know this being an old man
drinking heavy can't even stand.
We who already know our fate
eating from pans and not plates
driving down the same road
to the same destination and still no gold.

Still the old man is allowed to speak
if it were true i would have to weep
is that what we are here for
to be knocked around until we hit the floor.
When i was a young man didnt listen to anyone
but now i am older i am not in a rush to run
is he saying i will one day be like him
always a loser never to win.

Well i have to laugh at that thinking of my pride
ignorance is bliss you can run but never hide
I know that sometimes i get so tired
doing the same things over again my brain is wired
and i see so many move from our town
did they get rich quick cus now they are not around
So the old man clearly knows me
i am not the man i used to be.

If i have a comfortable chair and a bar that serves me well
then i am a rich man still one step out of hell
young man old man will our desires be met
or does everyday mean we come home covered in blood and sweat
other people get lucky and will do all the driving
we are the workers that never do the skiving
I do not want to end up bitter
i would rather drink it and let it all go down the ****ter.
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Old 11-24-2010, 03:38 PM   #362 (permalink)
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Default sudden impact

I stopped she looked and took me by the arm
led me into her world and it's there i fell for her charms
Her eye's captivated me, and my thought's became a blurr
i could not see anyone else only her.
What a catch, a whole lot of woman
my bearings lost, as i felt well hidden
a flaw perhaps that i never considered
but to tell the truth i am really not bothered.

Shooting stars over my head
out of the cold and into her bed
rarely a proposal spoken in jest
obviously i am in for the very very best.

Lead me on i am giving you my all
life has to many restraint,s, don't need anymore
hold me close i know i am not dreaming
wow i must be good, you doing all that screaming.
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Old 12-01-2010, 11:34 AM   #363 (permalink)
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Location: england
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Default who's listening

Like the earth has scars so do i
little time the pattern of life
whether seen by the naked eye
never expecting and never knowing why.
Screaming about the dreaming
losing my footing and falling
head was somewhere else
never heard you calling.

Always some place else
never in the same place twice
thinking just being there
itl make the place feel nice
But all the time i wasted
on such like
i could have been with you
not messing around with my bike.

Wallow in self pity if only i could
but that is not the reason if i could be with you i would
I just cannot stay any place for to long
the thought of settling i'l be gone.
My head says go my heart says no
when a battle starts i have to go.
You say you are worried you don't get me
you know the truth already
goodbye my lover your not the travelling kind
that's why i blow your mind.

Never repeat the same again
do things different where and when
if i remember yes i will
walking away from you the earth stood still.
No energy feeling like dead meat,
walking to end of your street, it's like taking a week.
Never again will i fall for a friend ripping me apart
it's not the time for a new start.

Am i ready for a new beginning
well i think not
so i have tears in my eye's
i love everything iv'e got
it's a pleasant surprise feeling this way
but it isn't going to stop me going on my way
I am a loner that loves company for a while
i don't do attachments very well it's not my style.

Listen to me do not try to follow me
i will hurt you you will end up bloody
i am not the knight you have been searching for
i am being called to fight in another battle
I must go i have urgency
just look and blame my two feet.
Never before have i been so abrupt
i only stayed with you for a ****
You who make changes beneath my feet
falling helplessly under your feet
soon to be marked as one of your own
offering me a seat under your thrown.

A good offer if i wanted a life like that
you are pretty girl but that is that
i'm not one for staying i am a travelling man
hope in time you will understand
I am passionate about my life
i just felt behind your back you were concealing a knife
to many sleep overs one cut to my throat
dreaming like that makes you want to catch the next boat.

Goodbye my luvly you have been a friend in deed
something else to write about in my biography
Think of the good times we did share
life is best lived when having no cares.
Trouble is it doesn't last
overshadowing ever so fast
everything gets distorted along the road
my life has already been written so being fortold.
You look so confused what am i saying
i'l be back tomorrow but now i am sailing
i will be home around about three
love you my sweetheart i will take you out for tea.
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Old 12-02-2010, 04:08 PM   #364 (permalink)
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Default driving me crazy

Driving in the slow lane but cut up like the rest
every driver i come across is the fastest
The sheer audacity some people have
over taking when there is no room to be had.
Danger is my friend i am in a movie
watch while i cut you up all eye's are on me
this is my car i am a proud driver
ive got an 08 plate not like mine thats worth a fiver.

Look at me i am in the over flow lane
i am here to cross the line a few miles to gain
i am not here to race you
all i want is to get through
as you wave your fists at me in disgust
as you fly past me and leave me for dust.

I pay my taxes but i am not like you
looking in your rear view mirror til your out of view
throwing a tantrum at tiny mistakes made
as your personal charm starts to fade.
Todays maddness is tommorrows sorrow
when someone is killed and the reason you were speeding was hollow
no good reason only you felt that way
nothing to stop you having your say.

Eager to be the fastest have your name in lights
who's filming who's wearing the tights
all i see is is crazies behind the wheel
speeding that's how everyone feels
Aged 18 aged 65, nomatter what age it's dead or alive
all that really matters is getting to your own destination
the frustration and anger you cause without hesitation.

Bleed me dry i want to say goodbye
but like all things you have to try
and so i forget what a mad world we drive in
as it is the same for everything.
It happens to me when i am in a rush
i do crazy things don't make a fuss
time rules the modern world
put your seat belts on you boys and girls.
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Old 12-04-2010, 10:11 AM   #365 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 5

Nice lyrics man, some of it sounds like my material.
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Old 12-04-2010, 03:28 PM   #366 (permalink)
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Default somewhat distorted

Give me shelter from the rain
give me shel....ter from the rain
for i can't, find my way alone.
I am tripping out and nothing seems real
having close encounters but nothing i feel
is having the direct effect
losing count of every sunset.

How would it be if i turned my life upside down
always to wear a frown with no more clowning around
Could it be better, no doubt in my mind
or another disaster to me unkind.
Always a number never a name
bowing to authority with no ability to change
the person i have become, happy under the thumb.

Always in the middle of what ever flies around
with devastating precision without a sound
Getting me reeling over the news
it's time for me to be excused.
Something else to fill my life with
before i set to blow, but really i don't know how fast or how slow.

Give me shelter from the rain
give me shelter from the rain
shel.....ter me from the rain
before i fall and am seen no more.
Every dog has it's day, maybe today is that day
or tomorrow or next week
nothing will bring me more sorrow to realise i am weak.
That i was derailed and then i was plundered
outwitted by whom i sometimes wonder
you know it's time for me to be elsewhere
a place that is happy me being there.
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Old 12-05-2010, 11:31 AM   #367 (permalink)
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Default submit my cells

Relieved to find time on my hands
to relax and chill without having to stand
without doing anything for anyone else
and recharge one's strengh i'm in no need for help.
Though i really don't know what to do
i spend my life doing what others want me to do
and now i feel ashamed, that no one else in my life knows my name.

With time you start thinking
what you have never done
but with all this thinking
you realise you ain't no fun.
No body cares, this time i am on my own
no friends in my diary no numbers on my phone
withdrawing from society, desturbing me.

Well enough said i need something to fill my time
once i had imagination with a clear mind.
Thats what i need, a healthy daily feed.
Nothing is for certain life goes in so many ways
every direction causing waves
I can't stop my trying, no time for crying.

What i haven't done wasn't worth doing
not a lot gets past me as i do my viewing
watching tv has an effect,
end up with the brain size of an insect
nothing is bigger than the tv world
be quiet and still all you boys and girls.

Watch and believe in a fake world
that has left us screaming for more,
we stand and salute when you are coming on air
this is what we live for.
The only reason we stay alive
for all the gossip and all the lies
we do not mind that you wear a disguise
you are comforting to my eye's.

No matter where i go nomatter what i see
i have to take with me my beloved tv
never a dull moment looking on at the stars
my feet don't touch the ground it's a billion dollar art.
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Old 12-06-2010, 11:04 AM   #368 (permalink)
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Default merry merry

Dreams have been lived
if that dream still lives in you
a life that has been made real
by a turning tide you feel.
Greatness awaits those who persivere
look at that, look who's coming here
a star is born everyday
like jesus on christmas day
the light shining down on everyone
the birth of christ Gods beloved son.

Christmas is upon us
with all traditions and the festivities
all people filled with gladness
drinking from mugs with joy and cheer
No one goes hungry or thirsty or in want of any kind
christmas for the people is a magical time.

With everyone over eating
and drinking the water holes dry
singing about jesus our magesty on high
A world that awakes to him for one month of the year
it's something special, i'm shedding tears.

Those who do not believe in him
will obviously not be sharing gift's
everyone like that will never live, they will only exist
i Raise my glass to all peoples of this land
may you allow in the love of jesus, now lets all hold hands.

A big warm hug to everyone
all cultures and religions
lets share the peace and the love
let all the Gods see us from above.

Merry merry the 24th til the new year
got to get through a billion barrels of beer
No time wasters please we have a schedule to run
have a great time but don't forget to love.
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Old 12-07-2010, 10:08 AM   #369 (permalink)
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Default ha ha

With time passing swiftly by
there is no time for me to cry
about a year ago everything went up in smoke
i'm still miserable and really choked.....
that i couldn't get there in time
and i lost everything that was mine.

Nothing is for ever
once gone it's easy forgotten
but when i lost it all
it all turned sour and rotten.
Friends came to my rescue
though i never took there advice
i stand on my own two feet
you wont ever see me bite.........

I have made many mistakes in which i have suffered
now it just another day screaming out for my mother
no one can help me as my mum has passed on
it goes without saying all the love in my world has gone........

I sit here alone as i have pushed many away
made life unbearable for friends to stay
didn't really take time to care for each of them
looking at my life now i miss my friends.
Once i owned the biggest house on the estate
now living in a bedsit eating from paper plates
still if my friends are still available
i would love to see them all.........

I'm the one that is full of pity
i'm not the man i used to be
i was never an easy man to get along with
but always looked up to and respected.....
Funny now as the tables have turned
as my luck has taken a turn for the worse
will i still be eccepted at the table
but the question is am i able.

To return and tell the truth
be successfull like the fortunate few
without doubt lurking about
to believe what i am saying is fact
without turning my back........
What am i made of
is it not a cast iron shell
because you know if you return to them
you will have put one foot back in hell..........................

The clock is ticking, turn your head and walk away
listen to good advice it's a bad idea to stay
if by some chance you get ahead
then you may return if your not already dead..........
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Old 12-08-2010, 09:58 AM   #370 (permalink)
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Default roger or dodger

Once a long time ago we were in love
seeing you brought back memories that i had forgot
opening up old wounds now all laid bare
everything has surfaced i need air.

You look even more beautiful
something that i could not imagine
as i remember all that we had
there is still something between us, but it is all bad.

Time heals the mind
but my heart is easily led
i don't want to argue with you
just to say that it's been a pleasure
a quick kiss on the cheek and say see you again never.

I am drawn to you like bees to honey
i would bend over backwards to spend another night with you
but my thoughts will never come out of my mouth
because you were never a simple screw.

I was engaged to you it was never likely to come true
your head was never in one place
though you said yes and you didn't hesitate
i new it wouldn't be long before you new it was a mistake.

So what have you been up to
are you free spirited as i remember
she said yes i am, but i married again last december.
Short but to the point are you waiting for a signal
congratulations well goodbye if thats all
walking away with my dignity in tact
thinking of 101 sex acts.
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