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Old 08-01-2007, 03:42 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Led Zeppelin II
Paranoid--Black Sabbath
Are You Experienced?--The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Killer--Alice Cooper

I'll have to think about the fifth one.
"Paranoid is just like an anchor. It really secures everything about the metal movement in one record. It's all there: the riffs, the vocal performance of Ozzy, the song titles, what the lyrics are about. It's just a classic defining moment."

--Rob Halford of Judas Priest
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My music preference changes every few years so I'll give you one from each transition starting at the age of 4-ish, which was 1984. (Some of these are embarassing)

The Beatles: A Hard Days Night - My mom would play it all the time and I'd find myself singing along.

(Jefferson) Starship: Knee Deep in the Hoopla - I got this for Christmas and loved the track 'We Built This City.' (Hey I was like 7 years old)

U2: The Joshua Tree

Nirvana Unplugged in NY

Bush: Sixteen Stone

Korn: Korn

Radiohead: The Bends

Frank Zappa: Hot Rots
together with
Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica

Volcano The Bear: Classic Erasmus Fusion

[The last three albums are currently my favourites as well.]
I am all woman!

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Don't think twice
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Elliott Smith- Either/or . signaled the end of my liking metal and the start of something much more substantial.

Jeff Buckley- Grace . nothing else compares

Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited. Bob Dylan, 1965, black pants black jacket black sunglasses. ****ing cool.

Radiohead- OK Computer . the most influential thing ive ever heard.

The Smiths- Singles . of course
Painstaking devotion and love
Surrendered to self preservation
From others who care for themselves
A blindness that touches perfection
But hurts just like anything else

Isolation, isolation, isolation
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My list will look weird, but they're the albums that pretty much helped shape my taste and not necessarily ones I consider good.

5. Napalm Death - Scum

This album single handedly got me into grind which later got me into punk. If not for Napalm Death I would've never heard Velvet Underground, Droog, Dead Kennedys, or anything remotely punk really.

4. Death - Symbolic

Showed me how beautiful death metal could be. I discovered it at a time when I considered any music with harsh vocals to be obnoxious but I was also young, dumb, and uneducated about metal. This album had a good enough sense of melody to change my opinion on it.

3. Front 242 - Tragedy For You

My friend had me listen to this. I learned that not all electronica was cheap rave music.

2. Blue Oyster Cult - Fire Of Unknown Origin

This doesn't need explanation, it just is. This album should pretty much define all tastes.

1. Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days

By far not the best album on the list however the most influential on my personal tastes. Everyone has that one album or band that simply makes something that a youth can't comprehend so he goes and searches because of it. This was it for me. This album literally got me into looking for other music actively. If not for this album I'd be some hairy glam ***got.

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Dr. Prunk
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Assuming that what the title means is 5 albums that have play a big role in your life and how you look at music.

1. Are You Experienced?

I've said it many times too many, but this is a very important album to me. The only other albums I had until this one was an Offspring cd, some Spice Girls casettes and a few of those Now compliations. My dad gave it to me on my 13th birthday. This was the album that truly got me into music.

2. Dark Side of the Moon

Would I be music banters reigning annoying prog fan if it weren't for this album? I think not. I used to listen to this album at least once a day, which comes to show just how obsessed I was with it. It really struck a chord with me.

3. Nevermind

This represents my teen angst years, from which I have never fully recovered even at my age. People can diss Nirvana just like they always have, mention a whole bunch of crappy hardcore bands and say "this is who they ripped off, they're so much better". But none of these bands meant sh*t to me like Nirvana have. They were a pivotal band for me.

4. Ready to Die

I'm not really the type to get all emotional about music, but this album is an exception. I really loved how an album could play out a whole story. Its like a movie plot. And a good one.

5. Sgt Peppers

Obviously at this point I'm gonna get a lot of slack for not including anything remotely obscure. What can I say? I'm a genuine classic rock elitist.

Honorable mentions:

The Best of Led Zeppelin

I never owned it, but I borrowed it from my brother, well actually just the second cd with all the stuff from HOTH and onwards. But goddamn if that wasn't all it took to get me hooked on Zep for life.

Morning View

I don't know why, and you're all gonna mock me because its Incubus. But at a confused period in my life, this album just kinda connected with me. It still does actually.

Close to the Edge

DSOTM got me interested in prog, but this is the one that really got me into it. Wakemans mellotron is the soundtrack to my dreams.

Yeah that was ghey. But its true.

Appetite for Destruction

I knew every song years before I actually bought the damn thing. My stepdad played it all the time when I was little. All the sex and drug references even as unsubtle as they were flew over my head in those days, lol.

Essentially the first 5 CCR albums.

The earliest music I remember ever hearing that I liked was CCR, they go all the way back to my childhood. Grandmas favorite band.
It's only knock n' knowall, but I like it

Originally Posted by Strummer521
Originally Posted by Crowquill View Post
I only listen to Santana when I feel like being annoyed.
I only listen to you talk when I want to hear Emo performed acapella.

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Alright you guys may laugh at some of the albums on here. I do not like all of the albums, but they did have an impact on me nonetheless.

As I Lay Dying - Shadows are Security

Okay I that this album, but it was the first non mainstream album/band I got into, which helped me realize that I should look beyond the radio for music.

In Flames - Colony

This album isn't that good either, but it taught me that death metal wasn't for satanist and that it didn't talk about death all the time, which made me get into death metal. From there I didn't really care what they talked about because I was all about the music.

Opeth - Blackwater Park

This album pretty much made my opinion on music. I believe that all music should always be original or technical to a high level. Without this album I would never be thinking that way. Also the song The Drapery Falls inspired me to practice guitar a lot more. The beginning riff in that song sends chills down my spine.

Agalloch - The Mantle

This album has the first song I chose to learn on the guitar, which since it was my first I picked "A Desolation Song."

Okay, the next one has nothing to do with how it changed my music life, but my social life (I guess you could say that...)

Dax Johnson - The Random and The Purpose
Without the song Zavior Dax: Part 1 I would have never had the courage to go up to this one girl and tell her I liked her (she is two years older than me and she is my friend's sister.)

And I am going to upload that album right now because of that:

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

You should all look at this album, it is a masterpiece.
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The Sexual Intellectual
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Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast
Made me realise there's more to life than chart music.

Suede - S/T
Made me realise there's more to life than chart music & metal.

Public Enemy - Takes A Nation Of Millions
Never really liked hip hop that much, it never really delivered as much as it promised to my ears , this was the first hip hop album that did.

Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Finally somebody making dance music that wasn't cheesy. This album opened up a hell of a lot of doors in many different genres.

The Fall - Grotesque (After The Gramme)
Where the love affair started

Urb's RYM Stuff

Most people sell their soul to the devil, but the devil sells his soul to Nick Cave.
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Ba and Be.
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The Beatles-the Blue/Red albums-I first remember these from about the age of five. My father was (and is still) playing them, and introduced me to music per se.

Iron Maiden-Live After Death. In 1986 my parents split up and my a friend at school lent me the cassette version of this, and it introduced me to music as a way of life, belonging and expression. (Incidentally the friend became my best mate and we are still best friends 21 years later even though we live 70 miles apart)

The Exploited-Totally Exploited-It showed me that there was other heavy guitar music other than metal, that could be heavy, full of rage and anxiety. This lead onto punk, hardcore punk and alternative.

Massive Attack-Mezzanine-I always considered myself to be open minded, but I realised you can never be truly open minded, and when I first heard this, it blew me away (and still does). It lead me into the world of electronica, trip hop, dance etc.

Only four-nothing has truly changed my musical tastes since 1999, but I am forever expanding and enjoying new genres and bands.

“A cynic by experience, a romantic by inclination and now a hero by necessity.”
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I like this thread, keep posting! Some great albums on there. Some not as great, but that's not really the point. I like the explanations too.

Because I chose to play the fool in a six-piece band,
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I should be glad to be so inclined.
What a waste! What a waste!
But I don't mind.

Originally Posted by Crowquill View Post
Nirvana pisses over David Bowie and Nirvana isn't even that good.
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not really
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minutemen-double nickels on the dimeafter listening to a lot of 80's American punk rock, it all started to sound blurry and more or less the same. But this was never really true with me for these guys, which is why this beefy album is one of my faves.

pavement-slanted enchanted
my favorite pavement album, just really dig it and im having a hard time wording why exactly that is at the moment

Public Enemy-Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black never really got into "nation of millions" which is unfortunate because it delayed me checking out Public Enemy again for a long time. But this album showed me why. Chuck D is one, of not the best lyricists in rap. "by the time i get to Arizona" is my favorite rap song off all time.

Talking Heads-77
this album was the first to actually convince me my dad's taste in music wasn't stale and useless. David Byrne is a pimp.

Aesop Rock-"Labor Days"

first artist i truly constantly had to look up lyrics for over and over. One of my favorite rap artists. I still hardly have a clue what any of his songs mean, or even if they have a meaning.
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