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  1. 3 Questions About Music
  2. How do you organize your playlists?
  3. The Album Club: "Casanova" by the Divine Comedy
  4. Best Version of The Sound of Silence?
  5. All music sucks
  6. Music Genres You Didn't Know Existed!
  7. Is anyone else unable to pinpoint what makes them like certain music but not others?
  8. Best live show experience
  9. Songs similar to Wave of Mutilation UK surf version by the pixies
  10. Artists you love the sound of but their songs don't do it for you
  11. Whats that song i need help!
  12. Music that sounds like insanity
  13. Best Pop Song of the Last Decade
  14. Best outro?
  15. HELP... need name of rock album
  16. Best intro to a song
  17. Nothing to see here, move along
  18. What's the best EDM track you known,share with me !
  19. You here with me
  20. Commercial vs Creative Peak
  21. Most Euphoric Music?
  22. Deleting tracks
  23. Frisbees
  24. Albums for When You're High as a Kite
  25. Slayer Vs. Sufjan Stevens
  26. Green Eggs and Ham music
  27. Do distortion guitars really sound all that heavy/abrasive/raw/whatever?
  28. Album Listen-and-replace list
  29. Albums you like with first tracks you don't like or don't care for
  30. Soundtrack of Your Dreams
  31. Origins of music
  32. Older vs modern production, which do you prefer?
  33. Ways to guess the recording technique of an 80s/90s album without a SPARS code?
  34. Best Albums of 2017 So Far
  35. Roll Credits
  36. MB's Album of the Month
  37. Music Videos & Songs Productions Processes Lengths Times
  38. Let The Batlord Get You into ICP
  39. Who's band poster is this?
  40. African Music Advice
  41. What are the most boring music genres ever created?
  42. Top 40 hits that didn't suck
  43. Interest check: Musicbanter Top X for an artist thread
  44. Top Five Heartbreakingly Bittersweet Songs
  45. Genre/Sub-Genre Survivor Thread?
  46. Boycott Artists Who Boycott Spotify
  47. Your current favorites and musical journey
  48. Which albums do you remember back to back?
  49. Least liked/most hated musician(s)
  50. Best (or worst) collaborations
  51. Show Biz Kids.....
  52. I am looking for a man who loves anal sex and beautiful girls.
  53. The worst albums of all time?
  54. What's the huge appeal of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
  55. Who is your favourite rapper?
  56. MB Charts
  57. Finding a music / similar music
  58. 1983-2000 Vs 2000-2017
  59. Any punk or folk fans fancy answering some questions?
  60. Ocean's 11,12,13 style of music
  61. beat less music genre
  62. Planktons Earhole
  63. The Last Chance Saloon
  64. KI Steals An Idea: The **** I Listen To
  65. Nerdcore
  66. Chris Cornell Survivor
  67. Qwertyy vs. Your Favourite Album
  68. Lord of the rings song
  69. Separating the Art from the Artist
  70. So is this possible in your eyes ?
  71. *** Member Mixtape Thread Is Back Again and Again ***
  72. The Identity Matrix Presents: Listening Log 2017
  73. This is not a review thread
  74. SZIGET 2017: info on the artists
  75. Is music a type of sound geometry?
  76. What is the best, cheap, beginner electric guitar one could buy?
  77. Billy Cobham
  78. Making random humorous lyrics
  79. Your brain is already a musical mastermind
  80. When did getting gig tickets become such a pain in the a**?
  81. Are our musical tastes part genetic or fully inherited?
  82. name of song with midget on skateboard with a boombox on his shoulder
  83. Tech Question - Matching Songs w/ Genres
  84. Batagov
  85. Grime and Rock???
  86. Does vocal only/acapella music have the same effect on us as instrumental music/accom
  87. Neighbors horrible musicians
  88. Plz help me find song
  89. Favourite Live Albums
  90. What is this song Called?
  91. Help to restore rare song's lyrics
  92. Getting Laid in a Band
  93. Left-Handed Guitarists
  94. Quickspace
  95. Why do artists not release albums as frequently anymore?
  96. TV/ Movie inspired songs
  97. Song name help!
  98. Song wars!!!!!! (resurrected...?!)
  99. Name of the song
  100. Bandcamp finds
  101. Looking for new age dance music don't know what it's called?
  102. Josh Ritter - under-rated genius!
  103. American music or foreign music?
  104. Youtube or CD?
  105. Ridiculously Cool Lyrical Passages
  106. Eurovision Song Contest
  107. Freedom of musical expression thread.
  108. Best Racist Music
  109. Tony Bennett - best song?
  110. Terry Kath
  111. Songs inspired by, or about actors/actresses
  112. Beach Boys : Wilson V Love (which to see)?
  113. Exo's Thread for Rare/Weird/Awesome Sh*t He Finds Digging Through Youtube
  114. The Album Club 2017
  115. What genre of music is this?
  116. Any Oasis fans?
  117. Arena Shows (10K+) You've Attended.
  118. The National - Fake Empire (Instrumental) ???
  119. Popular pieces played on 330 Hz (VERY DEPRESSING RESULTS)
  120. A melody written by 67,000 people using swarm intelligence
  121. Songs that bring up memories
  122. Manchester and Camden
  123. Is this a genre?
  124. Looking for help to identify a song!! Thank you
  125. Emotion in Music: Nurture or Nature?
  126. Help to find a Song / just remember music video
  127. An Album A Day
  128. help me to know this song
  129. Which song for walk up song???
  130. Can you name this song for me
  131. Can you help me with this soundtrack pls
  132. Alien Sex Fiend
  133. Keith Urban's Tribute to 2016
  134. Are you fed up?
  135. Are record companies trying to sabotage the vinyl resurgence?
  136. What category / type of music is this?
  137. Need Song Help, Fast!
  138. Who Never Topped Their Debut Album?
  139. Copyright Questions! PLEASE HELP ME!
  140. Should I pursue composing in my situation?
  141. Your Music Heroes/Heroines
  142. Cheesy Christian album covers
  143. Music that stands the test of time and still sucks
  144. Useful smartphone apps for musicians
  145. Help finding a vinyl!
  146. The importance, or not, of a story in a song
  147. Looking for certain CD
  148. Biggest selling album of all-time
  149. Top Tracks of 2016
  150. What Is Your Go To Song or Album When You're High?
  151. Handsome older (50's and 60's) first-time rockers.
  152. Quick Question About Medieval Music
  153. Exo's 2016 Album Dump
  154. I need to find more of this Music!!!
  155. What's your dream collaborative album?
  156. Now Christmas CD Should Be Axed & Radio Needs To Play Modern Xmas Songs More
  157. In need of help to find an old song.
  158. Favourite Hippie Singles
  159. Trollheart tries to save all the albums Ki likes that Batty want to **** on
  160. Best Lyrical Albums
  161. One time only offer! Any album(s) you like!
  162. Christmas Music...is it a thing?
  163. Love or Hate? Redux: Tracks Version
  164. Summer Soundtrack 2016
  165. MB Musician Insecurities.
  166. The Crap Heap: MB's Most Hated Albums
  167. The return of "Love or Hate?" - sort of...
  168. Where can I find more music like this?
  169. Song preference, Live or Studio version?
  170. What Happened To Lapsley?
  171. QUESTION! About theory
  172. I too was perma banned from RYM
  173. What's the greatest Ben Folds Five song?
  174. Help to identify Bumper Music
  175. Is there a "for sale" forum here?
  176. What are some of your fav albums?
  177. Festival Mapper
  178. Seeking for a videoclip (80s)
  179. Looking for Songs About Seduction
  180. Rediscoveries
  181. I need help...
  182. Drums - how to choose?
  183. Found Sounds/Objects
  184. Rank Your Own Albums
  185. Leonard Cohen R.I.P.
  186. How Do You Listen To Streaming Music?
  187. I don't know anything about music but anyways!
  188. Anyone know this song?
  189. Anticipated Albums: 2017
  190. Does Music Television Still Exist?
  191. Is there any research on how music "quality" depends on its popularity?
  192. Who Sucks More: ICP or Manowar?
  193. This forum still alive? Which threads are not dead?
  194. Most versatile band of all time.
  195. What amplifier for these subs?
  196. Anyone else have this issue?
  197. The Human Drum Machine
  198. Muse thinks they can cover a Cramps song
  199. Venues where you have seen concerts
  200. What kind of music do you find most unappealing?
  201. How do you discover music?
  202. Help me for remember a song
  203. Where do you listen your music? what would you want in your player which you dont see
  204. notes for this song
  205. Black Midi
  206. The First Song You Heard from Your Facorite Artist(s) and the Aftermath
  207. Looking for some help with a chord
  208. To be a good musician learn to listen
  209. Need Help Finding This Piece
  210. Album/Artist Association Game
  211. What is the name of this song?!?!
  212. Need some opinions from musicians.
  213. Songs That go From Minor to Major Key Signatures
  214. Periods where you don't really enjoy much music?
  215. The Real OG
  216. Is there such thing as a Rock Trio nowadays?
  217. How do I know if I have a good teacher? Blog post
  218. Ki Reviews Nightwish (In Its Entirety)
  219. The Batlord ****s on All the Albums Ki Claims to Like
  220. Ask about a genre
  221. If you had to listen to one song everyday for the rest of your life...?
  222. Am I Dreaming by Atlantic Starr
  223. Do music fans put too much stock in originality
  224. Heavy Metal Survey (Please help I need it for school)
  225. Music and Canoeing
  226. I need new songs!!
  227. Anyone else (say they) listen to/like "everything"?
  228. Website For Musicians
  229. follow up to original question
  230. Music that shaped you
  231. Gigs / Concerts where the support band was better than the main band
  232. Bands that lost you to change
  233. Anyone know of a good music database besides RYM?
  234. What's your current music buzz?
  235. Top 50 Best Musicians/Bands Since 2000
  236. Listening habits
  237. Your Funeral Playlist
  238. share your new or recent discoveries
  239. Who will replace ICP?
  240. Urgent
  241. 25 Of Ur Best (Non-2016) Records You've Heard this year
  242. Longest and shortest headling sets you've seen
  243. does playing GUITAR split your BRAIN in half?
  244. Playlist Help
  245. Does anyone have any tips for starting a music collection?
  246. Trying to find a song
  247. Best and worst singers in your opinion
  248. Forum Member Showcase Album Survivor
  249. Music you love but don't listen to much?
  250. Musicians' opinions influencing listeners' opinions

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