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  1. Songs/Instrumentals That Make You Turn Down the Volume
  2. MB Classics: John Coltrane - Sun Ship
  3. Drone/Ambient 2018
  4. The Album Club: "The Blurred Crusade" by The Church
  5. If you were a stripper, what would your signature song be?
  6. Songs/instrumentals that Tarantino should put in his movies
  7. Jukebox format
  8. Worst songs of 2018 so far
  9. Trollheart Tries Desperately To Keep Up With This Year's Music
  10. Opinion: Do you think male or female groups end quicker?
  11. MB Classics: The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace
  12. Stay away from Gear4Music.com to purchase musical instruments
  13. Best song of 2018 so far? 11/01/18
  14. The Evolution of Video Game Music from the Early 1980's to the Present Day?
  15. What are the best ways to learn guitar?
  16. How do you organize your music?
  17. I'm new. Looking for some help
  18. Trying to guess who's the artist on an old video
  19. The Album Club: "Release Me" by The Like
  20. Favourite Albums of the Decade So Far!?
  21. MB Classics: Slayer - Reign in Blood
  22. Introducing the most popular girl group from the largest muslim nation
  23. Cold Songs (Songs that reference cold things)
  24. Get Trollheart Into Hip-hop!
  25. Trollheart's Listening Booth
  26. The Album Club: "SLK" by Stam1na
  27. MB Classics: Kate Bush - Never for Ever
  28. Fight Club: Musicians Edition
  29. Your top 5 worst rocknroll moments
  30. The Year In These Ears: Trollheart's Favourite Albums of 2017/2018
  31. The Album Club: "Somewhere Deep In the Night" by Swing Out Sister
  32. Meaning of a symbol that Neil Pearts wears on his T-shirt?
  33. MB Classics: The United States of America - The United States of America
  34. Bands similar to Brand New but who arent pedophiles
  35. Post
  36. What are your favorite Oldies?
  37. Captain Beefheart or ICP?
  38. Eric Clapton - "Can't Find My Way Home" Live 1984
  39. MB Classics: Best of 2017
  40. MB Classics: Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
  41. Songs like Las Vegas by Hans Zimmer
  42. The Album Club: "Let My Children Hear Music" by Charles Mingus
  43. MicShazam listens to your recs
  44. The Official Genre Gateway Thread
  45. Know what song this is from
  46. MB Classics: Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
  47. The Album Club: "Murder Ballads" by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
  48. Anticipated Albums: 2018
  49. MB Classics: David Bowie - The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars
  50. The Album Club: "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" by EL-P
  51. Extreme music becomes more popular worldwide
  52. MB Classics: Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops
  53. 2017 as a whole
  54. MB Classics
  55. The Album Club: "Dark Comedy" by Open Mike Eagle
  56. Tips on making a Concept Album
  57. Name 5 albums in your stash you absolutey love!
  58. Who's the greatest female rocker ever?
  59. Music in the 2020s
  60. How rare is this Beatles 1964 Songbook? Any guesses?
  61. What type of instrument/genre is this?
  62. The Album Club: "Music From the Penguin Cafe" by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  63. Music that Represents the Creeping Menace of Lovecraftian Horror
  64. New music on your device
  65. HELP ME! Beginning of Reggaetón Lento
  66. Any good similar song finders out there?
  67. Music & Morals
  68. who's the weirdest character in music?
  69. My Access All Aerials 23rd Nov Request
  70. Idina Menzel ****ing Appreciation Thread
  71. ABBA or The Carpenters?
  72. MB Album Exchange!
  73. The Album Club: "Try and Love" by Ofege
  74. Grace Vs Starsailor
  75. It only takes a second: Tracks with unmistakable introductions?
  76. The Evolution of Your Search for Music
  77. Peer Pressure: Artists You're Not Supposed To Like
  78. Paedantic Basterd Listens to the Past
  79. Biggest Fanboy/Girl of any Artist
  80. Music references in video games
  81. The Album Club: "Movimento" by Madredeus
  82. The Dark Side of The Moon vs Led Zeppelin IV vs Ok Computer vs The Rise and Fall
  83. Sexiest 90s track - vote!
  84. Alice Cooper or Marylin Manson
  85. Ingrid Witt - Killing Me
  86. Artists That You've Enjoyed for Your Whole Life
  87. The Romantics
  88. Musik K-Pop
  89. What's stuck in your head?
  90. The Album Club: "Automaginary" by Bitchin' Bajas and Natural Information Society
  91. First Album That Got You Into Your Favourite Band(s)
  92. The best of tunes and the worst of tunes
  93. The more expensive the music, the less memorable?
  94. What's this song??
  95. If you could only listen to 10 artists for the rest of your life...
  96. HELP - Girl in Ace Frehley Video
  97. Suite 206 Album!
  98. The Album Club: "Homenaje" by Brownout
  99. Help identifying 80s or 90s song
  100. Free bird!!!!!!!!!
  101. help identify song please ?
  102. What makes music cheesy?
  103. Help ID music video with hallway and white hair female with black tips?
  104. Everynoiseatonce.com Discussion
  105. What genre to explore next?
  106. Everyone hates symphonic metal
  107. Sum Up A Member's Taste in 4 Bands or Less
  108. Why a song Golden Brown didn't crack America?
  109. The best thing that you heard about from MB
  110. The Album Club: "Seal" by Seal
  111. Are the BBFC now age restricting albums (UK)?
  112. lil peep style
  113. The Album Club: "Da Pacem" by Arvo Pärt
  114. Artists you like but not enough to listen to their studio albums
  115. Would it be "*Song Title* Adagio" or "*Song Title* (Adagio)"
  116. What's that music video?
  117. The Album Club: "One From the Heart" OST by Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle
  118. Daniel Lopatin and Ishmael Butler are 319
  119. The Album Club: "Tiger Army" by Tiger Army
  120. I Need Some Advice About Music...
  121. 4k 60p local music performance.
  122. The Random Album Club: Week 3
  123. The Album Club: "Ulual Yyy" by Islaja
  124. Say something nice about a band/artist you don't like
  125. ear training!!
  126. Roast the artist above you
  127. The Random Album Club: Week 2
  128. The Album Club: "Colours" by Nadia Oh
  129. "Not for sale in South Africa"
  130. Trollheart Listens to Every Album on Wiki's List for 2017
  131. The Official Tom Waits Thread
  132. Help me find this band that sounds like this
  133. Now That's What I Call...
  134. Looking for New Music
  135. Can Anyone tell me which version of the song "rhythm of the rain" is it?
  136. The Random Album Club: Week 1
  137. Create Your Own Album
  138. The Album Club: "Stands for Decibels" by The dB's
  139. Generational singing styles?
  140. headphone calibration
  141. The Random Album Club
  142. I just came across possibly the worst musical preference test ever
  143. Just an idea: random album of the whatever - day, week, month?
  144. The Album Club: "Super Fly" by Curtis Mayfield
  145. Why do we hate music we hate?
  146. How would modern rock music have sounded if recorded with 1960s equipment?
  147. I finally cancelled Pandora
  148. Difference between a major chord and a minor chord
  149. Brad Sucks- Have you heard?
  150. How to Change the Music Industry
  151. Music documentaries/rockumentaries/concert films
  152. Need help to find song - Answer to Tom Waits Martha
  153. Top 10 Albums Thread
  154. The Album Club: "Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan Vol 2" by Various Artists
  155. In search of old Country video
  156. The Album Club: "Barbara, Barbara, We Face a Shining Future" by Underworld
  157. Did You Know?
  158. The Album Club: "Bola" by Agustin Carbonell "Bola"
  159. Classic Albums of the 2010's
  160. Truly radical music
  161. Epk?
  162. What are your thought?
  163. The Vinyl Thread
  164. Stop calling MP3s on the internet "albums".
  165. The Album Club: "Pungent Effulgent" by Ozric Tentacles
  166. Looking For Radio Programs With These Styles Of Music
  167. Artists you are surprised you used to not like
  168. Songs/Instrumentals that make you turn up the volume
  169. Make fun of your favorite artist.
  170. The Album Club: "Famous Places" by Goldmund
  171. 3 Questions About Music
  172. How do you organize your playlists?
  173. The Album Club: "Casanova" by the Divine Comedy
  174. Best Version of The Sound of Silence?
  175. All music sucks
  176. Music Genres You Didn't Know Existed!
  177. Is anyone else unable to pinpoint what makes them like certain music but not others?
  178. Best live show experience
  179. Songs similar to Wave of Mutilation UK surf version by the pixies
  180. Artists you love the sound of but their songs don't do it for you
  181. Whats that song i need help!
  182. Music that sounds like insanity
  183. Best Pop Song of the Last Decade
  184. Best outro?
  185. HELP... need name of rock album
  186. Best intro to a song
  187. Nothing to see here, move along
  188. What's the best EDM track you known,share with me !
  189. You here with me
  190. Commercial vs Creative Peak
  191. Most Euphoric Music?
  192. Deleting tracks
  193. Frisbees
  194. Albums for When You're High as a Kite
  195. Slayer Vs. Sufjan Stevens
  196. Green Eggs and Ham music
  197. Do distortion guitars really sound all that heavy/abrasive/raw/whatever?
  198. Album Listen-and-replace list
  199. Albums you like with first tracks you don't like or don't care for
  200. Soundtrack of Your Dreams
  201. Origins of music
  202. Older vs modern production, which do you prefer?
  203. Ways to guess the recording technique of an 80s/90s album without a SPARS code?
  204. Best Albums of 2017 So Far
  205. Roll Credits
  206. MB's Album of the Month
  207. Music Videos & Songs Productions Processes Lengths Times
  208. Let The Batlord Get You into ICP
  209. Who's band poster is this?
  210. African Music Advice
  211. What are the most boring music genres ever created?
  212. Top 40 hits that didn't suck
  213. Interest check: Musicbanter Top X for an artist thread
  214. Top Five Heartbreakingly Bittersweet Songs
  215. Genre/Sub-Genre Survivor Thread?
  216. Boycott Artists Who Boycott Spotify
  217. Your current favorites and musical journey
  218. Which albums do you remember back to back?
  219. Least liked/most hated musician(s)
  220. Best (or worst) collaborations
  221. Show Biz Kids.....
  222. I am looking for a man who loves anal sex and beautiful girls.
  223. The worst albums of all time?
  224. What's the huge appeal of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
  225. Who is your favourite rapper?
  226. MB Charts
  227. Finding a music / similar music
  228. 1983-2000 Vs 2000-2017
  229. Any punk or folk fans fancy answering some questions?
  230. Ocean's 11,12,13 style of music
  231. beat less music genre
  232. Planktons Earhole
  233. The Last Chance Saloon
  234. KI Steals An Idea: The **** I Listen To
  235. Nerdcore
  236. Chris Cornell Survivor
  237. Qwertyy vs. Your Favourite Album
  238. Lord of the rings song
  239. Separating the Art from the Artist
  240. So is this possible in your eyes ?
  241. *** Member Mixtape Thread Is Back Again and Again ***
  242. The Identity Matrix Presents: Listening Log 2017
  243. This is not a review thread
  244. SZIGET 2017: info on the artists
  245. Is music a type of sound geometry?
  246. What is the best, cheap, beginner electric guitar one could buy?
  247. Billy Cobham
  248. When did getting gig tickets become such a pain in the a**?
  249. Are our musical tastes part genetic or fully inherited?
  250. name of song with midget on skateboard with a boombox on his shoulder

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