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They got up the next day. They ate and got ready for the day. Axl chatted about how they'd just given away $600 Million within a couple of days! Cake Cream all acknowledged this too. Axl decided to make a list of things they bought and gave away. Cake Cream were all up for this. Axl smiled. Axl wrote

$5,000 for Axl's hospital stay(Axl's multiple gunshots)
$15,000 for James hospital stay(After James was hit in stomach by Jimmy's bass guitar)
$20,000 for Billy's hospital stay(After Billy was shot in stomach)
$100,000 for Jimmy's Bail(Axl only)
$10 Million for Billy's Bail(Axl only)
$18 Million to Woodstock
$80,000 to reimburse the GoFundMe (Axl only)
$300 Million to Claven Records(To fix Claven Records corrupted files, for them to upgrade to new system, and to give Claven extra "fun," money)
$300 Million to Allison Peters(To make her confess in Court she lied about everything in the prison interviews and to make her promise to never say anything damaging about Cake Cream and Axl)
$100,000 for Axl's Bail(Axl only)
$100,000 to Cake Cream (Axl only, to thank them for being good friends to him)
$250 Million to Brian Washington (Axl only, to get Brian to permanently leave Cake Cream alone)
$100 Million to Izzy(Axl only, to get Izzy to come back to Guns N'Roses)
$100 Million to Steven (Axl only, to get Steven to come back to Guns N'Roses)
$200,000 to Brian Washington (Axl only, to get Brian Washington to permanently leave Cake Cream alone)
$150,000 Frequent First Class plane flights
$100,000 for Food and drink(Such as constantly ordering food and drinks by delivery, grocery shopping, eating at Restaurants, buying popcorn and soda at movies, etc)
$150,000 Hotel stays(Luxurious Penthouse Suites and rooms)
$500 Million to Cake Cream (Axl only, to buy Cake Cream Rights, Royalties, and name)
$500 Million to Axl(Cake Cream for Axl being a good Manager and friend)
$25,000 in clothes
$25,000 in personal hygiene and toiletries(Such as toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, razors, etc
$$10,000 in bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets
$1 Million to Axl(Cake Cream for Axl being their Lawyer)
$100,000 to Melissa The Waitress (Axl only to make up for Mr. Wealthy scamming Melissa)
$233 to Melissa The Waitress (Axl only, to pay for his own meal and Mr. Wealthy's meal)
$50,000 in Utilities such as water, light, gas, air conditioning, phone, cable, internet)
$6,000 in phone devices(Iphones for all 6)
$6,000 for Meal for everybody (Axl only)
$250 in Coke the drink(Axl only)
$60,000 in Entertainment(Such as movies, trips to Hawaii, trip to Canada, trip to Disney World, shopping at malls,
$10,000 in regular healthcare
$10,000 in hair care
$$10,000 in insurance
$5,000 for Axl's therapy
$5,000 for Andy's therapy
$25,000 in Court Cases
$30,000 for Cocaine and Subutex (Billy only)
$30,000 in musical instruments
$20,000 in miscellaneous things like dish washing soap, toiletries, played, silverware, cups, etc.
$25,000 for Andy's vacation (Andy only)
$ 600 Million to Billy, James, Jimmy, Mike, and Axl (Andy only, as an act of contrition for stealing 1.6 Billion)
$30,000 in LYFT rides
$700 Million to The Lottery for taxes(Andy only)
$700 Million to The Lottery for taxes (Andy only)
$100 Million to Andy(Billy, James, Mike, Jimmy, Axl for passing the loyalty test)
$120 Million to Claven Records(To buy back the Cake Cream Rights, Royalties, and name)

Axl made a list of their income

$100,000 for Cake Cream Demo
$10 Million for Axl from Older Axl
$50 Million for live shows
$10 Million plus Royalties or Time For A New Era!(Axl only)
$5 Million gift from Older Axl to Young Axl
$20 Million plus Royalties for All The Sweet Filling
$30 Million plus Royalties for Tasty Cake/Tasty Cake Reloaded
$250 Million plus Royalties for Bronze Cake
$100 Million plus Royalties for Bitter Sweets(Axl only)
$200 Million plus Royalties for Cream Rose
2.5 Billion from Brandon Records
$500 Million for Lottery win(Andy only)
$375 Million for Lottery win (Andy only)
$1 Million for Billy's burned down house
$500 Million for Royalties for all albums

According to Axl's calculations, Cake Cream and he had earned a combined net worth of roughly 4.5 Billion. And had spent about 2.5 billion, so they still had a combined net worth of about 2 Billion. Cake Cream and Axl all smiled.
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They chilled until the next day. The next day they got up and ate and got ready for the day. Fans on Social Media were clamoring for another Cake Cream Show. Axl and Cake Cream decided to book a show for the Afternoon. Fans were happy.

Cake Cream and Axl all put on bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets and went to the James L Knight Center and Axl booked a show for the afternoon. They practiced and then did a little sightseeing and hung out. Soon it was time for the show. 50,000 Cake Cream Fans showed up and Cake Cream and Axl were all happy.

The show started behind bulletproof plexiglass barriers and was good. Fans cheered wildly. But then, out of nowhere, Fans started clamoring for The Hurt Song to be played. Andy blushed guiltily at Axl. Axl lowered his eyes.

Axl said,"Uh, The Hurt Song is not a song that we like to perform . Cake Cream was NOT in a good place when I wrote The Hurt Song."

Fans kept clamoring for The Hurt Song to be performed.

Axl blurted out,"Andy doesn't like The Hurt Song!" Axl soon gasped at what he just said.

Andy quickly covered for Axl's blunder and said,"I don't like The Hurt Song because it's about a deep betrayal within Cake Cream that should never have happened. Cake Cream and Axl all backed up Andy.

Fans STILL clamored for The Hurt Song. Axl said,"How many times do we have to tell you guys we don't like The Hurt Song?" Fans STILL clamored for The Hurt Song to be performed. Axl and Cake Cream all reluctantly caved.

Axl sang lead on The Hurt Song while Mike provided backup. Axl sounded really pained, hurt, melancholy in the song. Andy played Keyboard, Billy played drums, Jimmy played Bass/Rhythm Guitar, and James played Lead Guitar. It sounded good. The crowd cheered wildly.

Axl said,"We did The Hurt Song because you guys begged us incessantly to perform it. Please stop asking us to play The Hurt Song. The Hurt Song brings back a lot of hurt for us every single time we play it." Cake Cream all nodded.

Fans were like,"It's a good at song!" Please keep singing The Hurt Song!"

Axl said,"I've already told you we don't like The Hurt Song and don't like performing it! Please stop begging us to perform The Hurt Song! Cake Cream were like," Yep, none of us like The Hurt Song."

The Fans STILL wanted them to perform The Hurt Song. Axl fed up took a tape that had The Hurt Song written on it and took a hammer and smashed The Hurt Song tape as a clear message to the Fans to stop begging them to perform The Hurt Song. Cake Cream all backed up Axl.

Fans gasped, but were like,"Okay, we get the point. You guys don't want to perform The Hurt Song.

Cake Cream and Axl all nodded.

The Show continued, and was really good. There was more wild cheering and then the Final sendoff happened to more wild cheering. Soon the Show was over and Cake Cream and Axl went to Denny's for a late lunch/early dinner.

They chatted about Axl breaking The Hurt Song tape as a way to show to the audience Cake Cream and Axl did NOT like The Hurt Song. They laughed about it. Andy then got serious and said,"I really am sorry about attempting to sell out Axl for $5,000/$1,000.

Axl was annoyed by Andy's constant apologizing for attempting to sell out Axl for $5,000/$1,000. He kind of wished Andy would stop apologizing over it. Axl said annoyed,"We all know, Andy, we know." The rest of Cake Cream backed up Axl.

Axl Zelled Andy $5,000. Andy was surprised. Axl said,"I'm giving you this $5,000 as a gift. Please stop apologizing about the attempted $5,000 sellout of me. It's annoying."

Andy thanked Axl and he welcomed him. Cake Cream and Axl all had a nice meal and paid and left and went to the Luxurious Penthouse Suite and chilled and then went to sleep.
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The next day, they got up and ate and got ready for the day. Yesterday's Cake Cream Show went viral and Fans gasped at Axl breaking The Hurt Song with a hammer!

Axl responded, "Cake Cream and I do not like The Hurt Song. It's about a brotherly betrayal that happened between us. Hopefully Fans will stop asking us to perform The Hurt Song. Cake Cream all backed up Axl.

Fans said,"Breaking The Hurt Song tape with a hammer was a bit excessive, however. Why not just say something like,"If you guys keep asking us to keep performing The Hurt Song, even after we already performed it and clearly said we don't like performing The Hurt Song, we're all leaving early?"

Axl said,"I was just desperate when I smashed The Hurt Song tape with a hammer." Cake Cream all backed up Axl.

The Fans and Axl chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes.

On MTV, there was a Show wondering if Cake Cream and Axl should be sued by Daft Punk for their motorcycle helmets as Daft Punk also wore helmets.

Axl asked Cake Cream who were Daft Punk and Cake Cream filled him in and showed him Daft Punk pictures. Axl was like,"Daft Punk has futuristic, robotic looking helmets. We wear motorcycle helmets. Different type of helmets. Cake Cream all backed up Axl.

On Social Media, Axl and Cake Cream said that Daft Punk wore robotic, futuristic looking helmets and Cake Cream and Axl wore motorcycle helmets.

Fans were like,"Okay, you guys do make sense. " Cake Cream and the Fans chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes.

A Judge called Axl's cellphone and asked him if he and Cake Cream wanted to press charges against Billy's Prosecutor tomorrow for defamation of character, libel, and perjury in Billy's Arson case, especially since Billy wasn't the one who burned down the house, it was Mark Riley who had accidentally done that.

Axl told the Judge to hold on and he did. He told Cake Cream what the Judge said and Cake Cream all agreed. Axl agreed too. Axl went back to the phone call and told the Judge that all of them wanted to press charges.

The Judge was like,"I don't blame you guys. That Prosecutor was awful. Lying about Billy and insinuating that Cake Cream and Axl set the house on fire on purpose to get life insurance on Billy if he died. The Judge and Axl chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes and hung up.

Cake Cream and Axl all chilled until the next day. The next day, it was time to get ready for the Court case against David Livingston, Billy's Prosecutor.

They got up and ate and got ready for the day. They put on bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets and left and went to the Court. They were processed. Soon, Court started and David was there. The Judge asked Cake Cream and Axl of they wanted to press charges against David for Perjury, Libel, and Defamation of Character for Billy's Arson Case. David had his own Lawyer. His Lawyer advised David to plead the fifth on whatever questions Axl asked him.

All of Cake Cream and Axl said yes. Axl said he wanted to cross examine Mr. Livingston. Axl was allowed to cross examine David. David's Lawyer was like,"Objection! Mr. Rose shouldn't be the one cross examining my Client, Mr. Livingston as Mr. Rose is part of the party pressing charges. It's an unethical conflict of interest."

The Judge said,"Objection overruled as Mr. Rose is Cake Cream's Lawyer and had the right to cross examine Mr. Livingston. I will allow Mr. Rose to cross examine Mr. Livingston."

Axl said,"Thank you, your Honor." The Judge welcomed him..

Axl asked,"Mr. Livingston, would you like to tell the Court why you falsely claimed in Court that my Client, Mr. William Anderson Parks accepted a bribe from you to confess in Court that he accidentally set his house on fire?

The Prosecutor said,"I was desperate that I was losing my case so I falsely claimed that Mr. Parks accepted a bribe from me to confess in Court. "

Axl said,"So, you acknowledge that you falsely claimed in Court that William Anderson Parks accepted a bribe from you in order for a confession?"

Mr. Livingston said,"Yes, I acknowledge this."

Axl asked,"Why did you falsely insinuate that myself, James Dobson, James King , Andrew McCall, and Michael Smith possibly set the house on fire in order to Murder William Anderson Parks for life insurance money?"

Mr. Livingston responded,"I was hoping Mr. Parks would freak out on the spot and confess to Arson so I could win my case. Mr. Parks would be behind bars and I'd get praise for winning the case!"

Axl said,"So you acknowledge that you falsely insinuated that we set the house on fire, is that right?

Mr. Livingston said,Yes, I acknowledged that I falsely insinuated that."

Axl said, "But, Mark Riley is the one who burned down the house, not Mr. Parks. So, an innocent man would have been behind bars for a crime he didn't commit."

Mr. Livingston responded," Mr. Parks would have been acquitted when and if Mark Riley finally confessed to the accidental Arson of Billy's house."

Axl asked,"Do you feel any guilt or remorse over nearly sending an innocent man to jail?"

The Prosecutor said snidely, "I don't care about Mr. Parks or any of you guys. I'm just on it to win it!"

The crowd gasped in shock.

Mr. Livingston's Lawyer shook his head. Mr. Livingston just had to say,"I plead the fifth!" To all of Axl's questions, but he chose to answer all of Axl's questions.

Mr. Livingston's Lawyer STILL tried to salvage his Client, saying,"Objection. My Client is being badgered by Mr. Rose!"

The Judge said,"Objection overruled. Mr. Rose hasn't been badgering your Client at all. Mr. Rose is just asking the necessary questions. The Judge added," Mr. Rose, you may continue your cross examination of Mr. Livingston."

Axl said,"Thank you, your honor." I'd like to call Mr. Parks to the Witness Stand. The judge allowed Billy to go on the Witness Stand. Mr. Livingston's Lawyer said,"Objection! Mr. Rose and Mr. Parks are dating! This is an unethical conflict of interest!"

The Judge said,"I will allow Mr. Rose to call Mr. Parks to the Witness Stand regardless of their personal relationship." Billy and Axl thanked the Judge and was welcomed.

Billy went on the Witness Stand. Axl asked,"Mr. Parks, how does it feel when you were accused of setting the house on fire, falsely accused of accepting a bribe from Mr. Livingston in order to confess, and the false insinuating that we set the house on fire in order to Murder you to get life insurance on you especially since that Mark Riley confessed to doing so."

Billy said,"I feel awful that I was falsely accused of setting my house on fire , awful I was falsely accused of accepting a bribe from Mr. Livingston in order to confess and awful about the false insinuating that you guys would set the house on fire to Murder me for Life Insurance money. You guys would NEVER set the house on fire in order to Murder me for Life Insurance money." Cake Cream and Axl backed up Billy. Billy added,"I did not like Mr. Livingston saying those lies."

Axl said,"Thank you for your testimony. No further questions."

Billy welcomed him and stepped down.

Axl continued cross examining Mr. Livingston. Axl said,"Mr. Livingston, do you acknowledge that as a Prosecutor, you are held to a higher standard and should uphold those standards?"

Mr. Livingston said,"Yes, I am held to a higher standard and SHOULD uphold those standards, but am willing to break the rules to win a case! I don't like losing!"

The crowd gasped again. Mr. Livingston's Lawyer once again shook his head. His Client was just admitting to EVERYTHING when all he had to say was ,"I plead the fifth!"

Axl smirked in his motorcycle helmet. Mr. Livingston was going down VERY quickly. Cake Cream all smirked in their motorcycle helmets too. Axl asked Mr. Livingston, "Do you confess to Perjury, defamation of character, and libel to me and my Clients?"

Mr. Livingston said,"I want a good deal before I confess to anything. "Axl drew up a Contract that stated that Mr. Livingston agreed to go to Prison for one year instead of the Maximum Sentence of Five Years of he confessed to Perjury , defamation of character, and Libel of Cake Cream and Axl. And to publicly apologize in Court to Axl and Cake Cream and to NEVER say anything damaging about them ever again. Mr. Livingston read, agreed, understood and signed. Cake Cream and Axl all signed too. Mr. Livingston's Lawyer agreed to this too and signed. The Judge agreed to the Contract too.

In Court, Mr Livingston said,"I confess in Court to Perjury, Defamation of Character, and libel to Cake Cream and Axl. I am sorry for all of this. I promise to NEVER say anything damaging about them ever again."

The Judge said,"Alright, Mr. Livingston will be sentenced to one year in Prison for Perjury, Libel, and defamation of character. Court is adjourned." He banged his gavel. Mr. Livingston paid his Lawyer and then was led to Prison. Axl and Cake Cream were happy. They left the Courthouse after about 30 minutes. They went to Red Lobster and had a nice meal and paid and left and went back to the Luxurious Penthouse Suite and chilled and fell asleep.
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The next day they got up and ate and got ready for the day. Axl decided to make a list of how dangerous their Enemies were from 1-10. 1 being someone who stepped on their foot and didn't say sorry and 10 being an outright dangerous. Cake Cream were all up for this. Axl smiled and wrote.

Brian Washington. Brian was Axl's very first enemy and the reason Axl ended up being a Fugitive in the first place. Axl punched Brian and broke his camera after Brian harassed, stalked, , followed, and snapped pictures of Axl even after. Axl and Cake Cream politely asked him to stop. Brian pressed charges and Axl ended up giving about 1 million to Brian as a settlement. Brian Washington was a 6.

The YouTuber who filmed Mike and Axl in the Cop car and put it on YouTube was a 2.

Allison Peters. Allison had sex with James when she was Jimmy's girlfriend. She accused James and Jimmy of rape, a false accusation, all because she wanted $50 Million from them each and because she was mad at both of them for dumping her. She then made two nasty and scathing prison interviews. Allison was definitely a 10.

The Paparazzi who chased Axl and Mike to a Police Station, looking for more interviewing were definitely a 4.

Brandon Records. Brandon Records were a shady Record Company who claimed they would pay Cake Cream 2.5 Billion to leave Claven Records and join Brandon Records. Brandon Records were worth 4 Billion, claiming they wanted to give Cake Cream 2.5 billion to come work for them. This sent Axl's glaring red alert, red alarm, red flag feeling off and he told Cake Cream his feelings.

Although Cake Cream wanted the 2.5 Billion deal, they decided to trust Axl. They turned down Brandon Records sketchy deal. It turns out Axl was right. Brandon Records were shady and they said they were suing Cake Cream for agreeing to work for them for 2.5 Billion and then never showed up for work, which Cake Cream never did. Brandon Records claimed they gave Cake Cream the 2.5 billion and tried to sue Cake Cream for something that Cake Cream never did. Axl was able to prove that Brandon Records was lying.

Brandon Records admitted that they lied about Cake Cream basically stealing 2.5 Billion from them. They said they were mad at Cake Cream for rejecting them..The Judge was disgusted and ordered Brandon Records to give Cake Cream the 2.5 Billion for lying about them or they would be sentenced to 20 years behind bars. Brandon Records Zelled the 2.5 Billion to Cake Cream. Brandon Records soon tried to steal the 2.5 Billion back from Cake Cream, but Axl had already made Cake Cream transfer the $2.5 Billion to Accounts that Brandon Records didn't know about. Cake Cream and Axl reported the attempted theft and Brandon Records admitted they did the attempted theft. Brandon Records went on the run and if they ever came back, they'd be sentenced to 20 years behind bars. Brandon Records was a 10.

Max Kendall. Max Kendall was a Paparazzi Person who wanted to give Andy 20 Million to tell Cake Cream and Axl's secrets. He showed up at a Cake Cream Show asking Cake Cream and Axl for an Impromptu Interview while they were working. Axl scolded him for asking that while they were working. After the Show, Max hounded them for an Impromptu Interview and asked Cake Cream and Axl if they had ever turned on each other. Max was a 5.

David Livingston. Axl's opposing Prosecutor in the Billy Parks Arson case. He falsely claimed that he offered Billy a bribe to confess to him and he would pay Billy millions and Billy accepted. He then falsely insinuated that James, Jimmy, Mike, Andy, and Axl set the house on fire in order to Murder Billy for Life Insurance money. He tried to get the rest of Cake Cream to press charges against Billy but they declined. In the recent Court Case, he admitted he lied about Billy, the rest of Cake Cream, and Axl in order to win and admitted he didn't care about any of them and implied he didn't have remorse over innocent Billy nearly being sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit. David Livingston was a 10.

Mark Riley impersonated both Young Axl and Older Axl and knocked out Older Axl, tied him up and pulled a gun on Older Axl. He tried to rob Andy at gunpoint, he had a brawl with Axl, he tried to shoot Axl, he burglarized Billy's house and stole $50,000 from them and accidentally burned down Billy's house when he forgot he had a pizza in the oven.

He stalked Andy, having a creepy love obsession with Andy. He broke out of jail multiple times just to stalk Andy. He was only stopped when he tried to shoot Axl during a one on one brawl at Jim's Mixed Martial Arts and got shot when the bullet ricocheted off of Axl's bulletproof vest and boomeranged back to Mark and Mark landed in hospital and then prison infirmary. Mark was an 11. No, maybe a 12. Mark was their biggest enemy.

John Wilson shot at Billy at a concert but Axl got multiple gunshots when he pushed Billy out of the way. After being arrested, jailed, and tried, and sentenced to more jail, John showed up at Billy's house and tried to murder Billy again but Axl punched John and had John arrested again. John was taken to California, another State on the other side of the Country. John was a 10.

Maxwell Nichols tried to throw a bomb at Cake Cream and Axl at a Cake Cream Show, which could have killed Cake Cream, Axl, and everybody in the venue. Maxwell Nichols was an 11.

Martin Charles broke into Billy and Axl's hotel room at the local Marriot and shot Billy in the stomach as Axl and Billy slept. He filmed himself shooting Billy and then left. He was a 9 because he only shot Billy once and left.

Mr. Wealthy at Red Lobster pretended to be a wealthy man but was really broke and tried to pay with a stolen credit card and would have gotten the very nice, were, attentive Waitress, Melissa in BIG trouble (Tried to pay $100,000 and about $170 in subtotal and tax and tip) had Axl not put him in a headlock and dragged him back to his table.

Mr. Wealthy got arrested for paying with a stolen credit card and attempted Grand Larceny. He tried to sue Axl for putting him in a headlock and dragging him back to his table, but he had no merit as Axl was preventing him from getting away with MASSIVE credit card fraud. He was a 2 for Axl.

Cake Cream agreed with the list. Everybody smiled.

Cake Cream and Axl all chilled in the Luxurious Penthouse Suite and then fell asleep.
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The next day, Axl got up and ate and got ready for the day. Cake Cream were all still sleeping. On Social Media, the green suit Court Case went viral again. Posters on Social Media were saying stuff like,"Axl, why did you throw Duff under the bus by telling the Court what drugs Duff did after you looked like you weren't going to confess to any of Duff's drugs?"

Axl responded,"Technically, I haven't done the green suit Court Case yet. That Court Case happened in 1993. I am from 1987. Axl added ,"I look exhausted in the green suit Court Case. Maybe if I had gotten a better night sleep I would have pleaded the fifth."

Posters posted,"Why did you roll your eyes when the Lawyer objected when you were asked when Duff first started using drugs?

Axl responded,"I guess I rolled my eyes because AFTER I already said what drugs Duff did,"THEN the Lawyer objected, when the objection REALLY should have been when I was asked what drugs Duff did. There was roughly a minute pause between me being asked what drugs Duff did and me responding that he did Cocaine and pills. The Lawyer could have and should have objected anytime before I said what drugs Duff did. That "BITCH , are you ****ING KIDDING ME!" glare I give my Lawyer at around 3 minutes into the Court case says if all.

Posters asked,"Why didn't you wear a motorcycle helmet to Court like you did in the green suit Court Case?"

Axl couldn't believe they asked him this question. Axl responded anyway, "This Court Case is from 1993 when I was 29. I only started wearing motorcycle helmets in 2022 when I am 25. "

Posters were like,"Makes sense."

Posters were like,"Who were you thinking about when you said,"Everybody, at different times, with the exception of, no,well everyone," when asked who in Guns N'Roses did drugs?"

Axl responded,"I probably was going to say Izzy didn't do drugs but didn't want Izzy to be singled out as the lone completely sober and clean Member, so I said,"Everyone," so Izzy wouldn't be singled out.

Posters were like,"How did it feel that Steven sued you and the rest of Guns N'Roses?"

Axl responded,"Where I'm from, Guns N'Roses is still me, Duff, Izzy, Steven, and Slash, so Steven suing us hasn't happened yet. So, I feel indifferent, I guess. Besides, Steven is in Wild Guns now, so it's all water under the bridge."

Posters asked,"Why did you make Guns N'Roses stop doing drugs in 1988?"

Axl answered,"Because I was worried we might all die from drug overdoses in our 20's. In 1988, I was the oldest Guns N'Roses Member and I was only 26. Izzy is just a couple of months younger than me and was also only 26 in 1988. Funny how most of Cake Cream is 26 and I am 25. Funny how I'm the youngest Cake Cream Member and the oldest Guns N'Roses Member. Axl added, Slash, Duff, and Steven, were only around 23 in 1988, much too young to die, especially of drug overdoses. So I successfully stopped Izzy, Slash, and Duff from doing drugs. Steven stopped much later than the rest of us, but I'm glad he did eventually. Better late than never.

Posters asked,"Why did you wear that weird green suit to Court? "

Axl responded,"That green suit did the job, covering all of my tattoos. Although, in hindsight, I'd probably have looked better in a normal, black, three piece suit."

Posters asked,"Why didn't you dance and sing in the Courtroom?"

Axl responded,"Because this was COURT, NOT a Guns N'Roses Show! I needed to be SERIOUS! Besides, I'd be held in contempt of court if I had danced and sang in the court. The court case was already sad as it was, no need to add contempt of court. "

Posters asked,"Why did you smile when thd Lawyer made the "Make the Witness start humming," when he was talking about Mr. Brownstone ?"

Axl said," It was a funny thing. Can you imagine me humming Mr. Brownstone in a Courtroom of all places?"

Posters were like,"Makes sense." Posters asked," Did you try to buy Steven out? Axl responded,"I don't remember this Court Case, only what I am seeing and hearing in the viral video. I have not lived through it yet. If the green suit Court Case happened in 1987, not 1993 I could better answer these questions..

Posters were like "Makes sense. They agreed to stop asking questions about the green suit Court Case. Axl thanked them and they welcomed him. They chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes.

Axl went back to sleep.
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This one is a VERY LONG CHAPTER.

Here are a LOT of "behind the scenes," commentary!

Buckle up, once again , it's an EXTREMELY LONG Chapter!

Part one of the "Behind the scenes," commentary.

Axl in the first Fictional Axl Rose story claimed he wasn't Axl Rose, and implied he was just an Axl Rose lookalike. In the early days of his time travel, he only revealed his REAL identity to a Banker who asked to see his real identity after determining that Axl's Michael Randall Johnson fake ID was well, fake.

The Banker was pleasantly surprised that Axl Rose was sitting in front of him. He asked Axl for an Autograph. And Axl gave it to him and begged him not to tell anyone and to open an Account for him under the table. The Banker, being a Guns N'Roses Fan, obliged.

My Fictional Axl Rose lied to FANS who of course recognized right off the bat that he looks scarily similar to Axl Rose! He was like,"No, I just look scarily similar to Axl Rose, but I'm not Axl Rose! The Fans were like,"You are a dead ringer for Axl Rose! Tsk tsk, thinking he could FOOL FANS.They suggested he join an Axl Rose lookalike Contest and he laughed and politely thanked them for their suggestions! They were like,"Are you SURE you're not Axl Rose?" He responded,"No," and his Fans giggled. He realized he kind of admitted he WAS Axl Rose and then quickly said,"I meant no, I'm not Axl Rose." His Fans continued to imply that he was Axl Rose. His Fans also noticed how relieved he was that all of Guns N'Roses Members were still alive.

My thought process was that Axl couldn't reveal he was really Axl Rose who had time traveled from 1987 to 2022. So he had to lie about not being Axl Rose.

My Fictional Axl and the real Axl Rose is a quick thinker and when asked how he didn't know what Covid was, responded that he was in a coma for the last three years and just woke up today! (According to Axl's lie, he has been in a coma since 2019 before Covid ever existed! ) He was told what it was and used his bandana as a mask!

Axl claimed he was Michael Randall Johnson because that's the name that showed up on his fake ID.

I personally think that in my Fictional Axl Rose stories, people are WAY too understanding and accepting of Axl time traveling from 1987 to 2022 and Young Axl and Older Axl coexisting and even talking to each other! That just wouldn't happen in real life. In real life, people would just assume that Young Axl is Older Axl's lookalike Son! Who got the same tattoos as his Dad to look even MORE like him!

My Fictional Axl Rose Court Cases are based on the green suit Court Case. In the green suit Court Case, Axl comes off as intimidating and I incorporated that into my Fictional Axl Rose Court Cases. A lot of my Fictional Axl Rose persona is based on the NBA Finals Interview in 2001, shy, blushing. On another Website that I have the first Fictional Axl Rose story, a Poster asked something like,"Your Fictional Axl Rose story is cool, but why does your Fictional Axl Rose blush so much?" I responded that a lot of my Fictional Axl Rose is based on the NBA Finals Interview of Axl Rose.

Some of my Fictional Axl Rose persona is based on the infamous Riverport Concert Riot where Axl dives off stage and hits a guy in the head! He punched Brian Washington in the face for taking pictures of him, stalking, harassing,and following him! That was based on what real Axl did at the infamous Riverport Concert Riot!

My Fictional Axl Rose's deep loyalty is based on the real Axl Rose 's deep loyalty!

Axl kept to himself for the most part before the Guns N'Roses Show.

Guns N'Roses Show, Older Axl temporarily lost his voice after he sang,"True," in a high pitched, loud voice and only Axl could fill in for him . The first Fictional Axl Rose story is closed, but I wish I had had Axl show Older Axl his Appetite For Destruction Album Cross Tattoo, and all of his other Tattoos and say something like,,"I'm Younger you. Look familiar?"

And Older Axl could be like,"Oh, my God, you're Younger me!" And maybe have Older Axl say,"You could have easily just gotten the same exact Tattoos I have. Have any other proof you are Younger me?" Axl could pull out his 1987 ID, the one that says,"W. Axl Rose, Birthdate, February 6,1987, expiration date, 1989, with his 1987 Address and his ID Number and his red haired picture. Older Axl could be like,"Oh my God, you REALLY are Young me!" Axl and Older Axl could chat for a long time.

On another Website, I wondered what would happen if Young Axl who was 25 in 1987 time traveled to 2022 and Older Axl saw him and was like,"Oh. My. God," knowing he was looking at Young Axl. Young Axl could be like,"Hi, Dad, it's me, your 25 year old illegitimate Son, Axl Rose, Jr!" Older Axl could be like,"My, God, my Son looks JUST like me when I was young! Who is your Mother?" Young Axl could respond,"My Mother is Cynthia Barnes." Older Axl could be like, "I remember Cynthia Barnes. She and I were in a relationship in 1996!" Older Axl and Young Axl could sing duets together that make Fans happy!"

About Axl meeting Cake Cream at the bar, Cake Cream were skeptical of Axl at first. He showed up wearing a full disguise claiming he was in the music business and could make them big successful, music stars. Anybody would be skeptical in Cake Cream's shoes. Only when Axl took off his disguise is when Cake Cream recognized him as the guy who helped Axl out last night and trusted him!

Here are some things that just wouldn't really work in the real world, but work in my Fictional Axl Rose story world. . My Fictional Axl Rose uses the defibrillator on James when James slips into a coma and James wakes up. In real life, the defibrillator would be used if James had FLATLINED, like because of having a heart attack or something like that, not slipping into a coma.

Billy using Subutex to combat addiction after snorting Cocaine wouldn't really work in the real world. Subutex is used to combat OPIOID addiction, such as Heroin, not Cocaine.

At first, before Cake Cream REALLY became famous, Axl didn't make them wear bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets because they wouldn't be targets yet. For example, the first Guns N'Roses Concert Axl went to in 2022, he wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet or a bulletproof vest. But Cake Cream's first Show at a Marriott, Axl made them wear bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets.

The bulletproof vests are to protect their body, the motorcycle helmets are to protect their heads from audience Members throwing stuff at them. Axl mentioned that Duff got hit in the head with a glass bottle at a Guns N'Roses Show and had to be rushed to the hospital and he'd be damned if any Cake Cream Member got hit in the head.

The bulletproof plexiglass barriers that Cake Cream perform behind came about after Axl was shot multiple times protecting Billy. And Billy while Axl was recovering from the multiple gunshots was like,"We REALLY should have better protection between us and the Audience Members ," and everyone agreed, hence them performing behind bulletproof plexiglass barriers.

About Axl always wearing long sleeved shirts, even in the hot April, I wanted the Cake Cream Fans to find this suspicious. I feel that most people would wonder if the person was an arm cutter or a Heroin Addict, and that's why they always wear long sleeve shirts even in the hot April. The Fans told Cake Cream they found this suspicious and Cake Cream all agreed this was suspicious.

I had three ways that Axl's appetite for destruction album Cross tattoo would be shown. First way. Have Cake Cream put roofies into Axl's drink and sedate him and then lift up his sleeve while he was passed out. Creepy.

Second way. Have Axl be fully awake and have Cake Cream FIGHT the sleeve up against his will. Creepy

Third way. Have Axl fall asleep on his own and have the sleeve lifted up while was asleep. Still a little creepy, but the best way.

I originally had Axl be the one who called Andy from a burner phone at first, but I erased that and wrote in Mark Riley as the fake Axl. I felt having Mark Riley call Andy from a burner phone was much more dangerous than having Axl just call Andy from a burner phone.

Older Axl was alarmed and tried to run when Mark Riley barged into his dressing room wearing a motorcycle helmet and saying in Young Axl's creepy voice impersonation,"Hi Older Axl! It's me, Young Axl!" Older Axl knew this was someone impersonating Young Axl because Mark was so hammy about it. He doesn't know how Older Axl and Axl speak to each other , so he assumes they call each other Young Axl and Older Axl, and has no idea that they call each other Axl.

Besides, Young Axl wouldn't just barge into Older Axl's dressing room like Mark did, so Older Axl was thinking,"Holy ****! Young Axl's being impersonated, I better get out of here!" And tried to run, but Mark knocked him out and tied him up. It could also be that Older Axl had maybe seen Mark's interrogation interview where Mark admitted he could mimic Young Axl's deep baritone bass voice and demonstrated it perfectly.

Mark also impersonated Older Axl to Young Axl, using Older Axl's cellphone. This one was more well thought out than barging into Older Axl's dressing room and pretending to be Young Axl.

With Andy's vacation to Hawaii after stealing $1.6 Billion from Cake Cream, and running in the first place because he didn't want to share any of his Lottery Winnings with Cake Cream and Axl. I thought of having Cake Cream and Axl coincidentally and conveniently visit Hawaii for fun and Andy is out and about and Axl sees Andy and Andy sees him and Andy RUNS.

Axl says,"Andy!" And chases him. Andy ends up running off a cliff and manages to just barely hold on. Axl catches up to him and Andy briefly wonders if Axl will push him off the cliff after all he's done to Cake Cream and Axl. Andy says anyways scared,"Axl, please help me!" Axl brings Andy up to safety and tells him,"I wouldn't have let you die, Andy, no matter what ****ed up things you did to me and Cake Cream." Axl walks away and Andy cries, knowing he just threw away a good friendship with Axl, someone who saved his life after he ****ed Cake Cream and Axl.

I thought this was kind of REALLY cliched and sappy, so I wrote that Axl saved Andy by warning him that someone impersonated Axl in order to trick Andy and Andy packed up and left.

I originally said that Mark was a Burglar, erased that and put that he was a Bank Robber. But his actions clearly scream that he's a Burglar(Breaking into Billy's house in order to steal money from Cake Cream and Axl, trying to break down Andy's hotel room door by constantly running into it)

Billy at first was the one who accidentally burned down his house by putting the pizza in the oven and then taking Cocaine and Subutex and falling asleep, forgetting he had a pizza in the oven.

I later changed it to being Mark Riley who accidentally burned down Billy's house(Mark wasn't invented yet when Billy's house burned down accidentally). I wrote that Mark broke into Billy's house looking to rob them since Cake Cream is the wealthiest band in the world. He was wearing gloves. He assumed everybody was out and didn't know Billy was sleeping.

He stole $50,000 and opened the fridge and saw pizza and took it out and went to the oven that was off, opened the oven and saw that there was already a pizza in there. Mark ate the pizza and still felt a little hungry, so he put the other pizza in the oven and turned it on and suddenly heard snoring coming from Billy's room. Mark opened Billy's room and saw Billy sleeping! Mark knew if Billy woke up, he could be in a LOT of trouble.

He took his duffle bag filled with the stolen $50,000 and fled, forgetting he had put another pizza in the oven, and the pizza that Mark accidentally left warming up in the oven was what caused Billy's house to burn down. I had Mark confess all of this in a prison interview. He was told if he confessed to this, he would get a plea deal for all of his crimes.

I planned to have Cake Cream say something like,"Let Andy be in trouble, let him get kidnapped, murdered , or robbed,he ****ed us over out of 1.6 Billion," but I found that would have been REALLY mean for Cake Cream to say, so I had them agree with Axl to try to save Andy.

About Andy stealing 1.6 Billion from Cake Cream, if Cake Cream and Axl had pressed charges against Andy for the 1.6 Billion, Axl would have ended up pressing charges against his own Client, YIKES. And would also need to defend Andy at the same time he was defending Billy, Mike, Jimmy, and James! YIKES! AWKWARD!

I originally wrote, Axl looked at Jimmy deeply and said,"Jimmy, James DIED in the hospital a few minutes ago. Axl wanted to test if Jimmy REALLY hated James, so he pulled this horrible prank. Jimmy burst into uncontrollable tears and said,"Nooooooo! I just wanted to hurt James, not Murder him! What have I done! I don't want to be a Murderer! " Axl is like,"I know you didn't mean to kill James. I'll protect you from the Authorities. Go to your room and watch TV. Jimmy went to his room and watched TV.

Billy called Axl's cellphone and asked how Jimmy was doing. Axl said,"I told Jimmy that James DIED in the hospital. I wanted to test to see if he REALLY hated James. Jimmy freaked out, proving he doesn't REALLY hate James.

Billy said,"You told Jimmy that James DIED? Don't you think that was a REALLY horrible prank, considering the fact that James is still alive?

Axl responded,"At least I know that Jimmy doesn't REALLY hate James.

Billy said,"It was still a REALLY ****ty prank for you to do.

"Axl replied,"Hmm, you may be right."

I erased that like MINUTES after writing it thinking,"No way would Axl, the real one or my Fictional Axl pull such a horrible prank! I changed it to Axl telling Jimmy that James was babbling incoherently after being hopped up on painkillers and Jimmy not showing much remorse, shocking Axl.

I asked for advice, thinking about the fact that Axl was in debt . I wrote something like," How does this sound. Axl realized he was about 180 Million in debt. He had Power Of Attorney over Cake Cream and could easily,"Borrow," about 36 Million from each Cake Cream Member. Axl then had a pang of guilt and decided to just ask each Cake Cream Member for 36 Million."

An avid reader and responder of my Fictional Axl Rose story responded something like,"Please don't write that. That's ****ty." I decided to 86 the ,"Axl considered "Borrowing," 36 Million from each Cake Cream Member to fix his debt, but felt guilty and asked them for the money instead," thing. I instead had Andy be the one who stole from Cake Cream, 1.6 Billion before returning it and giving extra as a sign of contrition.

About Andy, I was going to have him try to screw Axl, Billy, James, Mike, and Jimmy out of a deal they all, including Andy already made. Something like,"They all agreed to get 20 Million each for Tasty Cake Reloaded, but Andy wanted to screw them all over and try to get 30 Million for himself for Tasty Cake Reloaded. When Cake Cream and Axl found out, they were furious and kicked Andy out of the band. I never wrote that, but I did have Andy steal 1.6 Billion from Cake Cream and then go on the run to Hawaii with that stolen $1.6 Billion.

Axl temporarily fired him after Cake Cream agreed Andy needed to be kicked out of the band. Andy was okay with being temporarily fired from the band, as long as he had the 1.6 billion, but soon real guilt and remorse started settling in and he had a nightmare about being suffocated by a rope made of money that hung him in a tree and killed him. Andy gave back the 1.6 billion and extra soon.

I got tired of Andy's constant apologizing for attempting to sell out Axl for $5,000/$1,000. I had Axl pay him $5,000 as a "Leave me alone," incentive. Axl felt harassed and annoyed by Andy's constant apologizing for attempting to sell out Axl.

Andy became kind of clingy and obsessive with Axl because he was feeling guilty about trying to sell out the man who saved his life. Mark showed up to Andy's hotel room with a gun, and was going to rob him at gunpoint if he had been in the hotel room.

I sometimes consider writing that Axl has an invincible immortality where he can't die in 2022, as a result of time traveling from 1987 to 2022 and not supposed to be 25 in 2022.

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Part 2 of my Commentary!

My Fictional Axl lies quite a lot, something the REAL Axl and my Fictional Older Axl don't do. But Axl's lies are white lies, meant to entertain and help and protect, not nasty dark lies like Allison lying about James and Jimmy raping her.

Axl is supposed to be one manipulative Mother****er, LMAO! He told Older Axl,"Fine, let the new Guns N'Roses fall by the wayside before they even get started," when Older Axl showed hesitancy over becoming Wild Water's Manager, and Older Axl caved and decided to become Wild Water's Manager. Axl also manipulated Billy by telling him,"Let James live in a homeless shelter," knowing that Billy wouldn't want James, one of his brothers living in a homeless shelter. Billy said,"No! I don't want James living in a homeless shelter!" Which is what Axl knew already. This was when Axl was trying to get Billy to tell Older Axl to let James live with him in order to protect James.

The Hurt Song is written about how Axl felt after finding out Andy tried to sell him out to Cops for $5,000 reward when Axl was a Fugitive on the run hiding in Billy's house. Axl felt betrayed and hurt by Andy. Axl ripped up the Hurt Song after Andy apologized, begged for forgiveness, and promised to NEVER attempt to sell out Axl again. Axl forgave Andy, but still felt resentful of him. Axl rewrote The Hurt Song, word for word verbatim about James betraying Jimmy by having sex with Allison, Jimmy's girlfriend.

The Hurt Song is the second biggest hit for Cake Cream and Axl, behind All The Right Words. But Cake Cream and Axl all hate The Hurt Song because it's about brotherly betrayal. Axl broke The Hurt Song tape live on stage after Fans repeatedly begged them to keep playing The Hurt Song when they already played it and told Fans they don't like performing The Hurt Song. Axl broke a COPY of the Hurt Song, there are more copies of The Hurt Song, so the song isn't completely destroyed.

I thought of having Axl say something like,"If I were a Captain of a ship, and you guys pulled something like that,"Play your Demo songs at the Rolling Stones Concert and not songs I wrote for you without telling me anything first, I'd make you all walk the plank!" But I thought that would be incredibly mean for Axl to say, so I never wrote it.

One of my funniest to me parts I wrote is,"Older Axl smiled at James, kind of like the weird looking smile Axl did when Cake Cream did their Demo songs at The Rolling Stones Concert without telling Axl they planned to play their Demo songs and not songs he wrote for them.

The weird looking smile is supposed to look like a fake smile that is supposed to look happy. Axl and Older Axl do that smile when they're upset, but trying to be polite. Older Axl did that weird looking smile because he didn't really want James living with him, but was doing this as a favor to Axl. James caught on quickly and was like,"I hope I won't be a burden to you." Older Axl is like,"It's just that I wasn't expecting a Roommate."

drinking Coke. There are a lot of pictures of the real Axl drinking Coke, so I gave my Fictional Axl Rose an affinity for drinking Coke as well.

In fact, Fictional Axl bought Cake Cream and himself all Coke drinks when they decided to hire him as a Manager. Coke is my Fictional Axl's comfort drink when he is feeling stressed and worried. Billy's on the run and they don't know where he is? Axl's drinking Coke. Jimmy and James are feuding over Allison? Axl's drinking Coke. Cake Cream and Axl are all feuding with each other? Axl's drinking Coke. On Axl's first day time traveling from 1987 to 2022, he ordered a Coke from a bar, and pretended it was Whiskey!

Andy and Axl have a complicated friendship. Axl resents Andy for trying to sell him out for $5,000/$1,000, and Andy feels awful about the attempted sell out of Axl..Axl does love Andy as a brother however and Andy loves him as a brother too.

Axl is grateful that Andy helped save Older Axl's life by kissing Mark Riley in order to get Mark to drop the gun. Axl grabbed the gun while Andy and Mark were kissing. I envisioned that Andy's eyes were open during the kiss and Mark's eyes were closed. Andy stopped kissing Mark when Axl had the gun in his hands. Axl and Andy played together well on getting Mark to drop the gun.

Cake Cream wasn't even supposed to be main characters at first! Cake Cream were supposed to show up only ONCE when Axl saw the open for Guns N'Roses the first Guns N'Roses Show Axl went to! He was supposed to be like,"Cake Cream sounds like a good band!" And then never give them a second thought! Boy how far Cake Cream has gone, especially since they were only supposed to be mentioned like a little blurb and then never mentioned again, let alone COSTARS in both Fictional Axl Rose stories! In fact, the sequel mentions Cake Cream in the title!

Axl who is from 1987 is a VERY quick learner of 2022 technology, way of life, Social Media, Society, etc. Cake Cream still had to fill him in on some things such as who Daft Punk is(Funny as Daft Punk disbanded in 2021, the year before 2022, which Axl time traveled too )

Axl is initially nice/cordial to basically everyone he meets unless they start **** with him like Brian Washington. Axl was cordial to Brian Washington until Brian Washington KEPT harassing, stalking, following, taking pictures of Axl, and THEN Axl punched him in the face and broke his camera.

The only time Axl was mean to someone right off the bar was Mr. Wealthy and that was because Mr. Wealthy was a thief trying to get an innocent Waitress in trouble, giving her a stolen credit card to pay for his expensive meal and tricking her into thinking he was going to give her a $100,000 tip! She would have most likely been fired had Axl not put him in a headlock and dragged him back and held him until the Cops came and arrested him!

Axl has a very intuitive mind, such as when he predicted Mark was going to pull a gun on him at Jim's Mixed Martial Arts brawl and bought a ricocheting boomerang bulletproof vest. So when Mark pulled the gun on him and shot at him, the bullet ricocheted and boomeranged back to Mark and hit Mark in his stomach! Mark deserved that, bringing a gun to a fistfight brawl!

Even Jim mentioned this! Axl and Cake Cream often have a deep telepathic connection , such as when Axl had a premonition that Andy was going to be in big trouble RIGHT after the Andy and Mark conversation where Mark tricked Andy into thinking Mark was Axl and Andy telling him he stole $1.6 Billion from Cake Cream and felt bad about it and wanted to settle this with Axl, having no idea that Mark was posing as Axl.

To Mark's credit, he did kind of speak like Axl saying stuff like,"Are you eating and sleeping well? Ready to appease your guilty conscience?" Things the REAL Axl and my Fictional Axl would say/ask. Axl's premonition turned out to be right and he made Andy get out of that hotel room and Mark showed up at Andy's old hotel room, banging aggressively on the door like a madman, luckily, Axl called Cops to Andy's old hotel room who arrested Mark for impersonating Axl and trying to trick Andy. It only hurt Mark's case that he was wanted in multiple states and had multiple arrests warrants and a 20 year old Criminal Record.

The James L Knight Center, where Cake Cream does most of their Cake Cream Show seats at least 50,000 Fans in my Fictional world. The James L Knight Center in the real world only seats about 4,500 Fans!

The "Axl and Cake Cream all splash each other with a garden hose," was to convey that Axl and Cake Cream were all really close Friends.

The relationship between Axl and Billy was foreshadowed in the first Fictional Axl story. Billy stood up for "Michael Randall Johnson," saying Michael couldn't be Axl. Billy was the one Axl called when he felt bad about storming away from Cake Cream. Billy was the one Axl called when he had to choose a Cake Cream Member to sign new paperwork. Billy was the one Axl told to give the new song to Claven Records wearing a disguise when Cake Cream recorded the new song while Axl was a Fugitive on the run, hiding in Billy's house.Billy was Axl's Lawyer in the mock trial. Billy hid Axl in Billy's house. Billy told Axl he should buy a suit since he had a Court Case in three days.

Billy was the one who visited Axl in jail. Axl told Billy that he was his favorite Cake Cream Member and Billy told Axl he was his favorite Guns N'Roses Member. Billy and Axl slept in the same bed one of Axl's last nights in 2022. When Andy suggested they sell out Axl for $5,000/$1,000 each, Billy was shocked and disgusted and said,"We are not selling out Axl for $5,000/$1,000 each! " To Andy and Zelled Andy $5,000 and said,"Here's $5,000 all for you Andy. Don't sell out Axl for $5,000. " Andy agreed to not sell out Axl. Billy cried the most about Axl's soon departure back to 1987. Billy kissed Axl on the forehead, hugged him goodbye, and tucked him in his last night in 2022.

In the sequel, Billy and Axl's relationship was foreshadowed when Billy and Axl slept in the same bed at a Marriott, Axl screaming inhumanly,"Nooooooo!" When a "Fan," aimed a gun at Tasty Cake Reloaded which has All The Right Words on it) , best Performance (Their first Show at The Marriot). Fans loved seeing them win 6 Grammys.

They had to return 5 Grammys because The Grammy Committee accidentally put them up for 5 other Grammys when they were supposed to only be up for Best New Artist. Cake Cream was established in 2018, rose to prominence in 2022. The other 5 Grammys were supposed to be for 2023.

The Grammy Committee explained the mistake and asked Cake Cream to give back the 5 Grammys. Cake Cream and Axl didn't want to give back the 5 Grammys, but Axl pointed out that giving back the 5 Grammys was the right thing to do since they weren't eligible for those 5 Grammys until 2023. Axl pointed out that if they gave back the 5 Grammys, they would look humble and not arrogant..

Cake Cream all reluctantly agreed that Axl was right and they gave back the 5 Grammys to the rightful Winners. Axl even suggested they personally hand the Grammys to the rightful Winners and The Grammy Committee thought this was a bold move, but loved it. They gave back and handed the Grammys to the rightful Winners.

Fans were sad that they had to give back 5 Grammys. They felt sorry for Cake Cream. They cussed out The Grammy Committee on Social Media!

Cake Cream at one point was the wealthiest band in the world, and they are all only in their 20's! But, as it stands right now, they are the SECOND wealthiest band in the world (Worth about 2 Billion), right behind The Beatles(Worth about 2.2 Billion), which ironically, they are The New Beatles. Still impressive, for a Band that's only existed for 4 years and all of them are only in their 20's.

Wild Water is the new Guns N'Roses, and Cake Cream is The New Beatles.

In the first story, Cake Cream was being hailed as the new Guns N'Roses, but the sequel proves that Wild Water is the new Guns N'Roses. Wild Water sounds a LOT like Guns N'Roses, whereas Cake Cream REALLY doesn't sound like Guns N'Roses, they sound BETTER than Guns N'Roses. In the first story, Axl admits to himself that Cake Cream sounds BETTER than Guns N'Roses, and he feels resentful of this, coupled with the fact that Cake Cream was already up for Best New Artist just weeks after they rose to prominence, whereas Guns N'Roses were up for Best New Artist two years after their Debut.

Claven Records. I still don't know if Claven is pronounced with a long a like clay or a short a like rad.

Axl saved Cake Cream's ass multiple times. He saved them by making them wear bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets, he saved them from being BOMBED(Security was USELESS when Axl asked them to remove the bomb, probably because Security didn't want to handle a BOMB), so Axl went off stage, took the bomb away and threw it into a lake that only had water in it, no living things.) He saved them from being arrested and jailed for hiding him in Billy's house when he was a Fugitive on the run by claiming he was living on the streets alone during his time as a Fugitive.

He saved them from working for a shady and sketchy record company named Brandon Records, he saved Jimmy and James from being extorted for 50 Million each by Allison by getting Allison to admit in Court she lied about James and Jimmy raping her. He saved Billy by taking care of Billy's gunshot wound, he saved Andy by warning him of the danger he was in, he saved James from getting hit by Jimmy by holding Jimmy back and making James leave,(Jimmy later hit James however at a Cake Cream show by using a loophole in a contract), he saved Billy by making him take Subutex when he does Cocaine and the one time Billy forgot to take the Subutex, Axl reminded him to take it.

He also saved other people like when he and Andy saved Older Axl from being murdered by Mark. Andy and Axl made a plan that Andy would kiss Mark and while they were kissing, Axl could get the gun away from Mark and pull the gun on Mark instead. The plan worked perfectly and Mark fled when Axl pulled the gun on him. Axl also saved Melissa The Waitress's job by making a Citizen's Arrest on Mr. Wealthy who tried to pay $100,000 and $170 on a STOLEN credit card which got declined. Axl put Mr. Wealthy in a headlock and dragged him back to his table and got him to admit the credit card was STOLEN. The Manager called the Cops and Axl held him until the Cops came and arrested him. Axl paid Melissa The Waitress $100,000 and $233 to pay for both his and Mr. Wealthy's meals and $100,0000 Mr. Wealthy

The password thing is something that honestly should have been done a long time ago. Andy should have asked Mark what the password was when Mark called him from a burner phone, speaking in the creepy Axl Rose impersonation deep Baritone/Bass thing.

Except, Cake Cream and Axl hadn't made a password yet. Only when Andy fell for Mark Riley's Axl Rose impersonation is when the password, radioactive radiation was established. Most people wouldn't say radioactive radiation, so it was the perfect password. I later had them give Older Axl the radioactive radiation password as well after Mark broke into Older Axl's dressing room and knocked him out with a gun and then tied him up. After Mark fled and Axl put smelling salts under Older Axl's nose, waking him up and Cake Cream and Axl untied Older Axl and Axl and Cake Cream told Older Axl the radioactive radiation password.

Slash and Axl and Older Axl and Older Slash have the closest Guns N'Roses friendship in my Fictional Axl Rose stories. In the first Fictional Axl story, Slash is the Guns N'Roses Member Axl tries to call like his second day in 2022, except he calls Slash's 1987 number in 2022. Oops. At the end of the first Fictional Axl Rose story, when Axl time travels back to 1987, Slash is the first person he sees as Slash knocks on Axl's door and when Axl answers the door and let's Slash in, Slash is like,"Why is your hair black? You had red hair last night(This proves that Axl really did time travel to 2022 as he got his red hair dyed black in 2022) Axl is like,"It's a long story." Slash wants to hear the long story and when Axl tells him the long story, Slash fully believes it and welcomes him back to 1987.

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Part 3 of my Commentary!

Older Axl points out they can rein in Wild Water's reckless nature and make them successful. Slash tentatively agrees that if they could rein in Wild Water's reckless nature, Wild Water could be successful. Slash gives his blessing for Older Axl to become Wild Water's Manager and Older Axl does. Slash also sends Older Axl a text reading,"Hey Axl, that was a great Rocking Rick interview! "

Slash had no way of knowing that Axl was in possession of Older Axl's cellphone as he and Older Axl switched places for the Rocking Rick interview. Axl decided to not answer Slash as Older Axl, but just decided to let Older Axl answer Slash when Older Axl got his phone back. Older Axl was happy with Slash's text to him and happy that Axl didn't respond to Slash as him, proving he could trust Young Axl.

Cake Cream and Axl have this incredible bond between all six of them. Axl was at first their Legal Representative, where he could have a say in whether or not they should take the stand in Court Cases, and could hire Lawyers for them, but he was NOT their Lawyer.

He later became their Lawyer however. It's a good thing he wasn't there Lawyer yet when it came to the Jimmy vs James Court Case where James considered pressing charges against Jimmy for assaulting him over Axl, because Axl would have had to be BOTH of their Lawyers when James was pressing charges against Jimmy, AWKWARD.

Also, Billy's Prosecutor asked Jimmy, James, Andy, and Mike if they wanted to press charges against Billy for their house burning down and all six acknowledged in their telepathic connection that if they pressed charges against Billy, Axl would have had to be Billy's Lawyer and THEIR lawyer at the same time when they were pressing charges against Billy! So awkward!

Axl and Billy begged them telepathically to not press charges against Billy and they didn't. Luckily, it turned out Billy wasn't even the one who burned down the house. That was Mark Riley.

Andy is definitely my least favorite Cake Cream Member, which is why I wrote him so bad, but a lot of times I give him a lot of slack and good qualities such as giving him a very guilty conscience soon after he does bad things and I did have him help save Older Axl's life by kissing Mark and I gave him a sympathetic side when Mark was stalking and scaring him.

I also had him stand up for Axl when Jimmy and Mike were showing concern about Axl's excessive Coke drinking. Andy was like,"Leave Axl alone. Him drinking Coke isn't harming anyone. Let Axl live. He deserves to have fun by drinking a lot of Coke."

Axl often uses bar Karaoke performances to sing about what's happening to the band/send direct messages to people. For example, he sang Billy, Don't Lose My Number," a Phil Collins song about someone named Billy who goes on the run like Billy from Cake Cream did.
He sang IRS as a direct message to Andy who went into hiding from Cake Cream and Axl after stealing 1.6 Billion from Cake Cream!

Bad things that happened with Cake Cream and Axl. Axl becoming a Fugitive on the run after punching Brian Washington in the face and breaking his camera, Andy attempting to sell out Axl for $5,000, James having sex with Allison, Jimmy's girlfriend and causing a major feud between the two of them, them having to return 5 Grammys.

Mark Riley trying to rob Andy at gunpoint and use his debit cards as Andy, Mark burning down Billy's house after robbing them and letting Billy take the fall, Allison's scathing prison interviews.

Allison falsely accusing Jimmy and James of rape, Billy becoming a Cocaine Addict, Axl thinking of abandoning Cake Cream for Wild Water, Brandon Records trying to sue Cake Cream for something they never did.

Brandon Records trying to steal back the 2.5 Billion, they were Court ordered to Zelle for the lies, Axl getting shot multiple times with Billy being the intended victim, John Wilson breaking into Billy's house and trying again to murder Billy,

Billy being a Fugitive on the run,Billy trying to smuggle Cocaine into Mero, Mainos and landing Axl in trouble when Axl took the fall for him, Axl getting arrested in Mero, Cake Cream, Axl, and the entire Venue nearly getting BOMBED,

Billy getting suspended from Claven Records for being a drug addict, Billy getting shot in his stomach, Older Axl being knocked out, tied up and having a gun held to his head by Mark, Mark stalking Andy, James landing in hospital because Jimmy hit him with guitar in his stomach, Billy's Prosecutor trying to land him in jail just to win a case, etc.

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Disclaimer. This Chapter is another extremely long Chapter.

Axl got up about a couple of hours later. Rocking Rick called Axl's cellphone and told Axl that the green suit Court Case went even MORE viral, MUCH more viral and more Fans wanted a Rocking Rick and Axl interview about it.

Axl responded,"I don't know. I haven't lived through the green suit Court Case yet."

Rocking Rick said,"I feel the Fans would love an in-depth interview about it, even if you haven't lived through it yet."

Axl caved once again. Fans were the core of the Music Industry.

Axl said,"Okay, I'll do it. I'll do a Rocking Rick interview about the green suit Court Case."

Rocking Rick said,"Excellent!"

Axl and Rocking Rick made plans for the interview and then chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes and hung up.

Axl told Cake Cream that Rocking Rick and he were going to do an interview about the green suit Court Case.

Cake Cream were like,"Didn't you do a kind of interview about those green suit Court Case with those Posters?

Axl responded,"Yeah, but the Rocking Rick interview will be a real interview."

Cake Cream agreed Axl had a good point. Axl smiled and thanked them and they welcomed him.

Cake Cream and Axl all chilled in the Luxurious Penthouse Suite. They watched the green suit Court Case on YouTube again. At 6pm, Rocking Rick called Axl's cellphone .

When Axl answered,"Rocking Rick said,"Hi, it's Rocking Rick interviewing Axl Rose!" How are you doing, Axl?"

Axl responded,"I'm doing good. How about you?"

Rocking Rick replied,"I'm doing good myself, thanks for asking. "

Axl welcomed him. Rocking Rick said,"The green suit Court Case has been going viral a lot lately and is even trending on Google! A lot of your Fans want you to do an in-depth interview about it.

Axl responded ,"Sure!"

Rocking Rick said,"Why did you wear the green suit for the Court Case?

Axl responded,"I wanted to convey a sense of a calmness. And the green suit covered all of my Tattoos."

Rocking Rick asked,"Fans have wondered why you were wearing a suit in the green suit Court Case and didn't show up wearing a shorts, bandana, and shoes."

Axl answered,"In the Court Case, I wasn't being Axl the Entertainer, I was being Axl Rose, a man being sued by a former Employee. So, of course, I was dressed a lot more serious than my reckless, fun loving, impulsive, wild Axl persona."

Rocking Rick said,"Makes sense." Rocking Rick said,"What were your thoughts when asked what kind of drugs did Duff do?"

Axl responded,"I probably was thinking,"Will Duff get into trouble for me telling exactly what drugs he did? ? Maybe I can answer truthfully because this isn't about Duff's drugs, it's about Steven suing us for firing him from the band. Besides, everyone already knows we all used to do drugs, so I might as well admit it."

Rocking Rick said,"It's funny that at 25 in 1987 , you and Guns N'Roses did a lot of drugs, but at 25 in 2022, you and Cake Cream are clean."

Axl laughed. "Well, 2022 and 1987 are completely different eras and Cake Cream and I couldn't get away with what Guns N'Roses could in 1987."

Rocking Rick laughed too and said,"You are giving some REALLY intimidating looks in that green suit Court Case. Were you purposely trying to intimidate anyone?"

Axl responded,"I don't think intimidating is the right word. I think I was trying to look powerful and confident. Oh, and I may have been annoyed too. Some of the questions were kind of WEIRD, like when the Lawyer asked me to talk about Mr. Brownstone lyrics when the case was about us firing Steven from Guns N'Roses, NOT about Mr. Brownstone lyrics."

Rocking Rick asked,"Speaking of firing Steven, have you ever fired anyone from Cake Cream?"

Axl panicked a little, thinking about him temporarily firing Andy from Cake Cream for stealing 1.6 Billion from Cake Cream.

Andy panicked a little and thought,"Please God, don't let Axl tell Rocking Rick that Axl temporarily fired me from Cake Cream for stealing 1.6 Billion from Cake Cream!"

Axl looked deeply at Andy and Andy blushed. They were both thinking about Axl temporarily firing Andy from Cake Cream for stealing 1.6 Billion from Cake Cream.

Axl knew he had to be diplomatic, so he said,"No, never.."

Rocking Rick said,"Are you sure?"

Axl respond"Okay, I came close ONCE to temporarily firing a Cake Cream Member."

Rocking Rick said,"Really?" Intrigued. "Care to tell me who?"

Axl responded,"I temporarily kicked James out of the house for having sex with Allison, Jimmy's girlfriend. I told him,"James, pack your bags and leave this house and think about what you did!"

Rocking Rick said,"That sounds interesting But, shouldn't BILLY have been the one to kick out James? I mean, it was Billy's house after all."

Axl responded,"But, I'm Cake Cream's manager, so I had the authority to temporarily kick out James for that dastardly stunt. I made James get out of the house to protect him from Jimmy hitting him again."

James blushed. Axl was right.

Rocking Rick said,"What would cause you to permanently fire a Cake Cream Member?"

Axl responded,"They'd have to something REALLY bad like Embezzle BIG money from me or Cake Cream Members like the ex Claven Records Employee did to Claven Records."

Rocking Rick said,"I remember that. Stealing 695 Million from your job? OUCH!"

Axl responded,"Ouch is right.

Rocking Rick said,"Thank God none of you or Cake Cream is dastardly enough to steal any money from each other! You guys have a deep and tight bond with each other and would never betray each other. I admire that about you guys."

Axl thanked him and he welcomed him.

Andy blushed, thinking about his betrayals to Cake Cream and Axl. Andy was truly sorry about those dastardly stunts he did.

Rocking Rick said "Rocking Rick said,,"Back to the green suit Court Case. What was the paper you were smiling at, and said something like,"I know what this paper is?"

Axl responded,"I think that might have been the Contract I stated that Steven promises to stop doing drugs. "

Rocking Rick asked,"What about your,"I was hoping this would cause us not to end up in Court?"

Axl responded,"It must have been once again about the Contract stating Steven promised to stop doing drugs. I must have tried to keep this all in the Guns N'Roses Family and not have Steven's drug addiction paraded around publicly."

Rocking Rick said,"Yeah, I wouldn't want my brother's drug addiction paraded around publicly myself if I were in your shoes."

Axl responded,"Right." I wanted to protect Steven. Steven, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and I were all like Brothers and I wanted to protect all of my brothers. "

Rocking Rick said,"How did i feel that Steven was SUING you?" Axl responded,"Steven wasn't suing just me, he was also suing Slash, Izzy, and Duff. But, I personally don't remember the green suit Court Case, so, I feel indifferent. Were I'm from, Guns N'Roses hasn't broken up yet and the green suit Court Case hasn't happened yet. Im glad that Steven and Izzy are both in Wild Guns now."

Rocking Rick said,"I'm glad Steven and Izzy are both in Wild Guns now too."

Axl laughed.

Rocking Rick said,"It was nice that you time traveled and got Steven and Izzy to come back to Guns N'Roses/Wild Guns."

Axl responded,"Thank you."

Rocking Rick welcomed him.

Rocking Rick said,"Speaking of drugs, is anyone in Cake Cream on drugs? Axl panicked a little, thinking about Billy being a Cocaine Addict. But, technically, Billy was only on ONE drug, Cocaine, and not drugs. Technical loophole. Axl responded,"No, no one in Cake Cream is on drugs."

Rocking Rick said,"That's REALLY messed up about Allison falsely claiming she saw Billy doing Cocaine."

Axl responded,"Allison is just a ****ed up girl in general." He sardonically laughed.

Rocking Rick said,"I agree!" And laughed too.

Rocking Rick said,"How would you feel if you ended up having to fire anyone in Cake Cream and they sued you like Steven did in the green suit Court Case?"

Axl responded,"If I had to fire anyone in Cake Cream and they sued me, my world would fall apart. The pain would be beyond unbearable. My heart would break into a million pieces. Cake Cream is my family and I love all 5 of Billy, Andy, Mike, James, and Jimmy dearly. I love Billy as a boyfriend and I love Jimmy, James, Andy, and Mike as Brothers."

Rocking Rick said,"Technically, they would be suing their Lawyer, so awkward. Rocking Rick added,"Speaking of Lawyer, when James went to Court to press charges against Jimmy for assaulting him over Allison and landing him in the hospital, you were just Cake Cream's Legal Representative and not yet their Lawyer. What would have happened if you were their Lawyer when they were feuding?"

Axl responded,"Thank God I wasn't their Lawyer yet because I would have had to have represent BOTH of them at the same time when they were feuding. That would be a true conflict of interest. I probably would have refused to be any of their Lawyer with that case and withdraw myself since it would have been incredibly awkward to be representing two people who were going against each other. I'd probably make them hire their own Lawyers."

Rocking Rick said,"I 100 percent believe you!"

Axl said,"Good, glad to hear it."

Rocking Rick said,"In Cake Cream, who is most like Steven?

Axl said,"Billy of course. Kind, loveable, loving, compassionate, happy, nice, sweet, blond, drummer. Axl laughed.

Rocking Rick said,"But, Steven also was a Heroin Addict. Wouldn't that mean that Billy is also a Heroin Addict?"

Axl responded,"Billy isn't addicted to Heroin or drugs at all."

Rocking Rick said,"Okay." Rocking Rick said, Speaking of Steven being like Billy, you and Billy are dating. Would you ever date Steven?"

Axl answered,"Steven and I were ALWAYS like Brothers. Billy and I started having deep romantic feelings for each other VERY early on. So, no, I would never date Steven as we have always been like Brothers."

Rocking Rick was like,"Okay, got it. You and Steven Brothers, you and Billy, Boyfriends, although Steven does seem like Billy.

Axl said,"Got it!"

Rocking Rick laughed.

Rocking Rick said,"Back to the green suit Court Case. The version on YouTube seems incomplete. It seems that there was a third part that isn't available on YouTube. Care to elaborate on that?"

Axl responded,"From the information I can gather, part three was most likely me agreeing to pay Steven his roughly 2 Million in Royalties and and back pay to get this over with."

Rocking Rick said,"Makes sense."

Rocking Rick said,"Why did you claim that Mr. Brownstone could be about watching too much TV? We all know that Mr. Brownstone is about Heroin."

Axl responded,"I was trying to be ambivalent. And coy. I didn't want to outright say that Mr. Brownstone was about Heroin, especially in a court of law."

Rocking Rick said,"Makes sense."

Axl responded,"And,I DID answer that Mr. Brownstone was about Heroin, but I said it VERY sneakily. I answered,"Yes, but it could be about anything."

Rocking Rick laughed. Rocking Rick said,"I caught that too!"

Axl laughed.

Rocking Rick asked,"About Mr. Brownstone again, it seemed like Steven's Lawyer wanted you to SING Mr. Brownstone. Would you have SANG Mr. Brownstone if he had asked you to?"

Axl laughed and responded,"It DOES seem like he wanted me to sing Mr. Brownstone. I would have sang Mr. Brownstone if he asked me too."

Rocking Rick said,"It would have been funny hearing you sing Mr. Brownstone in the Court Case!"

Axl laughed.

Rocking Rick asked,"What about the Izzy arrest incident mentioned in the green suit Court Case?"

Axl responded,"Izzy was arrested in an Airport for, let's say,"Spilling a certain liquid," where he wasn't supposed to, but it wasn't during Touring."

Rocking Rick laughed and said,"Well played, Axl."

Axl laughed too.

Rocking Rick asked,"Why did you call out Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven at a Rolling Stones Concert in 1988 for doing drugs and say that this would be the last Guns N'Roses Concert if they didn't stop dancing with Mr. Brownstone? I mean, just a little while prior, you were also doing drugs."

Axl responded,"I actually had a vivid nightmare the night before that Rolling Stones Concert that Izzy, me, Slash, Duff, and Steven all died of drug overdoses in our 20's. That nightmare scared me and I thought,"Gotta make everyone stop doing drugs!

Rocking Rick said,"That nightmare would scare me too myself."

Axl responded,"Right." Axl added, "I'm from 1987, the year Guns N'Roses were all doing drugs and no one in Cake Cream in 2022 does drugs. Thank God. Wouldn't want anybody in Cake Cream dying of drug overdoses in our 20's."

Rocking Rick said,"I don't want any of you guys dead of drug overdoses in your 20's either."

Axl thanked him and he welcomed him.

Rocking Rick said,"Steven's Lawyer seemed to be badgering you a bit, seemed to ask you about three times if everyone in Guns N'Roses all did drugs."

Axl responded,"That was annoying. I'm surprised I didn't say something like,"What part of EVERYONE did drugs in Guns N'Roses don't you understand?"

Rocking Rick laughed. Axl laughed .

Rocking Rick asked,"Why were you, Slash, Izzy, and Duff allowed to fire Steven in the first place? You guys were NOT Steven's Managers, you were his Co-workers."

Axl responded,"Well, Izzy and I cofounded Guns N'Roses together, so in a way, we were Steven's Managers. Steven joined AFTER me, Izzy, Slash, and Duff, remember that, so we all had Seniority over Steven. So, we had the power to fire Steven."

Rocking Rick said, Technically, the Record Label should have been the one to fire Steven, not you, Duff, Slash, and Izzy."

Axl responded,"Once again, we wanted to keep it in the Guns N'Roses Family."

Rocking Rick said,"Okay."

Rocking Rick asked,"You seem to be taking role of Manager in Guns N'Roses during by the green suit Court Case year. Were you secretly Guns N'Roses Manager?"

Axl answered,"No, I wasn't and am still not Guns N'Roses Manager but I am the Cofounder of Guns N'Roses and literally half the name of Guns N'Roses , and I have always been the Frontman of Guns N'Roses. I am the Primary Owner of Guns N'Roses."

Rocking Rick was like,"Hmm interesting. What about Cake Cream?"

Axl responded,"I am the sole Manager of Cake Cream and the one who brought them into prominence and helped make them huge, wildly wealthy, successful, world renowned Mega Superstars. I am much more involved in Cake Cream than Guns N'Roses since I am the Sole Writer of ALL Cake Cream songs except their Demo and am the sole Manager. Cake Cream is purely MY band, despite the fact that I didn't Cofound Cake Cream and my name is not in the Cake Cream name. It is in the Cream Rose name but Claven Records still owns the Cream Rose Album. "

Cake Cream all blushed. They knew what Axl said was 100 percent true.

Rocking Rick said,"Interesting detail and insight. Who owns the Cake Cream name, rights, and royalties? "

Axl responded,"We all own the Cake Cream Rights, Royalties, and name. It's an equal six way split." Axl was lying through his teeth, knowing he fully bought Cake Cream name, rights, and royalties for 500 Million. But he didn't want this to be said in public, and not in a radio interview.

Rocking Rick said,"How could it be an equal six way split when you are the sole songwriter for all of their songs except for the Demo?"

Axl responded,"But, I wrote all of Cake Cream songs all specifically for Cake Cream, so it's all THEIR songs too."

Rocking Rick said,"Touche."

Axl laughed.

Rocking Rick said,"You in the green suit Court Case seemed to have implied that you sign things without fully understand what you are signing for and needed Lawyers and Managers to help you out."

Axl responded,"Well, in the green suit Court Case, I wasn't the Lawyer I am now and of course was inexperienced. In my defense, I wasn't expecting the details of the PRIVATE contracts to be paraded around publicly in Court. I'm Cake Cream's Lawyer and Manager and I draw up the Cake Cream Contracts myself and don't rely on other People like I did in the green suit Court Case.

Rocking Rick said,"Makes sense." Rocking Rick said ,"Care to tell me in detail the Cake Cream Contracts between you 6? Rocking Rick already knew that Axl wasn't going to tell him about any Cake Cream Contracts between them 6.

Axl said,"Sorry, can't do that. Lawyer-Client Confidentiality."
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Rocking Rick said,"I knew you were going to refuse to tell me Cake Cream Contracts between you 6. That's how loyal you are. It's refreshing."

Axl thanked him and he welcomed him.

Rocking Rick said,"You seemed to be making a weird face when you answered what drugs Duff did. It looked like a scrunched up, contemplating face."

Axl responded,"I was making that contemplating face because I was probably thinking stuff like,"Am I getting Duff and Steven mixed up? Should I REALLY be telling Duff's drug business in a court of law? Will the Lawyer PLEASE say objection so I don't have to talk about Duff's drug business?

Rocking Rick said,"You had a look of panic right before answering the Duff and drugs question. What was going on in your mind?"

Axl responded, I probably was thinking,"Will I be held in contempt of court if I don't answer the Duff drugs question? I mean, Guns N'Roses is already being sued, I don't want to be held in contempt of court for not answering the Duff drugs question."

Rocking Rick said,"You seem to be looking at someone to your right quite a lot. Who were you looking at?

Axl responded,"I was looking at my Lawyer, waiting for objections or the "Go ahead and answer," prompts. "

Rocking Rick said,"Okay, makes sense."

Rocking Rick asked,"Care to talk about the infamous rolling your eyes moment?"

Axl said,"I feel that the infamous rolling my eyes moment," was supposed to be something I did INTERNALLY, but inadvertently did it EXTERNALLY. I looked pretty stoic throughout most of the green suit Court Case, so me showing my annoyance by rolling my eyes externally must have been something that slipped. If only I wore a motorcycle helmet to Court like I do for Cake Cream Court Cases, nobody would be able to see my facial expressions."

Rocking Rick laughed. "The rolling your eyes is a meme and a gif!"

Axl laughed too and said,"Literally last year in 1986, I would have had no idea what a meme and a gif are, but in 2022, I know what memes and gifs are, and I agree, the rolling my eyes is a meme and a gif!"

Rocking Rick said,"I'm still in awe that you time traveled 35 years into the future!"

Axl laughed and said,"YOU'RE in awe? Try being the one who time traveled 35 years into the future!" Axl laughed more.

Rocking Rick said,"I can't imagine how you must feel time traveling 35 years into the future!

Axl said,"It's an interesting journey, that's for sure! He laughed. I time traveled into the next CENTURY!" He laughed again.

Rocking Rick said,"I can't imagine how you feel, just popping into the next CENTURY suddenly and unexpectedly." He laughed.

Axl said, "I probably made History as being the first time traveling person, EVER!" He laughed.

Rocking Rick said,"You probably did make History for doing that!"

They both laughed.

Rocking Rick got serious and said,"Why did you put Steven on Probation if you knew there was a chance he'd fail the Probation? Weren't you setting him up to fail?"

Axl responded,"I wanted to give Steven chances to get clean. I live the "Three strikes rule, and the "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on both of us, Fool me three times, shame on only me." Meaning I will forgive TWO ****ups, but not a third ****up. So when Steven did the third ****up(Doing drugs after signing a Contract that he promised to stop doing drugs), he was gone.

Rocking Rick said,"Makes sense."

Rocking Rick said,"I'm getting a call right now. Rocking Rick answered the phone, and an Axl Hater said said,"Axl, you looked like a ****ing weird Leprechaun in the green suit Court Case!" The Hater laughed. Axl responded,"Leprechauns are LUCKY, so that's a compliment! Thank you!" The Hater was flabbergasted that Axl turned this insult into a COMPLIMENT. The Hater responded,"I was expecting you to go off on me, not Thank me. I'm kind of weirded out, goodbye."

Axl and Rocking Rick laughed and the Hater hung up. Literally about 30 seconds later, a Female Fan called in and said to Axl,"Axl, that guy who called before me was an Idiot. You didn't look weird in the green suit Court Case. You looked gorgeous, cute, handsome. . He's probably the one who looks weird and was projecting his insecurities onto you. He was just jealous of you."

Axl said,"Thank you for saying that! I really appreciate it!"

The Fan responded,"You're welcome! I love you and Cake Cream!"

Axl responded,"We love you Fans right back!"

The Fan soon said,Thank you, "Bye," happily. Axl said,"You're welcome, bye " The Fan hung up.

Rocking Rick said,"What would you change about the green suit Court Case?

Axl responded,"I would make sure it never happened. I would make sure Steven NEVER became a Heroin Addict and we never had to fire him. "

Rocking Rick said,"Maybe Steven would have stayed with Guns N'Roses for all 35/36 years then!"

Rocking Rick said,"Yep, sure would have been nice."

At exactly 8 PM, Rocking Rick said,"This is Rocking Rick interviewing Axl Rose. It was a pleasure to have you Axl shed a lot of light on the green suit Court Case! I loved having you as my guest!

Axl responded,"I enjoyed having you interview me, Rocking Rick!"

Rocking Rick said,"You're welcome."

Rocking Rick said,"This is Rocking Rick signing off. Over and over out. Clear. Rocking Rick ended the interview and Rocking Rick and Axl chatted for a while off interview and then said their goodbyes and both hung up

Axl and Cake Cream all chatted about the great Rocking Rick interview and soon all went to bed.

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