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Pink - Blow Me One Last Kiss - Lyrics Meaning

"Blow me One Last Kiss" is the lead song from the album "The Truth about Love." This long awaited album was the first from Pink since 2008 and features plenty of edgy and empowering songs which Pink is well known for. This meaning behind the song "Blow me One Last Kiss" is clear and that is one of a nasty break up which was a long time coming. Although Pink recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter right before releasing this album, it clearly did not change her feisty personality or her tell it like it is attitude.

The song is easily able to be related to by anyone who has stayed in a bad relationship too long as described in the line "Tie a knot in the rope, trying to hold, trying to hold, but there's nothing to grab so I let go." It describes the long road of trying to save a relationship only to find out that it is not able to be saved. She states that "life's too short for this" and that it is better to get out and move on then to stay in a relationship. In the end "I think this might be it for us (Blow me one last kiss)" is the perfect break up song. It is fun and danceable yet provides an honest and candid look into a troubled relationship.

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