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Pink - True Love - Lyrics Meaning

The song "True Love" by Pink is one of the songs on her "The Truth About Love" album which debuted in September of 2012. This song is co-sung with Lily pose Cooper on the album yet written by Pink and reflects her feelings for her husband Carey hart. After being in a relationship with Hart for 10 years she now realizes that despite his faults she still loves him. The lyrics state "You're an asshole but I love you and you make me so mad I ask myself why I'm still here, where could I go, you're the only love I've ever known. But I hate you; I really hate you so much I think it must be true love"

The meaning behind these lyrics are easy to relate to for anyone who has been in a long term relationship with someone that is not perfect, yet despite their flaws you still love everything about them. Although no relationship is perfect Pink has decided to stick it out with her husband Carey Hart and this is reflected throughout the lyrics of "True Love." No relationship is ever going to be perfect, and even though it is not that doesn't mean that it is not true love, it just means that everyone is human and we all have our bad habits that may get on the nerves of our significant other at times.

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