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Pink - Please Don't Leave Me - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of Please Don't Leave Me by Pink are explaining to her boyfriend that she is regretful of the way she has treated him, and she is scared that he is going to be fed up with her and leave her alone. She is acknowledging that she has been mean and spiteful, sometimes just to be, but she is only acting like that because she is hurting too. She wants them to be able to make their relationship better, however she does not know if the damage that she has done will last forever.

She is seeking his forgiveness, and she also wants to forgive. Their arguing has continued for too long, and many hurtful things have been said. If all is undone, then they will be able to move past this and be happy together. Because she has been so caught up in negativity, she is now realizing that all she has to say is negative, and she "forgot to say out loud how beautiful you really are to me". She has always known how much she loves him, but she is now aware that he has forgotten that she really cared about him. She ends the song by telling him that even though she always says she does not need him, in the end she really does, and she is asking him not to leave her.

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