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Pink - Sober - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of Sober by Pink describe a girl that is caught in a life that she does not want to be living. She is scared of the truths that she has been running away from, and she has turned to drugs and alcohol to ease these feelings of insecurity. However, she is now realizing the type of girl that she has turned into, and she wants to make changes to her life. She does not want to be the girl that is only called because she is a good time, or because it is so late that most normal people would not be prepared to hang out.

She wants to be able to live a long, full life, without ending it because of one night partying. She realizes that she is always looking for something to fill the voids in her life, and she is unable to even experience a time of silence because it "screams the truth". She knows now that it is vital for her to make a recovery from her habits and addictions and to make a new life for herself. She understands that it may be difficult in the beginning, but she knows that she needs to battle her demons in order to achieve happiness.

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