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Pink - Just Give Me a Reason - Lyrics Meaning

This song is featured on "The Truth about Love" album and is written about the desire that someone feels when they want to hold on to a relationship which appears to be breaking down over time. Pink explains that one partner can read too much into the actions of the other, when in reality they meant nothing of the sort. She explains that "Just give me a Reason" was written for couples who have a hard time communicating and therefore feel like it is all coming to an end.

The song is a duet which features pop star Pink and Nate Ruess which was originally done as a demo and then released as a duet. Pink felt that the song would flow better and have a better meaning if it was song as a conversation between two lovers whether it is a guy and a girl, two guys or two girls. The song reflects the discord which often happens when communication is not open and the relationship begins to dissolve as a result. The line "Were not broken, just bent" reflects that with a little work and a lot of communication a relationship can be saved if both parties are willing to try to work it out.

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