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Pink - So What - Lyrics Meaning

"So What," the first single from Pink's fifth album, Funhouse, was her most successful song to date. It became her first track to top the charts in the United States in September of 2008, and went on to hit number one in twenty-five other countries. "So What" chronicles the singer's feelings about her separation and impending divorce from her husband, Carey Hart. Pink met Hart, a professional motocross racer, at the X Games in Philadelphia in 2001. They married in Costa Rica several years later, on January 7, 2006. The two separated after only two years of marriage, but insisted that they were still good friends. Though Pink seems to express contempt for her ex in "So What," Hart appeared in the music video for the song, confirming her assertion that they were on good terms with each other. In 2009, the pair announced that they were beginning to date each other again and, as they were never legally divorced, were attempting to work things out. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Pink joked that she finds it hilarious to perform the song when Hart is in the audience, particularly when singing the lyric "You're a tool."

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