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Pink - U & Ur Hand - Lyrics Meaning

Pink's 2006 breakout hit "U & Ur Hand" was actually banned from US television for its lyrics. The singer refused to rewrite certain references for television audiences, and her stubborn fidelity to her original inspiration led the singer to her biggest hit since 2002. So, lyrically, what's all the fuss about?

Though many of Pink's songs have been inspired by relationships or family situations, this song was inspired by a crass comment at a local club. She and her friends were out trying to have a girl's night and kept being obnoxiously approached and groped by men at the club. One of them whined about being alone with himself after being shot down by the girls, and Pink used it as the inspiration for the number.

The lyrics tell the story of an empowered group of women who don't need any kind of man to make them happy or help them have a good time. The panting back up vocals and the insinuating lyrics about male frustration amused many although the critics winced. Those listening past the graphic lyrics can also see one of the artists' recurring themes, that male behavior is often crass and unappreciated by women who wish men could be more mature gentlemen.

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