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Pink - Who Knew - Lyrics Meaning

I'm Not Dead, Pink's fourth album, featured the unexpected hit "Who Knew," a ballad that was a striking departure from the artist's usual pop/punk persona. The track was released as the album's second worldwide single in 2006, and again for radio in the United States in 2007. Pink has given two explanations for the song. She once commented" that "Who Knew" is about "the death of friendship. You're best friends forever, and then three years later you haven't seen each other in two years - what happened? You grow apart and people come in and out of your life for different reasons, seasons." Pink has also told interviewers that she wrote the song for a close friend that died of a heroin overdose when she was fourteen. She found him after he had overdosed and called 911, but it was too late to save him. The singer has admitted that she used drugs when she was younger, and says this experience should have been a wake-up call for her, but wasn't. According to Pink, the song is about "the grieving process. You can look at somebody, he might be right there, and the next Monday he might not be."

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