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Pink - Mean - Lyrics Meaning

This song was written by both Pink and her friend Butch right before her split from her now husband Carey Hart. On a trip that the couple took with two other couples and longtime friends, she realized that this would be their last trip together as a couple and asked the question "How did we get so mean?" Pink pulled Butch off to the side during a picnic and told him that she wanted to write a song called "How did we get so mean?" which was later titled just "Mean" on the album "I'm Not Dead" which was released in 2006.

The song was begun right there in the park in front of everyone which Pink described as an "Awkward and beautiful and amazing moment." Butch was the very first person that Pink worked with after her split from Hart and he helped her work through her emotions while writing "Mean" for her upcoming album. She actually first sang this song into a laptop crying because she knew that the end of her relationship was near. The song is meant to be a song which everyone can relate to and defines how a bad relationship can often create tension and anger when problems go unresolved.

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