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Pink - Raise Your Glass - Lyrics Meaning

Although "Raise your Glass" is considered to be a party anthem by many, Pink actually wrote the song with the "underdog" in mind. She considers it to be a "celebration for people who feel left out from the popular crowd." This song is meant to inspire those who struggle to fit in with the "in" crowd and sends out a message to fans that it is alright to be yourself no matter who you may be. Pink wrote this song with her best friend in mind that happens to be gay and in the video for "Raise Your Glass" a backyard wedding of a gay couple represents her best friend's wedding which she hosted in her own backyard.

Although the song was written with her best friend in mind it is meant to provide her fans with an uplifting message that anyone who doesn't fit into the crowd should still go out and have a good time and not worry about the way in which others perceive you. Pink herself started out as the underdog as a touring artist and feels that the songs is a celebration of her success and a thank you to all of her fans who have always supported her along the way.