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Pink - Funhouse - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Funhouse" by Pink was written not only by Pink but also with Tony Kanal from no doubt as well as Jimmy Harry which is Tony Kanal's writing partner. The song which is the title song from the album "Funhouse" represents when a couple has reached a point in their relationship where they have outgrown the relationship and "the box you're in doesn't fit anymore." The lyrics which state "I'll find a new place, burn this fucker down" mean that once you don't fit any longer the best thing to do is leave and find a new relationship.

The title "Funhouse" means that nothing is quite what it seems. She explains it as the way in which you feel when you stand in front of a funhouse mirror and everything looks distorted. This feeling is then transformed into a failing relationship which no longer is fun anymore. Although it may have started out as fun, it is now filled with "evil clowns" and "haunted memories." In order to get out of the bad relationship and the "haunted memories" the only thing to do is burn it down and start again because everything else has already been tried to repair the relationship to no avail.