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Pink - How Come Your Not Here - Lyrics Meaning

The album "The Truth about Love" by Pink was released on September 14, 2012 and contains the single "How Come Your Not Here?" Pink is known to write her songs based on her own past life experiences and "How Come Your Not Here?" is no exception. Pink wrote this song in remembrance of an affair which her husband Carey Hart had when they initially separated in 2008. This song is a way for her to exercise her demons and relates to the feelings of betrayal and longing that are felt when a partner or spouse is unfaithful.

Pink who is still married to Hart and now has a baby daughter named Willow admits that she tends to "Hold on to things" and that although she has been in the relationship for 10 years, she realizes that it is never going to be perfect. Her husband always jokes that she is "Always just mad enough at me to write a song." And to that her response is "yep thanks baby, you're my muse" Pink and Harts baby daughter Willow plays the bells on this song which she choose from a basket of instruments and can be heard in the background of "How Come Your Not Here?"

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