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  1. canadian music artist i am from toronto
  2. Pop song Female singer Knows Guy Is 4 Her bc He's Passed Out w Liquor
  3. Name this latin/spanish guitar song please!
  4. bitterness abounds
  5. Help me to find this song pls
  6. Help me find this upbeat techno song
  7. Who sang this song (linked) likely called “Mother, Mother”? (not Tracy Bonham)
  8. 4th wave emo tune
  9. What's this song?
  10. Name the cover art
  11. Looking for a Bombass US Coast Guard Marching Song
  12. What is this song? Thanks a lot!
  13. What is this song?
  14. What is this song?
  15. Can anyone tell me who is in this photo?
  16. Identify the song
  17. The one remix of "The Next Episode"
  18. Identifying Song from Restaurant
  19. Piano Music - Do you know it?
  20. Unidentified DJ/Hip Hop Remix of In The Air Tonight -Phil Collins
  21. Please help me find this song
  22. What is this song? (humming) help
  23. VR Chat music clip
  24. What style of music it is?
  25. Price of Tomatoes (1961) theme by Leith Stevens
  26. NFL Music - Can anyone identify it?
  27. It’s Cool
  28. Desperate 90s Female Artist
  29. ''Still lovin' you'' RNB/light hip hop
  30. Remix of Sweatpants by Childish Gambino
  31. America Pop - Vietnam's Next Top Model
  32. need help finding this song
  33. God Friended Me - Promo for episode 2
  34. Unknown sample
  35. Name the original rock song
  36. Need Help finding a song, rock, possibly velvet undergrou
  37. Need help finding these 2 songs, rock
  38. I've tried everything: 70's/80's Sax
  39. Electronic jazz song in clip
  40. Background music at 1:29?
  41. Instrumental song blues/rock
  42. Can someone help me ID the background music?
  43. Trying to find a song containing "See the man crying cos his eyes are dead"
  44. Meditative style music with spoken lyrics
  45. EDM where the chorus is a guy gasping/reaching for air.
  46. Toni Toni Toni?
  47. looking for the name of this song
  48. Identifying a bossa nova song
  49. String piece from a commercial
  50. Looking for a Hatsune Miku song
  51. Can anyone help me find a Spanish song?
  52. Help me find specific song about "saturday"
  53. Soul song in kanye video
  54. Sad classical piano music.
  55. Need Help Finding Two Things
  56. Help been looking for this song for over 5months now
  57. Do you know a song in the background in this YouTube video?
  58. Song with Violins in the Bridge
  59. Alternative Rock song pretty recent that sounds like Muse
  60. Help with identifying a song please
  61. Show theme or real song?
  62. Who is the singer and what is the name of this song?
  63. Trying to remember a film score.
  64. Help identify music track
  65. Help me find this song!
  66. A remix I think
  67. Russian pop song including french lyrics
  68. Help me please identify song with saxophone melody
  69. whats this song
  70. Help With The Title Of This Song, Please
  71. Can anyone name this song? [DnB/Electro]
  72. Can anyone figure out what type of music this is?
  73. Song from 50s or 60s? Has boys names in it.
  74. Song as I remember sounds similar to the haddaway what is love, singing by a woman
  75. Hip-Hop around 2013 song
  76. Help Me Identifying These Songs!!!
  77. What's the name of this tune?
  78. Help me identify this song
  79. music from A Dinosaur Story/Another Dinosaur Story
  80. Song name
  81. [B]Name of background song(The Navy's Indoor Ocean video)[/B]
  82. Need help with a jungle/drum & bass song!!!
  83. Searching for a Classic Rock song
  84. Aggressive rap at FIFA 19 trailer
  85. help recognizing a song
  86. Seeking name of heavy / viking metal song
  87. What song is playing - Rock
  88. Searching for a song
  89. Name of the song
  90. Name of the symphonic piece that starts playing in the background @ 10:00
  91. Great song, awful source... and I don't know what it is.
  92. looking for name of song: partial lyrics in post
  93. Song - I will (or would, could...) never say goodbye
  94. Please follow this YouTube link
  95. old rap video
  96. Chill Edm song can't remember the name
  97. EDM kind of song
  98. Portugese? Song from IG
  99. Desperately seeking hard rock music
  100. searching old rap video
  101. What is the name of this song? Sounds like EDM or House music
  102. EDM SONG, Tough one...
  103. Instrumental from TV
  104. Help finding name/artist for a dance/pop song
  105. Song from this meme?
  106. Groove Train Video
  107. Eyes Wide Open Staring at the Sun
  108. "I come alive in the night time"
  109. It's a guitar piece from one of the trailers
  110. Sounds like jazz/rock, probably 90s
  111. Country Pop Song Female Singer
  112. Sounds like Adele but it’s not her
  113. Cello hip hop played at nhl games
  114. Electro dance music. I can not find it anywere
  115. Spanish song
  116. Please somebody tellcme the name and artist of this indie/alt rock song
  117. 70s or 80s adult contemporary / rock song (audio included)
  118. if you have wwe network...
  119. 70's song i heard in grocery store...
  120. I forgot this songs name.. Help!
  121. Song that plays at the end of a Youtube Video
  122. Song Name Please?
  123. Name of the song by video description
  124. Song Name?
  125. Rap rock song stuck in my head
  126. I am looking for a song from title card in a video
  127. Help discover a music/artist name
  128. Ethnic / medieval metal hard rock tune
  129. Turn around
  130. A song from 1980's
  131. Please Help me find this Hip Hop song
  132. Just know couple lyrics - anyone know song?
  133. I heard this song a few years ago still dont know the name
  134. help me find this song please
  135. Badamasavaba
  136. Song in my head . . .
  137. Help finding a song that I heard at my work!
  138. Heard this song on the radio and it's bugging me because I don't remember the name.
  139. Can anyone be a legend and help me find this song
  140. Hi ! I only have a small 10 second sample, hope you can help !
  141. Hi! 'Been trying to find this Maurice Curtis saxophone song
  142. Catchy Music from Youtube Video!!
  143. Unknown Song from 03/04
  144. Wasn't sure where to post this music video question...
  145. 1980's japanese funk song
  146. what is this song? Pop song that keeps floating in my head?
  147. Looking for a lost song
  148. 1990's song
  149. Help identify from story about a Cowboy
  150. Hey, can you guys help me with this tune?
  151. Hitler's circle of evil music
  152. Name this tune!!
  153. Help identifying this song please?
  154. Interlude music used in Chris Evans hosted show in 90s
  155. Please help me find this song!!
  156. Looking for a russian (?) folk song
  157. Animation of a woman in a bird cage: Trying to find the song to a music video
  158. Anyone know what band/song this is?
  159. pleeease help me find this song
  160. This is going to be a tough one, I think
  161. maybe 90’s pop song, please help.:)
  162. Help identify song recorded with virtual piano
  163. Help me identify rap song plssss
  164. Can someone help me name this song? By Ken Fox
  165. French busking song
  166. Anyone knows that song?
  167. Please help me find the name of this song!!!! (Dubstep I think)
  168. What the song plays here?
  169. Street music/song (Verona, 02/11/2018)
  170. Looking for a Song
  171. Recorded song from a soundtrack of a forgotten movie
  172. 75-80s Rock song
  173. Modern pop song? with audio clip.
  174. hi guys slow instrumental song from the 70s
  175. Song on season 1 episode 1 of One Bad Choice?
  176. Need help with an indie dreampop girl song "I saw an angel"
  177. Help to find this song
  178. Help finding song, thanks
  179. please help me find old track.. i search it 10 years+
  180. Help me finding this song
  181. What song is this?
  182. Music video with singer sitting in a rocket in space
  183. if u think size ....
  184. Title of a track
  185. Please help! I would appreciate it so much!
  186. Identify album cover!
  187. Hey please I'm searching for this for so long now :c
  188. Song when a story/dream is told
  189. FitnessGram Pacer Test
  190. A song i found on a instagramm video, but cant find it
  191. A song I heard at Party City..
  192. Need help finding the name of this artist / song, please?
  193. Youtube charts song ..easy one but forgot the name haah
  194. Please help club song
  195. A disco song i heard in a video
  196. looking for a balkan song
  197. Song with swearing ? What is it
  198. late 80s/early 90s obscure rap video
  199. Title of youtube song...
  200. Generic Youtube Tune
  201. Mid/late 2000s electro hit
  202. Help me to identify this trance song
  203. What is this reggae song ?
  204. Help, 70s or 80s music, rock
  205. Can't find a song
  206. Help song is from 2014-2016ish
  207. Please help me idenitfy this classical song!
  208. Name of song?
  209. What's this song called??? Please!
  210. Hi peeps, what song is this? :)
  211. Oom Poppy Pa-pom
  212. Help to ID a mid-70s song (soft rock/ easy listening)
  213. Need help to find two peices of music
  214. Folk song ID?
  215. Please Help With This Song
  216. Name of this song
  217. What is the name of this song/music video!!
  218. music in a bushcraft video
  219. Need Help Identifying WWE "Don't Try This At Home" PSA Song
  220. Help identify an old children song by melody
  221. Can't find this song
  222. music in a racoon compilation video
  223. Background music
  224. Need help finding this song
  225. Song in Instagram video
  226. Finding a song from a vine, I have audio
  227. Please help me find this song!
  228. Name that song without lyrics or beat! CHALLENGE
  229. Need help to find a peice of music
  230. Name That Tune from Grey Gardens Documentary
  231. Help identifying song?
  232. old song
  233. Can anyone help me find this song ?
  234. Anyone know the name of this background song?
  235. Pls help identify song in Tv show "Stranger Things Season 2 episode 9"
  236. Please I need help whit this song!!!
  237. ID song using only one or two bars
  238. Garage song, "everybody say hey hey, everybody say ho ho"
  239. Help to find Music
  240. Someone Must Know This Tune Surely
  241. Jump Around Remix
  242. Help finding song
  243. Please Help me to find this tune
  244. Acapella harmony folk(?) song...help!
  245. I love her, she loves me ... seagull flying over the sea?
  246. What's the song playing in this video?
  247. Anyone know the name of this electronic background song?
  248. Song from late 1990's or maybe beginning 2000's
  249. Electronic song with female singer that says the same thing over and over again?
  250. Looking for this song, please help

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