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  1. Extract simple notes from song
  2. Cardi B
  3. Album Club 2019: Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It
  4. 2019 Albums You're Digging
  5. Psych Latin Amereekah
  6. Need similar music to this! Please!
  7. Songs like Hey Moon by John Maus
  8. Musical Predictions/Hopes for the 2020's
  9. Is there a name for this style/part of a song?
  10. Royalties for gold album/number 1 from 15 years ago
  11. Album Club 2019: Thuja - All Strange Beasts Of The Past
  12. Siouxsie Sioux Fans click here...
  13. Better Now
  14. MicShazam's 1000 best songs of all time list
  15. One Love by Playing for Change; Similar Songs?
  16. Songs that can drive you insane
  17. Most Sonically Violent Songs
  18. Album Submissions Thread - Album Club 2019
  19. Referencing in music
  20. Cyberlink
  21. Electric Guitar Amp
  22. Mediocre songs stuck in your head
  23. Album Club 2019
  24. Anticipated Albums: 2019
  25. What determins quality of sound?
  26. Lyrics pls?
  27. songs like 'Daddy' By korn / songs in which singer cries
  28. Anybody heard of Neviah from CA?
  29. billboard vs wikipedia
  30. Unexpected Collaborations
  31. Old disco song question
  32. hi guys do you like this music?
  33. books the best of the best
  34. Sneakers - awesome Danish 80's band
  35. An Underwhelming Year
  36. *** On Feel The Noize
  37. Help in determining the exact name of the song and/or artist
  38. Musical Visuals And Different Ways Of Experiencing Music
  39. windsock is a fascist (PROOF)
  40. Which instruments were used to make the following songs & how come no one uses them?
  41. Earliest Text On Musicology?
  42. Why are the Brits so good at music ?
  43. How do you find new music?
  44. 2018 Album Favorites: Anteater Reviews 'Em
  45. Rogue MB Classics: The SMiLE Sessions
  46. elph on a shelf
  47. Good Songs from Bad Albums
  48. What is the Oldest song you have uploaded to your SoundCloud?
  49. What Music Do Your Kids Listen To?
  50. Song Search
  51. The Glori Hole
  52. Songs with Middle Ages theme?
  53. What's your AOTY 2018?
  54. Your Current Earworm
  55. Where can I listen to music for free?
  56. Albums or Playlists?
  57. Choose Another Member's Desert Island Mix
  58. 5 members, but using 4
  59. Trying to find an old song
  60. Purging
  61. Musical Disappointments
  62. Which Rock Band Do You Think Banged The Hottest Groupies?
  63. Time spent listening to "new" stuff vs. stuff you've already heard
  64. American Pop or K-Pop?
  65. MicShazam will listen to anything.
  66. Music Genre Encyclopedia
  67. Dance the Night Away (the best and worst dancing in music videos)
  68. Find duplicate music in itunes library
  69. Intervals
  70. Your "Best of 2018" So Far
  71. Inspiration for Composition
  72. What music should my band play?
  73. Rogue MB Classics: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
  74. Help needed finding Music Video artist from description.
  75. Modes
  76. Looking for Madrugada fans & music boards where they reside
  77. Does MB have lame tastes?
  78. Album Club: Details by Frou Frou
  79. Selling CDs Online
  80. Prison Songs
  81. A girl asked me to guess the song
  82. Kontatk 5 and music scores
  83. my top 10 of 2018 as of early september
  84. Rogue MB Classics: Metal Machine Music
  85. Album Club 2017 R8: Darling of the Afterglow by Lydia Ainsworth
  86. Music that has actually made you cry
  87. Tonetta
  88. Forgotten Albums from your childhood
  89. Michael Jackson would have been 60 years old
  90. The Album Club 2017: "Broken English" by Marianne Faithfull
  91. Rogue MB Classics: Suicide
  92. Genres That Complement Indie
  93. Which is the best album for Paramore?
  94. The Random Album Thread
  95. Most embarrassing Pitchfork review
  96. Bands that do multiple things very well vs. Bands that do one thing The Best
  97. Copyrights and recording
  98. Am I the only one who is starting to get sick of "classic" pop/rock?
  99. Why am I unable to be objective about my own compositions and whether they are good?
  100. MicShazam reviews his favorites
  101. The Album Club: "Distant Satellites" by Anathema
  102. Identify artist by clothing? Help!
  103. LANY's "Thru These Tears" is hitting me so hard
  104. Best/Worst Gig(s) You've Been To
  105. Anyone information on a singer/band called Ransley.
  106. Best and Worst song
  107. What's The Most 80's Song Ever?
  108. The Album Club: "West End Coast" by Young Gun Silver Fox
  109. Looking for Javier Mas type music...?
  110. Any1 out there who want to create songs with me togheter?
  111. I need help!
  112. Rogue MB Classics: Gyrate
  113. The Album Club: "Singularity" by Joe Morris
  114. Does Death Grips Suck?
  115. Choose a Song Then Make Up a Scene That It Would Be a Good Soundtrack For
  116. Soundtrack to the End
  117. help finding asian song from youtube ad
  118. What's the greatest genre of music?
  119. Which Genre(s) Suck(s) Most?
  120. The Album Club: "St John Green" by St. John Green
  121. What Sucks About This Genre: Punk Edition
  122. Can Anyone I.D This Music/Score From This Video?
  123. What Sucks About This Genre: Jazz Edition
  124. What Sucks About This Genre: Commercial Jingles
  125. What Sucks About This Genre: Ambient Edition
  126. What Sucks About This Genre: Synthpop Edition
  127. What Sucks About This Genre: Suggestions for Threads
  128. The Morning Earworm
  129. What Sucks About This Genre: Indie Rock Edition
  130. What Sucks About This Genre: Country Music Edition
  131. The Cheesiest music you ever heard
  132. What Sucks About This Genre: Black Metal Edition
  133. MB Artist Top tens
  134. What Sucks About This Genre: Hip-Hop Edition
  135. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- Disintegration
  136. Fun House vs. Never Mind the Bollocks
  137. What Sucks About This Genre: Emo Edition
  138. What Sucks About This Genre: Classical Music Edition
  139. What Sucks About This Genre: Prog Rock Edition
  140. The Batlord Sh*ts on Member Albums
  141. Classic Albums We Have All (Probably) Heard
  142. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  143. Best Version of "I Fought the Law"
  144. The Album Club: "Abominog" by Uriah Heep
  145. Micshazam's weekly self torture thread
  146. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- The Head on the Door
  147. Give YD albums to quickly review while he does boring stuff at work
  148. Multi-instrumentalists
  149. Cello and Violin Music
  150. n i g h t c o r e
  151. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- The Top
  152. Discoveries
  153. The Album Club: "Drunk" by Thundercat
  154. MB Classics: Kitty - Frostbite
  155. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- Japanese Whispers
  156. The Album Club: "So Flows the Current" by Patrick O'Hearn
  157. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- Pornography
  158. The Album Club: "Cryptogram Illusion" by Asturias
  159. list of songs with keyboard like this ?
  160. Your music collection
  161. Trollheart Reviews the Music You Hate
  162. MB Artists Classics- The Cure- Faith
  163. Any Uniquely Crafty & Complicated New Music Out There ?
  164. Rogue MB Classics: Digital Stimulation
  165. Interest Check: The MB Members Music Week Showcase
  166. The Album Club: "Splendor and Misery" by Clipping
  167. Your Death Record
  168. Rogue MB Classics: Suburban Lawns
  169. Which Influential Band Inspired The Worst Crap?
  170. MB Artist Classics: The Cure - "Seventeen Seconds"
  171. MB Artist Classics: The Cure - "Three Imaginary Boys"
  172. MB Artist Classics : The Cure
  173. The Album Club: "Mambo!" by Yma Sumac
  174. MB Bowie Classics: "★"
  175. Similar music/mood like this ost..
  176. The best Singer/Songwriters
  177. MB Bowie Classics: "The Next Day"
  178. MB Bowie Classics: "Reality"
  179. MB Bowie Classics: "Heathen"
  180. New McCartney Album tracklist leaked
  181. MB Bowie Classics: "Hours"
  182. MB Bowie Classics: "Earthling"
  183. Interest check: MB Artist Classics?
  184. MB Bowie Classics: "Outside"
  185. The Album Club: "Vitium" by Sukekiyo
  186. MB Bowie Classics: "The Buddha of Suburbia" OST
  187. MB Bowie Classics: "Black Tie White Noise"
  188. MB Bowie Classics: "Tin Machine II" by Tin Machine
  189. Getting older, tastes changing
  190. Alternative to iTunes
  191. MB Bowie Classics: "Tin Machine" by Tin Machine
  192. MB Bowie Classics: "Never Let Me Down"
  193. MB Bowie Classics: "Labyrinth" OST
  194. MB Bowie Classics: "Tonight"
  195. MB's Favourite Artists
  196. MB Bowie Classics: "Let's Dance"
  197. The Album Club: "We Be All Africans" by Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids
  198. MicShazam's Spotify Journey
  199. MB Bowie Classics: "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)"
  200. What do you think of lofi hip hop?
  201. Best unsigned indie hard rock artists I have heard lately.
  202. Recording
  203. Find melody
  204. What type of music is this classified as?
  205. The Album Club: "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)" by Elvis Presley
  206. MB Bowie Classics: "Lodger"
  207. Non rock artists that have been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.Why?
  208. MB Bowie Classics: "Heroes"
  209. The best, most innovative and most influential rock guitarists of all time.
  210. What are these song ?
  211. MB Bowie Classics: "Low"
  212. MB Bowie Classics: "Station to Station"
  213. Favourite effect pedal for guitar
  214. MB Bowie Classics: "Young Americans"
  215. MB Bowie Classics: "Diamond Dogs"
  216. MB Bowie Classics: "Pin Ups"
  217. The Album Club: "Other Voices | Other Rooms" by Nanci Griffith
  218. Cool Take on The Doors.
  219. MB Bowie Classics: "Aladdin Sane"
  220. MB Bowie Classics: "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars"
  221. The "Bland and Boring Music" Thread
  222. Hey guys im new here!
  223. MB Bowie Classics: "Hunky Dory"
  224. MB Bowie Classics: "The Man Who Sold the World"
  225. MB Bowie Classics: "David Bowie" (1969)
  226. MB Bowie Classics: "David Bowie" (1967)
  227. The Album Club: "Drop the Vowels" by Millie & Andrea
  228. MB Bowie Classics
  229. how can i find lost music?
  230. Best Band Typography
  231. Nathanblake719 babbles about bands he doesn't like
  232. Albums That Sound like Their Cover
  233. Review Albums With GIFS
  234. '80s music Video Poll: U2
  235. The Album Club: "Colours" by Adam F
  236. Post Tracks for Other Members
  237. Gift ideas for a Guitarist / Home Recording Studio Suggestions
  238. What Sucks About This Artist?: Opeth edition.
  239. Who has the best ass in music?
  240. Pick the Best and Worst Track From a Record
  241. MB Classics: Madvillain - Madvillainy
  242. Help me find songs similar to this please.
  243. April 29, 2018 was the last good time for music
  244. Eurovision 2018
  245. The Album Club: "Rhythm of Love" by Kylie Minogue
  246. What Sucks About This Band? FUGAZI edition
  247. What Sucks About This Artist?: Led Zeppelin
  248. What Makes An Album A Classic Album?
  249. Frown Vs Chula as Guitarists
  250. What's So Great about This Band?: The Shaggs!

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